Rewrite - Chihaya Ohtori Character & Route Discussion

Discussion thread for Sakuya’s Chihaya’s arc in Rewrite. Feel free to discuss anything from the route, but mark any comparisons to events outside of his her arc and the common route with the [spoiler] tag. Her birthday is the 24th of August.

Stupid, this route was stupid, pure simplistic straight forward stupidity. There was never any other solution, ‘BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THAT GUY’ was always the solution, it was always going to work out somehow.
Stupid brainless action, it’s perfect for an absolute moron like Sakuya Chihaya.

It completely doesn’t fit in with the rest of Rewrite, but Sakuya’s Chihaya’s route is so much more my flavor than the rest of the game, I love it. I love how every time it seemed like the final boss was down, another one came along with increasingly insane ways of taking them down, it was a damn joy to read from start to finish.
And that’s not all, whenever there was calm, the idiots got together and provided some of the best comedy in the game, the one time it settles down for some feels with Chihaya’s past, I dare say they’re the best damn feels in the game. And while not exclusive to the route, I feel it used Rewrite ~Instrumental~ as power up music phenomenally, pumped up doesn’t even describe what that did for me whenever it showed up.

I think a lot of people don’t like because it doesn’t fit the rest, I think a lot of people try and give it the same amount of thought they do the rest of the game, which isn’t what you’re supposed to do, afterall:

[insert image of important quote that got broken for some reason]

After the dank ass other routes, some mindless fun was a much welcome change, something I feel was needed.

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I really liked Sakuya Chihaya’s route. It may not have fit in very well with the rest of Rewrite, but it did a damn good job of being its own story. One of these days I’d like to do a comparison of the Sakuya -> Kotarou -> Yoshino relationship, because I think that was one of the really well designed parts of the game.

Maybe it’s because I was an Akane fan going into the route… but I thought Chihaya’s route was dark! That ending along with Chihaya’s past felt darker than most of the other stuff. In Chihaya’s route almost everything sad was set in the past, and there was no chance of making stuff better. The only hope I had was that no one from the club would die.

The comedy didn’t do much for me because I’m not a fan of the airheaded character trope… so that kinda passed right by me I guess. I respect Sakuya… but I’m still not willing to like him. He was a jerk when he first showed up!

When I first started Rewrite, and it had the bike scene with Chihaya, I thought I might like her… but it didn’t work out.

The fights were amazing, and after I finished Rewrite I weighed up all the endings and decided Chihaya’s ending was my favorite… but overall it didn’t feel memorable. Oh! Apart from the garden fun! That was great.

The way I’ve always described this route, outside of the Sakuya bits, was it feels completely unfitting but is an absolute blast to read. Probably one of the most fun routes I’ve read in a Key work yet, and I don’t think it’ll be beaten.

Chihayan is my favorite heroine of Rewrite right now <3 She used to be my least favorite but playing her route made me change my mind completely. She proves to be so sweet and caring toward those who are close to her and she’s also very strong and brave and much more mature than she appears to be and I love her a lot dksafghjkjhgdah
Sakuya really grew on me as a character too. His backstory is sooo touching and his love for Chihaya reminded me a lot of Kyousuke’s love for Rin ;_;
As for the route itself, I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite one (I haven’t even completed the whole game yet) but I defintely enjoyed it, even though the first part dragged on a little bit…

Happy birthday Chihaya! As stupid as it was, I did really enjoy her route. It was such a refreshing change of pace compared to all the others. So goddamn epic. I didn’t like Sakuya at first, but he proved to be a bro in the end. Poor Chihaya. She was just there as the figurehead of the route, we all know who it’s really about.

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I heard there were a lot of people that didn’t like Sakuya on first meeting him, but after Chihaya’s route they loved him. Other than him, this route introduced one other excellent male character and his attempts to burn you alive.

Outside of other characters… Chihaya had some excellent CGs in her route but really was a lesser character compared to others. She’s still so fun to mess around with and I’d love to troll her if I was in that world.

Hey, we share a birthday! Happy birthday Chihaya! Even though this was my second least favorite route (why Kotori, why), I still quite enjoyed it. Sometimes you just want some good ol’ stupidly over the top action sequences.

Sakuya is… I mean… he’s Sakuya. He’s great. Chihaya, on the other hand, is just irritating. She’s a complete and total idiot, and the fact that she’s better in routes that aren’t her own isn’t a good thing. You’d think it would be better that she’s at least smart in other routes and not an idiot all the way through, but it actually makes it worse, since it just feels more out of place. Then again, who cares? The fights were what mattered, and they carried the route through. It was a good time, even if it didn’t fit in well with the other routes.

Sakuya makes it 10/10



Yeah, Chihaya’s route is probably the most unique route out of any visual novel I’ve ever played. I think everyone agrees that it’s more the thing you see in a shounen manga.

But, despite that, I enjoyed reading it. Quite a lot, at that. So yeah, it was fun, not very serious feels or thought provocation, but fun.

And HBD, Chihaya!

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[12:34:58] Nick: the most confrontational parts of Chihaya route are the plotholes

To hell am I letting this go.
What plotholes are you talking about?

Chihaya route is known for containing most plot holes in Rewrite. After a bit of thinking, I could remember about 4 of them, but there’s probably more.

Plot hole 1: Dual wrist blades
Chihaya’s route was the only one where Kotarou could bring Aurora out of both his hands. He just up and made a second wrist blade on his left arm as well, creating dual wrist blades. He shouldn’t be able to do that in the first place because Key’s bow that enables Kotarou to use aurora resides somewhere in his right schoulder or right arm. He can’t make Aurora come out of anywhere else because of it. He tried to and experimented in Kotori’s route but he couldn’t make it happen. And he didn’t rewrite his Aurora specifically to do that in Chihaya’s route. He just formed a wristblade from his left hand in mid-fight like it was totally natural. Similarly, he made a whip out of his aurora, then pulled himself up a tree with it. Again, he tried but failed to do anything similar in Kotori’s route.
Surely, he could do crazy things if he rewrote his Aurora like he did in Akane’s route but he didn’t do that in Chihaya’s route.

Plot hole 2: Midou’s faction
We know that there are two factions in Gaia: Kashima Sakura’s “disciples” and Suzaki’s group. Chihaya, Akane, and even Sakuya refer to the faction Midou belongs to as “extremists”. But as we learn during Akane’s route, the “disciples” are the actual extremists, while Suzaki doesn’t even plan to end the world at all. Chihaya might be ignorant, Akane might have been lying, but Sakuya sure as heck wouldn’t be deceived so easily, or have a reason to lie about Suzaki’s group being “extremists”. So either Midou and his assassin buddies belong to a non-existent third faction, or Tonokawa didn’t know anything about Suzaki’s group and Suzaki, since his name didn’t appear in Chihaya’s route even once.

Plot hole 3: Strongest familiar of Gaia
This matter has never been clarified in the game. Is Sakuya Gaia’s strongest familiar, according to Tonokawa’s routes or is it the earth dragon after all, like all other routes say? They have never both appeared in the same route and Moon is the only route not written by Tonokawa where Sakuya’s existence is ever mentioned.
You could argue that it’s the game’s plot hole, not exclusively that of Chihaya’s route, but since Tonokawa’s routes are the minority, the fault should be lying with them.

Plot hole 4: Midou, the whisperer from hell
Probably the biggest plot hole of Chihaya’s route and the one most deserving of this term. During the final fight against giant Sakuya, Kotarou needed fire to break through some of the thicker vines. Conveniently, Midou starts talking to him from hell, summons Fuego (we can see a normal flame appearing once), which then fuses with Kotarou’s Aurora blade.

So, how did that happen? Even assuming that Midou’s talk from hell is just an illusion of Kotarou’s, a dead man can’t summon familiars and familiars can’t move if all their contractors are dead. Kotarou never made a contract with Fuego and even if he did, while rewriting himself is one thing, usurping a familiars power and fusing it with his own shouldn’t be possible with just rewriting.

We don’t know if that is actually true or not. A weaker version of Kotarou was the one who decided that. It’s possible he decides his own limits. If Kotarou’s original blood powers were the reason why the Aurora could be used as a weapon, then it should be possible for him to move it around his body to other areas. I assume that changing the ratio of blood to Aurora would change the density of the things he creates as well.
It could all be plot holes of course, but the Kotarou of Chihaya’s route was the Kotarou that was trained the most mentally.

I assumed that they meant the group of three that he belongs to. The guys with the really powerful familiars. Was it ever mentioned that they are part of Suzaki’s group? Their motives were clearly different, and they wanted the Key for their own. I think they worked separately to Gaia, especially after what Gaia did to them as children.

Unless they have had a head-to-head battle, I doubt they can be sure. One is amazing in the forest, and the other is amazing in smaller spaces. If they are both equal, then people would end up favoring one over the other. People around Sakuya would say he’s the strongest. People making use of Mr Dynamosaurus would tell people he’s the strongest.

Here was my two cents on it.

Chihaya Kotarou: Yeah Sakuya I’ll fite you come at me bro I can take your shit.
Kotori Kotarou: Iyaa generic Hound-san yamette.

The two are on entirely different levels, completely incomparable.
Just because weak ass none combatant Kotori Kotarou decides ‘oh man this shits too hard for me’ doesn’t mean baller as fuck badass Chihaya Kotarou can’t do it.

The one who tried to do it was a weak loser with no real grip on his powers. Who’s to say he couldn’t do it with a healthy dose of will power and adrenaline?

Yeah what Taka said.
Why would Gaia willingly entrust such powerful familiars to a group lead by a batshit lunatic.

Plenty of ways to intemperate how they can both be the strongest. First is what Taka said.

Another way to look at it is reputation. Earth Dragon has been the Strongest Familiar for hundreds of years, it’s a like a title, most Gaians and hell, even some Guardians would have grown up hearing ‘Yo that Earth Dragon is fuckin’ wack’, Sakuya is a more recent thing, and probably something Gaia would like to keep under wraps really.

Can even read it as ‘The Earth Dragon has more raw power, but Sakuya has the skills and intelligence to to outclass it in a fight’.

As for my interpretation of this. Fuego had some leftover Midou soul in it, leftover Midou soul that decided ‘yo I’m gonna help this asshole’, summoned Fuego when the time came, and used it to enhance the Aurora, not usurped, willingly.

‘‘Kanon people living on though familiars is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard’’

No shut up there are stupider things in Rewrite.

And with this, the discussion is over. It’s pointless to talk to someone who refuses to listen.

It’s true though. There’s more far-fetched things going on in Rewrite. People living through familiars even after death could be a totally plausible thing in the universe. We already know they can link senses together. Actually, in Kotori’s route Chibimoth has a very similar thing going on. There is still a part of the original’s soul living on through the familiar. The same thing could happen with a summoner and a familiar, surely?

Oh pardon me, let me reword that.

‘Now I understand this is a pretty out there idea without the most solid of evidence backing it, but there are certainly more far-fetched things going on in Rewrite than this.’

Is that better?


Honestly I do not think those are plotholes.

  1. First of all, we know that Kotarou’s blood power is related to both his rewriting ability, and the aurora, because he unlocked aurora in Terra as well without having Kagari’s ribbon implanted.

Do not forget, he also rewrote his other arm to be on par with his right one. This is something none of the other Kotarous did.

  1. As for Midou’s faction I think it’s due to being kept in the dark. Chihaya, Kotarou and Sakuya aren’t exactly core members of Gaia, and it doesn’t seem as if they’re told much. In Terra the same thing could be seen when Kotarou infiltrated Gaia at first. I think the Suzaki conflict happened, and not knowing better they assumed Midou & Co. were part of Suzaki’s team, which they actually may have been. Suzaki did have some pretty twisted people in his team. In any case, once the conflict was over Midou’s team were definitely rogue.

  2. Sakuya is Gaia’s strongest familiar. The game makes this clear several times, however he is not the figurehead of Gaia. That is the Earth Dragon. Sakuya’s existance and his status as a familiar is kept as a secret, and few knows it, even within Gaia. While everyone knows the Earth Dragon, the Earth Dragon is also directly loyal to Gaia and it’s cause, this isn’t the case with Sakuya who is only loyal to Chihaya, and has no qualms about leaving Gaia at all.

  3. There are two explanations for this: the first one is that Kotarou simply learned how to replicate Fuego using his Aurora as explained by earlier posters. The second is that when Midou died, Kotarou instinctively made a contract with Fuego, and if he did this the moment Midou died, then a reflection of Midou’s essence could still have been within Fuego, explaining his “haunting”. Familiars are tied directly to a summoner’s soul and life essence.

A bigger question is…What happened to Kagari in this route?
She clearly did not receive a good memory or decide to spare Humanity.
It’s as if someone or something made her lose the ability to perform salvation.


I believe somehow she was put into Sakuya. He was weak and Akane needed a “vase”, that is, Sakuya’s almost dead body. As far as I understand (and remember), the Key was almost disappearing too, which is why Akane needed a vase, so the Key could make the “end of the world” happen. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Key “spirit” being inside Sakuya’s body is what caused him to become the ultra Sakuya familiar thing, and thus him trying to destroy the world.

It’s possible but I don’t think so.
What empowered Sakuya was a ton of life energy from multiple power spots.
Sakuya was also not meant to perform the salvation but destroy and kill everything in a slow way. He was literally consuming the planet’s life energy. Exactly the opposite of what the Key was meant to do.

It’s a mystery but it’s nice to theorize about it.

EDIT: I actually replayed the segment with the Key. She admits she saw “Better memories” That’s curious…So maybe she did decide not to perform salvation herself.

That’s pretty plausible. Well, Kagari would perform salvation only if she saw many “Bad memories” so she not performing it would implies that she hadn’t seen many of them. Or she just wanted to see human (Akane did take a part in turning Sakuya into that gigantic familiar) erasing their own species.

By the way, was it just me or did Kotarou becomes too OP on Chihaya’s route? I mean, he could make aurora blade from his left hand (something he can’t do in the other route) and sometimes he would turn his aurora into different shape (hammer, whip, two-handed sword) and in the end of the route he even got the ability to summon hellfire (Fuego’s ability)!

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