Topic Proposals

I have an idea,
“what if” kind of topics
like, People’s imaginations and wishes about something that didn’t happen in Key’s works.

for example: (Clannad spoilers)

I’d like to see Ushio’s highschool life

That kind of merges a lot with fanfiction, I think… If anything, it seems more like a “fanfiction ideas” topic, than anything :o


Well, I was thinking about making a topic for the Real Live Max SDK. Specifically, I would like to ask around if anyone can fully translate the software. If there’s a better way to do something like this instead of posting a new topic, please tell me Link:

I’ve translated bits and pieces of the SDK in my RLDev topic.

If there’s anything specific you want to know, I can help.

Indeed, we are on the same boat. It is a very friendly place. A good balance between tolerance and rules. And the people who visit this place is… well… feeling-friendly. This is not a wargame forum, on the contrary, it’s a very nice place to exchange ideas. And yeah, of course, some ideas will collide with others. But that’s the fun part, something emerges from that collision, a new POV, a deep thought thread, and so on…

The athmosphere is like being under a blue sunny sky for me. And yes, I may have had differences in opinions, commited big errors (and then I’ve corrected them), but that’s natural and unavoidable and, once again, this is a friendly place to stay. Feel good. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, i’ll make sure to check it.

Can Kaza do scanlations? Or would that be against copyright laws?

Scanlations are blatantly piracy. We don’t allow them to be mentioned on the forum.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a topic that has everyone, or at least some people here giving out their idea’s for how to adapt Rewrite into an anime…

I also wouldn’t mind a “first beat” topic, since I’m curious about the add-on’s in Masami’s route, Yui’s, and Matsushida’s.

I also wouldn’t mind a “MasaKaga” page. I don’t know why people on here are so obsessed with that ship.

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Oh, so you caused the MasaKaga ship -_-

I would like to introduce a topic to discuss the fate/ series and their related games (especially the fate/grand order RPG since it just came out). Would it be relevant and acceptable for me to do so?

If not, is there another topic I could use, because I wasent able to find a proper board, exept maybe the general anime page.

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I’ve been thinking that we should have a general Nasuverse topic, was thinking of making it when there was some discussion popping up but there hasn’t been much recently.

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I was thinking about it too, but I was conflicted on whether to make it all Type-Moon or just the Fate series. I feel like we could definitely get an entire thread out of just the Fate series, but I also know lots of people including myself would love to discuss Nasu’s other works as well.

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I do feel a Type-Moon thread and a separate Fate series thread is viable. Fate series is so huge, and I honestly worry a single TM thread would just get overshadowed by Fate posts (since I’m not a huge Fate fan but would love discussing other works).

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Nasuverse or Type-Moon would be too much of a generalization. 90% of the text would have to be in spoiler tags because we can’t expect everyone to know every single Type-moon work. For example, my knowledge is limited to F/SN, F/Z and Kara no Kyoukai (memories of the tsukihime anime are blurry). And then there’s stuff like Kaleid Liner that’s kind of a spoiler of random Fate things.
A topic that encompasses F/SN and F/Z should have no activity problems. Anything that goes beyond that would be difficult to manage.

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It seems to be acceptable, so I’ll just create a fate/ grand order topic for now, it would basically be like the ABOW one. For the other type-moon works we’ll see later I get it? maybe a general type moon discussion would be too generic itself and the are so many routes/games in he fate universe that only one topic would hardly cover it all, so maybe we should have a fate one and a secon about their other works? what do you think?

I don’t feel that deserves its own topic. I doubt there are enough people interested or playing it to warrant an individual topic. I’d say if you just want to talk about that (unless we make a Fate topic) it should be in General Gaming.

After this discussion I do agree that I guess we should have a seperate Fate topic rather than a Nasuverse topic though.

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Even sticking to just Fate, most of it would be spoiler tags. Someone’s only watched F/Z season 1? Spoiler everything else. Only read the Fate route? Better gets the spoiler tags. Want to talk about HA, or SF, or Apocrypha, or Extra? Spoooilers! What if you haven’t seen the bonus ending of the UBW anime? Spoilers. Prisma Illya? Spoilers.

There’s too much in the Fate franchise. There are characters you can’t even name-drop without spoiling something.

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Could we have a page for what we took out of Key from what they have made ? Like the theme of the anime/visual novel and the lessons we learned ? I feel like the lessons we’ve learned is something impactful, and something Key is giving us.