Kazamatsuri Plays The Resistance II: Rewrite [Finished - Okaken Victory]

Hmm am I to late for this I’ve skimmed a little and am interested but not sure to bother reading more if I can’t get in this round (also posting this as my eyes dry out from not sleeping)

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We haven’t started yet, so you should be good.

You are not late. I couldn’t be happier to have a new player at this stage. With this, we’d have 8 members counting @Glenn_Irish who should confirm me the interest in playing the game. Once you tell me you’re in we’ll start.

We are:
@Arete, @Natsume, @Khsellhu, @Hardscope, @Kawaii-is-Justice, @Likeaneko, @Pepe and @Necem .

With this, according to The Resistance rules, we’ll have 5 players in the “Good” and 3 players in the “Evil”. We’ll still play with all the roles enabled. All of the “Evil” players will have a specific role and 2 out of the 5 “Good” players will have one too.


Would be nice if we get a couple more players, though.

I wouldn’t mind joining

Well, you barely made it but I’ll allow you to join. Anyway, before you start posting here, maybe you should introduce yourself here.

Also, feel free to join the discord server.

With this last incorporation we are 9 players so far. @Necem, please confirm that you are going to play.

Actually, @Glenn_Irish also wanted to play, so that would make 10 players if I’m not mistaken. Please, confirm you assistance and we’ll have a 10-player game.

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Yes, I’m going to play!

Great then, join the discord server if you please. Only @Glenn_Irish is left to confirm their participation.

OK, I’m going to allow @Glenn_Irish one more day to answer the call or we’ll start with 9 players.

Since Glenn isn’t answering, we’ll proceed to start. The players are: @Khsellhu, @Necem, @Kawaii-is-Justice, @Hardscope, @Natsume, @Likeaneko, @RedRavenW, @Pepe and @Arete.

For now I’ll post the general setting. During the rest of the day or tomorrow morning (my time) you’ll get your characters, roles and the side you are in.

Information about the first mission and leader order will also be posted as soon as everyone’s been notified about their characters. Best of luck to you all.

Kazamatsuri is a modern city, where innovative research and environmentally friendly technology coexist in harmony. One could think that such a city would be a utopia, a place where everyone can leave peacefully and no conflicts arise, but, while this might be true at surface level, the truth is that a fair amount of obscure business is hidden behind all these associations. Corruption, blackmailing, and information administration are the basis of a secret association that finances itself at the cost of pollution, subtracting money from research funding and life-quality reductions.

This secret association, 風魔都利 (Kazamatsuri) as they call themselves, acts as a syndicate of select individuals that ignore the law and oversee any kind of violation to these. They act as independent cells, but when danger arises, they can organize themselves to protect their status quo. They don’t usually use any means of violence. Instead, they focus on political manipulation of their targets to silence them by blackmailing them or offering them advantages in form of bribes. However, should a major concern arise, they have access to a select team of assassins that they won’t doubt to use to silence their targets forever.

All of this is unknown to the regular citizens, including our famous Okaken. The Okaken, the occult research club of Kazamatsuri’s high school, originally formed by Kotarou, Akane, Kotori, Chihaya, Shizuru and Lucia has already done some business and their popularity has been increasing lately, to the point where they now have external collaborators, including Esaka, Inoue and Yoshino. With this, there are currently 9 people making the Okaken’s discoveries possible.

Recently, a member of the club found a very suspicious lead about a secret exchange of goods to be done deep inside the forest. That member went to investigate alone since they didn’t know if that was a lead that they should follow or if it was too dangerous. There, they found 2 members of that secret organization, trading a huge amount of money for what looked like a weapons crate (material for the assassins). The loner could only identify one of those two members of the organization, but the name of a third member of the organization was also mentioned. Both the subjects and the mentioned name weren’t unknown to the loner… They were members or collaborators of the Okaken! The loner became both angry and scared. They had found a very obscure organization and knowing who they were meant that they had become their target.

This lone member started running back to town. In the process, they saw a shadow who had been observing them: they had been discovered… One of the spies of the organization knew about their intentions and had been tailing them for the day. However, what this spy didn’t notice is the presence of a third person in that forest (apart from the traders). Another Okaken member had seen both the assassin and the loner. Both were in the Okaken, but they couldn’t discern which one was loyal to the organization and which one was a true member of the Okaken. This member had seen the loner go into the forest, and since they seemed suspicious, they followed them.

Like this, the peculiar and dangerous trip to the forest concluded. The loner suspects that the ones they saw were the boss and the leader of an assassin gang. They didn’t see each other directly, so probably the Assassin leader wanted to remain unknown for their own safety. Also, the name mentioned probably belonged to the spy that had followed the loner.

The next day, the loner managed to anonymously send an email to all the members and collaborators of the Okaken. Their only objective was to cleanse the Okaken from the organization’s infiltrators:

Last night I went to the forest, although one of you already knows that. An organization is carrying out some utterly serious business involving weapons. I don’t know much about it, but I know that 3 people from the organization are members or collaborators of the Okaken. I know who 2 of you are, so don’t you even dare approach me. As for the 3rd, let’s all cooperate to find him and send them all to court. This mystery isn’t just a mystery. It’s part of something bigger. The Okaken must stop these criminals.

We’ll do some research and designate teams to go on “Special Investigations”. We must carry out these investigations successfully to obtain enough evidence about the organization, but we need to be careful about these teams’ members. Should one of the moles end up in one of the teams, they’ll be able to cover up all the evidence and gather even more information about us. If we allow the organization to gather too much information about us they’ll start blackmailing us and we’ll have run out of options. We might even have no other choice than to become slaves of the organization.

The atmosphere has been set up. With a common objective for the Okaken, they are ready to start their investigative operations! Will they be able to gather enough proof and drag the organization away from the shadows they are hiding in? Will the organization be able to cover up the evidence and be safe from the Okaken, while coercing them to keep their mouth shut? Or will they have to resort to their last option: a risky and notorious massacre to eliminate any and all threat?

Both Okaken and 風魔都利 will do their best to destroy each other, be it with information or physically.

The special roles are the following:

  • The loner (Okaken): Knows the identity of the Assassin leader and the spy.

  • The observer (Okaken): Knows the identity of the spy and the loner, but doesn’t know who is who.

  • The boss of the organization (Organization): Remains unknown to the loner.

  • The assassins’ leader (Organization): This person is as careful as they are deadly. They prefer to remain in the shadow, so not even the Organization knows who they are. In exchange, they don’t know specifically for who they are working.

  • The spy (Organization): One of the Organization’s spies. They saw the loner but don’t know who they are. They are also revealed as the loner to the observer.

If the Organization loses, the Assassins’ leader will have the chance to kill the loner and win the game for their team. This means that the Assassin’s leader, who will have a great disadvantage from the start, will be the key at the end of the game if their team loses.

With this, we can consider that the game has officially started. Best of luck to you all guys and do your best to win the game!

Let’s then announce the leader order. Each time a team is approved or rejected, the leadership will be moved on to the next person in the list. Once the last person is done leading, the leadership goes back to the first one and so on.

The leader order is as follows:


Return to the place of the beginning of the end
Since none of the Okaken members know much about the Organization to start off, they decide to go back to the forest to search for clues. Since the Organization seems to had been having meetings deep inside it, they must have left some traces uncovered behind them. They could find major evidence to help them shut the Organization down, but even if they don’t, the slightest clue could help them decide what their next step should be.

The mission will require physical resistance and good orientation, but since it’ll be long, someone funny could help with keeping the spirits up. The team leader should choose wisely a good combination of members.

The team leader will have to choose 3 members to go on the mission. They can decide whether to include themselves among these 3 members or not.

Friendly reminder: for this first mission, only 1 fail vote is required to fail the mission once the team has been approved.

@Natsume, you are the leader for this team. Choose 3 members to go on the mission and tag me when your choice is definitive.

Aye sir.

But first, shall we hear about who you all are and what I can expect from you before making any decisions?

This is Kanbe Kotori-san, aka The Supaa Gardener~
The forest is pretty much my backyard and my idol skills shall bring happyness to every person in the world, nice to meetcha~

Well well, shouldn’t one introduce themselves first before asking for other people’s names?

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I’m Shizuru Nakatsu. I’m just going to let you all know I’m not even going to try roleplaying this I may roleplay a little, but I am eager to get started after all this time!

I’m Konohana Lucia nice to meet you

I think everyone should already know me by now, my name is Esaka Sougen and I am the owner of an antique shop “Forest”. As of late, I have been helping Okaken with its quests.
Still, I think it is in good manners to introduce yourself first when you are asking people to do so, @Natsume.

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Haha, my bad. My brain tends to deactivate at night time. :yahaha:

I have been assigned to Tennouji Koutarou, but the Rewrite universe escapes me a little too much so I’m afraid I can’t take part in any RPing this time around.

Hello everyone~

My name’s Inoue and I am going to help the Okaken out for the time being! Since we all love investigating stuff, I figured this is the exact right place for me! Hope we all get along well~

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Hmph. The activities of this club seem like too much of a waste of time for a lone wolf like me. But oh well, I shall play along with you all. It is I, Yoshino, and if you think I’m going to let those organization idiots have their way, they have another thing coming.

Just don’t get in my way, and I promise I won’t hurt anyone.


Hey! I’m Ohtori Chihaya! Can we just get started already??!

So I’m the last one… Why am I needed here again? For those who don’t know I’m Senri Akane… Can I leave?