Little Busters! - Suginami Mutsumi Mod

can anyone tell me how to access her route cause i don’t even know

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You gotta have Little Busters Super Extreme version(LB: SEX) to get on it.


she doesnt have a route. It’s just her sprite that got added to already excisting lines of her.



I’m wondering… If I patch this onto Perfect Edition, would I see both the sprite and hear her voice? I was thinking not, since if you modified the SEEN files based on not-PE then there wouldn’t be the command to play her voice at that time?

EDIT: Just tried it; As expected, no dice

If you use the voice patch for standard edition then it should work.
The file names must be different for PE…

Ah yeah, it probably is :frowning:

Makes me feel bad that doki has no plans to make a patch for PE. I might have to put the voice patch over my installation after patching it xP

@Takafumi Hey Taka can you release the Sugi sprites on their own?

Just extract the .g00 files using vaconv (RLDev).

I actually packaged them all up recently for the MasaKaga thing.
Here ya go.

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You’re ACTUALLY doing that? :open_mouth:

He means to send to @Aspirety for the video.
Although, @LinkThinks and I are actually making it (eventually) :stuck_out_tongue:


ta bae

I like the Amagami opening song in this video :slight_smile:

I got some Piano and Musicbox covers of my favorite anime songs for Christmas.
When making the video, I wanted a quiet song, so I looked through the musicbox stuff. I chose the song that was the easiest to loop, and it ended up being the Amagami OP. Amagami always had a good ost though. It succeeded Kimikiss in that way.

When I was making the video, I sang along with the song lots.
“Aishiteruuuu, anata nooo koto, hajimete no kimochi yo. Oooh~”

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I like the Oooh~ part its so cute.

Awesome mod! I’ll wait to use it for when the little busters ex patch comes out, super excited for that!

Thanks~ I’ll have to make sure EX doesn’t change any of the scenes I worked with when the EX translation finally comes out. One day… One day.

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I’ve updated the sprites a little~ I noticed a problem with the hair, so I went and fixed it.
Also, new video! It shows off some in-game footage~


I’m betting that it will be unlikely for this to work in the Steam release version since some files within might have changed. Can someone please throw some more light into the matter?