Kazamatsuri Plays The Resistance II: Rewrite [Finished - Okaken Victory]

Hello everyone! It’s been already one month since the first edition of Kazamatsuri plays The Resistance ended. It was packed with fun, tense discussions and intelligent mystery-solving carried out by all the players. I’d like to revive this game in its now second edition. However, I’d like to improve the rules, setting, and conditions by asking you in the first place how you want the game to be (modality and setting).

#Basic Rules
As for the Rules, you can find them in the Wikipedia page with a nice explanation. I’ll still explain them here:

  1. Each participant is assigned one character and an alignment (for now, we’ll call them Good and Evil). Evil know who their allies are. Good, however, don’t know anyone’s allegiance. The Good outnumber the Evil.

  2. The goal of every round is to complete one Mission. There ise a total of 5 rounds, and in order for the Good to win, 3 missions must be successfully completed. However, if 3 Missions are to fail, the Evil win.

  3. Each round has a designated Leader. The role of the leader is to choose the members that will participate in the round’s mission. The number of members that can participate in each mission depends on which mission number we are at and will be specified at the beginning of each mission. The Leader can choose to include themselves in the mission or not.

  4. Once the Leader chooses the members, everyone decides whether to approve this choice of members or not. Since not all members are trustworthy, it is up to you to figure out whether the choice of members will spell out success or failure for your mission. The decision shall be made via a vote of Approve or Reject by all players sent to me, the game master.

  5. Once all votes have been tallied, I shall reveal the votes made by the players. These votes won’t be anonymous. Should the number of _Approve: votes outnumber the Reject votes, the mission proceeds with the members chosen by the leader. Otherwise, it fails, and a new leader is chosen to select a set of members. Be careful, though: if the results end up with 5 rejections in a row, the Evil automatically win!

  6. Should the mission proceed, it is now time for the mission members to go forth on their mission. Each member is allowed to vote one of either: Success or Failure. Naturally, the Good would vote for Success, while the Evil would vote for Reject (to make the mission fail) or for Success to gain more trust and deceive the Good.

  7. Once all votes are tallied, I shall reveal the results as anonymous votes. Should there be at least one member who voted to Fail, the mission fails (unless otherwise specified). Otherwise, the mission succeeds and we proceed to the next round.

  8. The game continues until at least 3 missions succeed or at least 3 missions fail.

This should cover up the basics. For a more detailed explanation, don’t forget to check out the Wikipedia page that I linked before.

#Avalon rules

Avalon is a variation of The Resistance game. The same Resistance rules apply, but some new ones are added. They can be consulted in that same Wikipedia page.

In Avalon, apart from people being part of the Good or Evil, they can have special roles within them. These are:

  • Merlin (Good): This Good player knows who the Evil players are from the start of the game. His role will be to convince the other Good players who the Evil are without giving away their identity.

  • Percival (Good): This Good player knows who Merlin is and is in a perfect protection to help him keep his identity secret.

  • Mordred (Evil): This Evil player’s identity will never be revealed to Merlin, so this player is totally unknown by the “Good”.

  • Oberon (Evil): This Evil player’s identity isn’t revealed to their fellow Evil allies. Additionally, this player won’t know who their Evil allies are.

  • Morgana (Evil): This Evil player’s identity is revealed to Percival as Merlin. This means that Percival would know that from the two players that have been revealed to him, one is Evil and the other one is Merlin.

These seems to slightly favor the Good, so there’s an additional rule to aid the Evil:

  • Shall the Evil loose the game, they are given a last chance to win. If they guess which player has Merlin’s role, they will win.

As a game master, I don’t care about which version of the game is played, so I’ll let you decide. People who are interested in playing this game should vote, while people that already don’t think that they’ll play shouldn’t answer the poll. So, it’s your turn to decide:

  • Play Vanilla Resistance
  • Play Avalon Resistance

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This poll will be open during a week.


  • All discussion regarding the game must be kept in this forum topic. No PMs between players shall be allowed. If you want to secretly clue in your fellow lackey with regards to your next plan, you’re going to have to be creative and say it in public without revealing yourself.

  • No editing of posts shall be allowed, either. If you would like to modify or add to your post, double posting shall be allowed in this topic. However, if mistakes are mere spelling issues or won’t have too much of an impact, please refrain from double posting in these cases. I think pretty much everyone can read through a couple of typing mistakes. Still, if you feel like something has to be edited, feel free to PM me to revise the post and the modifications you want to make and I shall approve it and notify everyone if something is worthy of being announced.

  • Quoting or screenshotting any of the PMs between you and the game master will not be permitted.

  • Since each player is assigned a character, roleplaying is completely optional. The roles you play are not attached to your character’s allegiance in any way. A friendly reminder: don’t let your character’s attitude influence your posts to the point of misleading which one is your allegiance. Because this is problematic, a special rule is proposed in the next section.

#Special rules

Another matter is special rules made for this game. According to events in previous games, I’d like to present some rules that might foment a more agile resolution of the game.

  1. Players must vote within 24 hours after the vote start is announced, or your vote will be skipped.

  2. Any player whose vote has been skipped twice in a row is modkilled from the game.

  3. Roleplaying shall be set aside from your explanation posts with a spacer and should be written in italics. Role playing should have nothing to do with your explanations and should be treated as something unconnected to the player’s role, or allegiance. There was some controversy about how roleplaying was an obstacle during the last game, but I didn’t want to ban it right away, so this seemed like a nice solution.

Suggestions about new rules are welcome within the next week.


Signups are now open! Post your interest to play. You have 7 days to do so and, if 10 players aren’t reached, I’ll automatically include @Glenn_Irish and @Necem, who said that they wanted to wait and see if all spots filled up, and we’ll start the game.

Since some of you might not be able to get in, or just don’t want to play but would like to spectate, I’ve created a discord server where you’ll be able to freely discuss with everyone else who do you think the Good and Evil are, what do you think about the most recent theory posted by a user and so on.

As said, a Discord server has been created to host this game and, possibly, future resistance games. Players and Spectators will be able to join, at first, you’ll be asked what you are, a player or a spectator. Based on that, you’ll be given access to different channels.

  • Spectators will have a chat channel to discuss the game’s progression.

  • Players will have a commands channel where they’ll be able to vote during each phase using a set array of commands. This ensures that I can easily keep track of the votes and that I can redirect the information all to a single place where I can edit it. Overall, it’ll help speed up the voting processes. Players will also be able to discuss meta aspects of the game with me if they require it. No discussion of the game shall be allowed in the server for any player

Additionally, there’ll be an announcement channel to alert people about votes starting and ending, as well as a public_votes channel where all votes will be made public as the voting phases end. This’ll help everyone have an easy access to all the votes without having to scroll through all the forum topic to find a specific voting result or to compare voting patterns.

All announcements made in the Discord server will be duplicated in the forum thread, so you can still ignore Discord, although I’d appreciate it if you could at least use the vote commands on discord whenever you are required to vote.

Should a problem with the server or the bot in the server occur, feel free to PM me through Discord or the forum.

Access to the Discord server is now open! https://discord.gg/Vpb4AjA

#Additional matters
The last Resistance edition involved Little Busters and Student Council lackeys as the Good and the Evil, and the Little Busters went on missions to have fun while the Student Council lackeys were spies infiltrated among their lines to gather evidence about their activities so that the Student Council could punish them for going against the general Student Guidelines.

This game’s universe will be set in one of KEY’s works. You’ll be able to decide in which one you want it to be set. If not enough characters are given in that universe, some of them will be invented (names, personality, relationships and others will be given). Also, a premise for all the Resistance game will be announced once the Key universe to be used has been decided.

  • AIR
  • Kanon
  • Little Busters!
  • Rewrite
  • Angel Beats!
  • Planetarian
  • Harmonia

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You have up to one week to vote for up to 2 of these universes. Fear not, I’ll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible. Also, keep in mind that out of all of these I haven’t finished reading Rewrite and I haven’t read AIR (I’ve watched the AIR anime, though), so I’ll have to outsource the initial setting to other members or you’ll have to give me some extra time to do my research and come up with something.

Also, depending on the universe that is elected, Good and Evil names will change and special roles as Merlin, Morgana… would change their name to fit said universe.

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Picking Kanon with Avalon’s rules would be entertaining, we’d have to be creative to get that to work haha. Anyway I’m interested but I’ll wait to see if the slots get filled up first, if there is still space left I’ll join.

I’m in for this one. An Avalon for AB or Rewrite would be nice.

Unless you want to wait to see if all the spots get filled, don’t post your interest to play yet. Wait for the Signups to open (next week). If you want to play, for now just answer the polls.

I’m surprised nobody picked Clannad. There’s such a great variety of characters.

A week has passed, polls are now closed!

We’ll be playing Avalon Resistance in the Rewrite Universe. The setting has been already written, but I’ll post it in a couple of days, so that I can write the character descriptions for everyone too. Once I post the setting, I’ll include the names of the special roles and both teams’ names as well.

Signups are now open! Post your interest to play. You have 7 days to do so and, if 10 players aren’t reached, I’ll automatically include @Glenn_Irish, and @Necem, who said that they wanted to wait and see if all spots filled up, and we’ll start the game.

People who want to play should also join the discord server (link in the original post) and identify themselves as players. If there was any issue with the bot, just PM me and I’ll fix it for you.

I would like to play again, but would be willing to give my spot to someone who wasn’t a player last game, if more than 10 people are interested.

Oh great, Rewrite Resistance! I’m in! Also, just wondering, I can imagine up to 9 characters in the game (6 main heroine+ Kotarou+Yoshino+Sakuya) who’s gonna be the last character?

I would like to play this time, so consider me in :huhu:

A fun one, you can be sure of that. I hope whoever gets it will role-play it.

Thanks to @Kawaii-is-Justice and @Khsellhu for joining. Khsellhu, make sure to get in the discord server!

I wanna play!

Good, we’ve got 3 players so far and 2 more on reserve in case we don’t get to 10. Feel free to join the discord server @Hardscope.

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I’d like to be a spectator for now

Sure, get into the discord if you want, but what does that for now mean?

I might try to play if I have time and there aren’t enough players. If there are enough then I’ll just spectate

I shall observe your struggles from the front row.
I’ll be joining as a spectator.


The first round was quite stressful, but it was quite interesting to read anyway.
I’ll join as a spectator as well. :badass:


let me join as spectator

Sure, you don’t have to ask for permission for that. That’s why I provided the link in the opening post. Anyway, thanks for showing interest.

There are 3 days left until the Signups close and we only have 3 confirmed players and 3 more that might join if we don’t get to 10 players. Don’t be shy! I’m sure that you’ll have a fun time. To those of you that have doubts about joining or have discarded doing so, what is holding you off?

Since we only have 3 confirmed players + 3 on reserve, I’ll extend the signups for 3 extra days. Come on guys, this isn’t a traumatic experience or anything like that…

C’mon my dudes! We just need a few more people!