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Hey guys! I’m a college student from New Hampshire who is a big fan of Key!
I got started with the Clannad anime, then shortly after watched Little Busters, Kanon, Air, and Angel Beats.
It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I’d say I enjoyed Little Busters and Clannad the most.
As for VNs, I’ve read planetarian and Harmonia, and I’m currently reading Clannad (waiting for the official English release of LB!).

Found this site while looking for the latest Key news, was stunned to find a such a great community for discussing my favorite stories!
I have some programming experience, and have been recently looking into hacking VNs to make the scripts available for translators. At some point, I’d like to try my hand in translation as well, have been studying Japanese a bit. Love listening to 70s progressive rock while I work.

Looking forward to joining in on the discussion and events!


I joined a week or so ago, but I didn’t take the chance to introduce myself, atleast not until now; I’ll give credit to the previous post for putting me into a typing mood.

Yo, MAEBATAME’s here to lurk your forum (not really) I saw this forum a long time ago but I finally decided to join because I saw the article about the Comiket 91 Key merchandise list, and reading the comment below it was someone asking how Pepe obtained these items, which, through a few more posts by various members, linked me to Pepe’s Delivery Service.

So essentially I joined this forum as part of the quest to infiltrate the thread (somehow I succeeded) and only to use it for that…

But inside the layer of edginess that coat my very being moreso than a typical JUMP antagonist, after reading a few threads I came to realize that you guys are a close knitted community that seems to somehow radiate a non-sexual irresistible aura, I decided to join this forum as my next one (last forum got resetted RIP) to be a part of this community… one that I can declare as my nakama… one that would ensure me winning any battle magically…

JUMP cliche references aside, I think this community is great, fans gathering together to make a fanbook for KEY? That’s one way to finish my route with me saying something along the lines of “Man, these guys are great, I wanna be apart of their thing, and I wanna try to help out, even if only a little.” or something like that, maybe a little more feminine and romantic.

But ye, Little Buster’s my favorite VN, 100% it all the way and it was amazing, I love listening to anime soundtracks (nothing beat classical when I’m doing stupid school works tho), especially when drawing, it really pumps the mood up and help me draw/gain inspiration/set the mood.

Oh and the forum engine is really nice, if anything the best one I’ve ever seen in terms of design and accessibility.


Hello, I’m a Spanish university student. I am studying Japanese and history, politics, culture … of
East Asia (China, Japan, Korea …).

About Key:
I read Little Busters (standard), Planetarian, Kanon and Rewrite.
I have also seen (anime) Clannad, Kanon (2006), Little Busters, Rewrite, Angel Beats and Charlotte.

I am actually reading ONE (from Jun Maeda and other key staff members before entering Key).

I can not absolutely decide a favorite between Little Busters (better Characters for my tastes) and Rewrite (better history for my tastes) but I can say that Haru-chin :yahaha: is my favourite heroine (on other side I think Rin is the best as Riki’s couple and, Refrain aside, Mio’s route is one of my favourites).

My first VN was Little Busters and my first anime Clannad or Angel Beats (I really don’t remember that very well).

I found Kazamatsuri searching around the @Aspirety twitter profile.


@purogu @MAEBATAME @josemadv
Welcome and hope you will like it here on Kazamatsuri!
As you can see we’ve just started a new Bookclub and it would be nice if you could join in and share some thoughts~
Cheers! :yahaha:


Sup! I’m Custos currently residing in Washington state. I got my Key start by stumbling upon Kanon (2002 ver.), have since watched all the adaptations, and am now working my way through the VNs. I’ve just started that long uphill climb climb of learning moon runes so any help or advice is always appreciated. I look forward to all the good times ahead with you all!


Welcome @Custos, glad that you could make it here. If you’re interested, we have a thread about learning Japanese. I’m not sure whether we have a thread for learning other languages, but in case we don’t, you can always propose for one in the topic proposal thread.

Also welcome to @josemadv, @MAEBATAME, and @purogu. :smile:

Awesome and thanks! I’ll definitely check out that thread, knowing only hiragana and katakana I’m sure the people and resources will be a huge help!:masgrin:

Welcome @Apasher, @purogu, @MAEBATAME, @josemadv, and @Custos aboard to Kazamatsuri! It’s nice to have all of you and I hope we can become good friends here! It’s amazing how this community is growing so much and how we all love Key for their inspiring works! I look forward to getting to know each of you and having great discussions too. :smile:

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Hi. I’m Save_The_World. I’m from the US and I’ve been a fan of KEY ever since I had found out their writer, Jun Maeda, was responsible for Angel Beats. That show is the entire reason I am a fan of anime and when My friend showed me more of their anime adaptations I just couldn’t get enough of their work. Same friend told me about Kazamatsuri. In particular, he told me about Key Enthusiast Year Book.

Other than a very very small portion of Rewrite, I’ve never had the opportunity to play any of their visual novels.

Fun fact: My interest in anime inspired me to be an artist, though I’m still learning the craft haha. Shows like Clannad and Angel Beats in particular played a huge influence when I was starting.

@Glenn_Irish Dammit, thwarted again


I don’t think I can trust you, please delete your account.

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Welcome buddy, glad that you could make it here. The Angel Beats anime does hold a bit of a nostalgic place in my heart though I do need to rewatch it soon. I hope we can become the best of friends. :smile:

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Hey man, I know you!

You think my profile picture on Facebook is creepy!

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Great to see another Satoshi Kon fan! What’s your favorite work by him?

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Perfect blue is probably my second, paranoia agent is my personal poison haha. Well at any rate glad to meet you! Look foreword to seeing you around the forum

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Hai, I’m Okami. My nickname is based off of my favorite game with the same name.
I just got introduced to this site today, and decided to give it a try.
I’m not the biggest fan of Key, but I’m definitely obsessed with Kanon, as it is my second favorite anime.
I work alongside Tal on the Kanon Wiki, and I am for now the head bureaucrat.
I’m a pretty difficult person to understand, as my mood constantly changes. This annoys some people, or weirds out others. Because of this, it’s not the easiest task for me to make friends outside of the internet, and even then I have difficulties.
I can be a bit finicky at first, but I can also warm up to others fairly quickly.
I am mostly friendly, but am also very short-tempered. However, I am able to control myself for the most part.

My favorite anime is definitely Anohana, but I also like Toradora, Chuunibyou, Kiznaiver, Madoka Magica, Azumanga Daioh, etc.
I’m also a fan of Corpse Party. (The games, not the anime)

I’d be happy to talk about these anime with you, and I’d especially love to meet another Kanon fan.
Shiori is the best character and waifu~


@Tal3113 & @Okami
Welcome to Kazamatsuri and hope you will like it here!
It is not an easy to create a good wiki, so good luck with your difficult task :wink:

Hi @Okami I constantly experience mood swings as well so yeah, high five to that :expressionless: I’m an extremely awkward person on first impression irl and short-tempered people scare me a bit but it would be nice to get to know you better~ I’m pretty sure you have a fun side as well. I do hope you find this place a comfortable and fun one (which it is). I don’t think it would take you too long to adjust here. Everyone’s pretty nice. :slight_smile:

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It’s nice to meet you, @Okami. I hope you enjoy your stay at Kazamatsuri. It’s a pretty cool place to hang out and enjoy having discussions on Key works. Yeah, I love Kanon very much and I agree that Shiori is best character. Nice! I’ve seen most of the anime you mentioned on there, except for Kiznaiver and Anohana. Anyway, I can understand about mood changes. It can be quite difficult so hopefully we can be a good source of comfort to you as you get to know us better. I do hope we can get along and become good friends too.

So without further ado, welcome aboard! :wink:

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I go by astro in the community. I’m a freelance Japanese to English translator, and a Sekai Project contractor. Before you ask, I’ve unfortunately never worked on a KEY game before (hopefully in the future though!). I heard about this community a while ago from my friend, Cloud668, but never checked it out until now.

I’ve always been a fan of not just KEY, but many of VisualArt’s’ titles.
VisualArt’s was my introduction to visual novels, and to this day their titles are still some of my favorites.I’m a pretty big visual novel fan even outside of VisualArt’s and KEY, so feel free to hit me up with recommendations! Anything that’s nakige is right up my alley.

I’ve watched/played pretty much all of the KEY titles. My very first visual novel in English was Rewrite. The few KEY titles I haven’t watched or played are Air and Kanon. I have a huge backlog of games and anime already, so I can never find any time.

Hope to see you guys around!