Topic Proposals

So, you have an idea for a topic to make on the forum, but you’re not 100% sure that it will go down well or meet the community’s standards. Use this topic to share your idea for a topic, and gain the feedback of the community and staff to gauge if your idea is worthwhile, and perhaps gain some insight in how to structure the topic. You’re more than welcome to make topics without asking here, but feel free to use this topic to get feedback on your ideas as you see fit.


I hereby suggest OTP thread

Care to elaborate on what might be discussed?

I think maybe people here can discuss about which one is their favorite pairing and why they think that particular pairing just clicks right with each other. But that’s just me…

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I would like to make a Light Novel topic where we could list the Light Novels we’ve read, make recommendations and maybe even discuss Light Novels that don’t have a dedicated topic. After all, Light Novels are just as much part of the culture as Anime, Manga and Visual Novels.


@Hirato, if there’s enough demand for it I’ll consider it.
@Naoki_Saten, you have my full approval for a ‘Light Novel Discussion Topic’. Since there’s no vndb/myanimelist equivalent for Light Novels that I know of, a list topic wouldn’t really work. But I see no problem with a general discussion topic.

Discussing OTP might lead to serious opinion battle, so maybe I’ll withdraw that one.
Now I’m thinking of “What will Key characters be in the future?” Like, for Tomoya and Kyou we already knew, but what about others? What kind of job you think will suit your future Key characters? Think of happy thoughts around the characters who died in-game like Misuzu or Yukito or every AB! casts. Just imagine every possibility, and why you think that job would suit that character?

Sorry I’ve been making silly demands :frowning:

Actually, that one sounds pretty interesting. What does everyone else think?

Seems legit. I can see potential for it to be uh… Weird. But legit.

I want to create a poll called “Favorite Key Main Protagonist” which is a poll about whose your favorite Main Protagonist from the Key series. Is that alright or do I have to title that differently?

As long as you can have the topic incorporate lots of discussion comparing the protagonists, it’s fine with me. Is the “main” really necessary though?

I have a perfect response to that topic taken from LB 4koma :wink:

Butts topic? : D

Suppressing opinions, even if they would form arguments, is simply ridiculous. It only becomes an issue if it gets heated enough for brazen insults.
Frankly I still think this place needs a looser asshole as it is.


@Pepe I know right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

@Kanon Thing is, my suggested topics don’t seem to be that interesting, no one’s gonna make thread for them. But well, such is life.

Dude, I think we all thought you were gonna make the topics, I think they sound pretty interesting. If you want someone else to make them, just ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I fact I can already think of at least one proper discussion to come from an OTP topic but don’t hit me Aspi/Biz please don’t noooooo

I just said it could get weird because some folks are pretty deep into their OTPs. I think the idea is fine though, as I said. It was merely a personal comment.

Eh, I thought I should get people’s approval before making a thread. Wasn’t that the purpose of this thread? If there’s no such thread I could just irresponsibly make a thread without batting an eye.

Eh, I think its mostly to get Aspi’s approval, but also to see what people would be interested in. Either way, I think we would definitely get some good discussion out of any of the topics you suggested, and will be happy to make them if you don’t want to.

So what, it’s discussion.
We can’t just have forum of mostly ‘how about this girl and her route, ‘oh yeah, that girl and her route were neat’ x5’ threads.