Introduce Yourself!

New members can use this topic to introduce themselves, and current members may welcome them. Let’s make some new friends!

Make sure you take the time to read the introduction to our website before posting. Don’t worry, it’s not long, and it includes a lot of helpful and important information!

Here’s some prompts for your introduction:

  • Where in the world do you live?
  • What Key games or Anime have you read/watched? Which was your first, and which is your favourite?
  • How did you find Kazamatsuri?
  • What are some of your interests outside of Key?


  • Tell us something interesting about yourself, something about our website that interested you, or something funny.


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Uh, hi? I am Tel, and, well, I’m me. Hailing from the mythical island of Tasmania, etc etc. I look forward to meeting you all!

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You’re first in Tel! Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy the community here :smile:

Mornin’ I’m Kanon which is going to make things wonderfully confusing considering how relevant Kanon, the VN, will be to this place.
I’m 50% Haruka, as in, that one you’ll see if you look left a bit.

Yo, Rabla here. Clannad fan, Tomoyo best Key girl, er… What else…

Well, I’ll be around. Looking forward to chatting with everyone.

Hi! The name I seem to have given myself on the Internet is Bizkitdoh.
I also love everything.

Oh, and Masami SAIKOUUUU. ^^ (See: Avatar)

I look forward to chatting with you about the greatness that is Key. <3

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Hi, I’m Yirba. Just like hopefully everyone here, I love Key’s VNs. I’m currently QCing Sheeta’s translation of Air, and looking forward to the English-speaking world being able to enjoy this wonderful story.

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Thanks for joining everybody, and welcome to the forum! It’s exciting seeing my baby gradually come to life like this :slight_smile: I really hope we can make this community something special.

Hmm… Minata Hatsune from Vietnamese-speaking Key community ( and Kagikko in Japan : -)

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Thanks for joining @minatahatsune! Though this community is designed for people who speak English, I really wish to connect with Key fans all around the world, so it’s great to have your support :smile:

I always want to support for Key communities around the world xD A website connecting all Kagikko in worldwide is amazing! xD

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Yo. I’m Caz, an avid lover of visual novels and Key works. I look forward to interacting with you all.

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Hey everyone, I’m shcboomer. I’ve been pretty into Key works for a while, nice to meet you all.

Hi all, I’m Krys, from somewhere around Sydney Australia.

Enjoyed most of Key’s work, mostly only watched the anime adaptions, but have played through Clannad, Kanon and half of Little Busters. Been meaning to finish Little Busters and read Rewrite, but work :frowning:

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@Rincchi @shcboomer and @krysinello, welcome! I hope you’ll find the community worth taking your time to explore :slight_smile:




Yo~ I’m Red. I’ve watched Clannad and Angel Beats way back and just recently finished Rewrite (I’m still going through Rewrite withdrawal). Gonna finish Refrain over the weekend and hopefully watch/play everything Key soon. I’ll be looking forward to watching this community grow.

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I just realized I haven’t properly introduced myself! I’m Aspirety, I’m from Melbourne Australia. I’ve been a Key fan since 2008 when I discovered the Clannad Anime. Since then I’ve watched every Key Anime (except old Kanon), played most of Clannad, finished Little Busters and Rewrite. I’ve felt a strong affinity to Key’s stories since I discovered them, and have always wanted to make friends with Key fans and support the community however I can. Little Busters is my favorite, Mio is best girl, and Kotarou is best boy. I really hope we can create a wonderful community together!

Chiwassu~! My name is Taka (I totally stole it…)

Looks like I am lucky enough to post here! I hope to get along with everyone~
I looooooove Kanon (The Visual Novel, not the person, ahaha~) and I have quite a bit of history with it.

Also, I love music… mainly soundtrack music~