Little Busters! - Suginami Mutsumi Mod

Hey guys! It’s my 1000th post on the forums, so to mark the occasion I’m finally releasing the Suginami Mutsumi Patch! It’s been over a year since the project began, and there are a few small things I never got around to completing, but it’s time for me to move onto projects that I am more passionate about. So for all of those reading through Little Busters! or looking towards the official translation, here you go!

Working with Mutsu was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about the Reallive engine over these months, so I’ll be posting more Key VN mods in future.
A patch to add Bokura No Asa to the Little Busters VN is in progress, however it has suffered from a bunch of unexpected delays.
A patch that updates all of the sprites and CGs of Kanon is in the early stages as well. So far all of the Mai sprites have been completed. If any background artists are lurking around, it’d be nice to have your input! Backgrounds for CGs are pretty daunting, especially for someone like me~

Thanks to both Hinoue Itaru and Na-Ga for the original character designs (I assume one of them designed Mutsu for the anime too) and to Haeleth and theappleman for their work on RLDev~

Download the patch HERE


Uwahhh that animated sprite at the end though.

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2 days work just on the idle animation ;~; I was going to have her talk a bit during the video, but it was just too complicated.
Live2D. It’s popular in the anime industry. Check it out if that’s your thing~

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“EX eventual patch”
Oh man, Biz you were right, this video was hilarious!

Whoa whoa! You secretly made a new logo? You’ll have to let me use that in the future!

Ahaha, I don’t think it’s very good! The Rewrite one didn’t look fitting so I quickly made a LB-ish one. If you zoom in enough, you can see the sloppy hand-drawn cat.

Oh, and fun fact: Every part of that video was an image. I don’t know a thing about video editing, so I just made it all with images~


The shading on the Z makes it’s look excessively out of place and it’s upsetting me.

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Yeah I agree, other than that it looks really great. The z should match the t in terms of shading.

Great video, taka! And of course thanks tor making the patch. It’ll make the perfect edition a little more perfect :wink:

I have a problem with the patch, though! I just really want some cake

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So, to be clear, what exactly does this mod do? Does it add a route to a character that never got one? Does it add voice clips and CGs for a character that didn’t have them in the first place? Please clarify. The description I’m getting is a bit confusing. And please, no spoilers. I still haven’t gotten Little Busters in the mail yet.


[quote=“Takafumi, post:1, topic:823”]
A patch that updates all of the sprites and CGs of Kanon is in the early stages as well.
[/quote] I am so looking forward to that. :smiley:

The video pretty much explains what it does but to shorten it into one sentence: It’s a patch that adds a custom-made Suginami sprite into the parts of the Little Busters VN that contain her


Okay, thank you. I was thinking the video had spoilers in it, so I didn’t watch it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t, thankfully. Watch it, it’s pretty entertaining :smiley:

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Sneaky peek~


You should include some screenshots of the mod in the opening post! I’d like to write up an article about it too if you don’t mind~

I was thinking of screenshots, but there’s only one scene with her that isn’t spoiler-ey >< Got some nevertheless~
An article would be good~ Reach out to the Facebookians and stuff.

Just get ss of her without the text box, no spoilers at all~

Great job Takafumi! Such a lovely add-on mod to existing masterpiece to make it even more perfect.
Suginami for life!

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Can I haz Koshiki mod too?


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh :wink: