Kazamatsuri Podcast Applications

I would love to participate in this podcast!
In Little Busters myself is new but please help me, also if there any Rewrite podcast please call me again to join!


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@Naoki_Saten I definitely need you on for that Kud podcast my man.

Great to see all the enthusiasm! Keep the applications coming guys, there’s a lot of podcasts to fill!


Hello! I’m replying here expressing my interest in participating in the Little Busters podcast (specifically all of them). I feel with having completed all the routes a long time ago, I have had a lot of time not only to reflect upon the experiences I had with the game, but also digest the information that I received playing the game.

I spend a lot of time contemplating several elements of whatever captures my interest. Over time, I’ve come to realize a lot of subtleties found in Little Busters and began to analyze them in my own free time.

In fact, just about a week ago, I had already begun writing a draft on my viewpoints regarding Little Busters whilst also analyzing a few things here and there within the visual novel and how it had affected me.

I can almost guarantee my input would place great value on the discussion whilst also granting a new perspective to the audience. Please let me know if I’ve captured your attention and I would love to share some things that I had already written in regards to Little Busters.

Thank you for your time~


Pulling out all the stops, I like it! Hopefully you have a good mic setup and are comfortable speaking on a podcast.

I currently possess a Plantronics Rig-600 headset. However I also do possess a Blue Yeti microphone (though it’d probably be better for me to use the headset for the podcast). I’m comfortable with my voice after having to hear it quite often during video edits I’ve done.

I look forward to the podcast plans when they do arrive~

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Since you’re still very new here, don’t forget to introduce yourself to the community!

I’m also up for podcasting virtually any and all of the routes, although my first choice would be Mio. If we end up doing a Rin2/Refrain podcast somewhere down the line (I don’t currently see one on the blog post), I want to be there for that as well. :slight_smile:

Oh looky here:

I’d be down for discussing Kurugaya (1st choice because best waifu) and Mio (2nd choice) routes. (or any route, why not lol) I’ve watched all of the LB anime but I never got around to reading the VN, so this should be quite the experience.

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Ah yeah, if you’re new to LB please say so! Fresh perspectives are very valuable.


I’m not sure if i can still apply to this. But i will really like to help with the LB podcast. However i have never done something like that, so I have no idea about what to do xd. So yeah if it’s possible i will try my best.

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I’ll add you to the list! We’ll be conducting interviews closer to launch. But I do recommend getting yourself the best mic you can by then (and an avatar! You’re too forgettable right now!)

Wondering if there is space for me to join as a route specialist for Saya route? It’s one of the most interesting routes out in the game and when I originally played it back in 2009 I did a lot of reseach on opinions on japanese websites.


We’d love to try you out!


We’re currently looking for people who don’t haven’t read or watched Little Busters and don’t know much at all about it to join us for a fun little podcast! Let me know if you’re interested.

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I think that applies to me. Unless you think the casual conversations on Kaza’s discord have given me too much information.


Still looking for newcomers to join this!

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This is my first ride on the LitBus. Snippets I’ve heard of don’t count if I have zero context with them.

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May I join if possible?

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I was interested in doing the podcast for LB or some other ones, but I have read it. I don’t think I did all the bad endings and and extras though. I don’t have a preference on which routes to do. I’d be open to all or any. That was in 2011 I think I read it ? I haven’t read EX, but.I have seen the anime and OVAs though.

I’m in full time school so Sundays would be best for me or Saturday evenings. I have discord and skype. Not sure what else I missed :smiley:

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