Kazamatsuri Podcast Applications

Forum members can use this topic to express their interest in joining the Kazamatsuri podcasts!

Things we’re looking for from podcast members:

  • You must be Dango rank, otherwise you won’t be able to join us on Discord!

  • Charisma! You need to be confident yapping in front of a mic for a couple of hours, and not afraid to butt in with your points in the discussion. If you have an interesting and compelling personality and a sexy voice, then that will distinguish you from the crowd. Lots of stuttering and pauses is the first thing we’ll be judging you on.

  • An analytical and reflective mind! For our Bookclubs it’s important that you spend a lot of energy reflecting on the story and thinking of what you can bring to the discussion, whether it be your personal feelings or some interesting ideas we’ve points of discussion. This is especially important on the podcasts, because you’ll need to bring your own analysis on the day, and we hope your analysis is interesting enough! The deeper you’re willing to dig, the better!

  • A good mic and recording conditions. Since this is a podcast, recording quality must meet a certain standard before we’ll let you join us. A laptop mic (usually) won’t cut it; you’ll need an actual microphone or headset or decent quality. And if you happen to live right next to an airport or have a really loud house, then it might not work the best. Please keep this in mind before applying. Obviously, you’ll need a computer with stable internet too; we’ll provide you with the software necessary to participate.

  • If you’re completely new to the series and don’t know how it ends, you may gain much higher priority than the others! As long as you meet the main criteria and fill these shoes, there’s a very good chance you’ll get a spot on a podcast. We need newcomers to push these podcasts forward with their own genuine unbiased impressions and analysis.

We’ll be screening all applicants to gauge their eligibility prior to the podcast. Please bring your best mic and show us what you’ve got!

Applications are currently open for the Little Busters! Bookclub Podcast! Register your interest here.


The Kazamatsuri.org Podcast is currently accepting applications for members willing to join our recording sessions! We need some fresh faces to shuffle through the cast and keep things interesting.

We’re on the hunt for passionate, enthusiastic, charismatic and informed individuals who can contribute some interesting and entertaining flavour to our podcasts. We have about 4 openings for members willing to commit to all six episodes of the AIR BOOKCLUB Podcast; reading along and taking notes while bringing their discussion to the table in each successive episode. We also have openings for members who are less willing to commit to all twelve weeks, and instead want to join the podcast for only one of the six episodes as a ‘route specialist’ if there’s a particular route they’d really like to talk about with us. Outside of the bookclub, we’re also accepting applications to join The Monthly Terra recordings, where we come together at the end of each month and briefly talk about all the latest happenings in the world of Key and our community. To apply, all you have to do is register your interest here in this topic, stating whether you’d like to apply for the regular cast of the AIR BOOKCLUB Podcasts, as a route specialist, or for The Monthly Terra (“all of the above” is a welcome choice!). From there, members will be invited to group interviews over Skype voice calls in the week leading up to the bookclub, where our staff will assess them and decide whether we believe they are a good fit for our podcast or not. Don’t worry though, it’s not as scary as a job interview - many have reported our past interviews to actually be a lot of fun! And even if you applied for the planetarian bookclub last time and got rejected, don’t be afraid to apply again - it’s a clean slate! (and I may have lost all my notes from the interviews last time…) The Kazamatsuri.org Podcast will be very busy over the next 12 weeks, and we need some fresh faces to help keep it running! We hope you’ll consider applying!


What time do these podcasts generally get recorded?

I want to preemptively register for every podcast ever.

Huh? What do you mean that’s not an option?

But, uh, really. I’ll do anything but route specialist. Do I even need to express my interest? My enthusiasm is at 700%! It’d be great to record more with everyone again. Of course, pretty much everyone else has priority over me, so I won’t hold my breath.


We have members from all over, so we usually try to find a time where everybody can be awake. Last one we recorded was at 7pm CST. Another we did was at 10am CST. Generally, unless you’re somewhere in Europe, you’re going to be on in the morning or later at night.

I would love to say I’d be willing to do all of the above, but honestly my schedule is always so shit I don’t think I’d be able to commit to something like that, at least not 12 straight weeks of bookclub while I have school. So if it’s OK I’ll just come to the auditions and then you can put me wherever you need me if you want me. As long as I have enough advance notice I should often be able to shove some things around to make it work.

I know this makes sounds like I’m not passionate and enthusiastic about it. But I really do want to do this. I just never know when I’m gonna have time or not, so I don’t want to say I’m all in and then end up hurting the podcast.

Yeah, I have a 4-6 hour gap where I could contribute every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday until March, and then I’m off to conventions and offline meetings until the end of Summer. I never know when people’ll show up, and being right next to the front door means I end up on and off randomly…

I’ll send in a voice message whenever I have something interesting to ask though~ And I’ll probably be posting stuff here.

as much I would love to participate The Montly Terra.-.I am simply busy lately. I am actually at a similiar position as @yerian98.
I love talking about Key news, our new topics and such, but one thing that really bothers me is that my English isnt that good to be in a podcast.
If by anything really interesting topics/news comes by (and I’ll have time), I’ll be more than happy to talk about it!

Okay so I really reaaaaally want to join but I will be back home in the Philippines from March 5 - 24, and from the last interview, I’m sure you already know how unconducive that place is for making podcasts :stuck_out_tongue: As such, I will be missing the Minagi and/or Kano route.

In that case, can I apply as route specialists for the rest of the routes? Those are the most important, after all!

Call me when it’s Kanon or LB related.

My enthusiasm for this podcast is, at the same time, 700% fuelled by the VN itself and hindered by my oh-so-broken English speaking :confused:

Next time, I guess. I’ll support it from the sidelines


Hey man, I understand being busy but-

I wouldn’t let what you think of your English bother you from trying out, at least, and maybe getting in for an episode. You’ve been in quite a few calls and you’re a fun guy and I never have issues understanding what you’re saying~ Just so you know. lol


ooh! ooh! can I apply? I promise this time I might not dissappear for months on end before the podcast. :wink:


I want to apply for “all” so badly…

But 60+ hour work weeks… And Reading Grisaia… And re-Reading Rewrite before I QC Harvest Festa… I would honestly be unable to guarantee availability or consciousness at the time of anything.


You can just cut that out of the schedule really. Saves some time.

I’m the type that when I read something, I read it until the end regardless of liking or disliking it.

If I like it, I’ll read it again. If I dislike it, I never will. But it always gets read in its entirety at least once.

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I wouldn’t mind trying out I’ve never really done an organized discussion like this but it would make for an interesting experience I think. Would have to deal with a southern accent though I call it the lazy tongue drawl. lol

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If I can do it, so can you! :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s fun~


Definitely want to sign up for the AIR cast. I don’t know that much about AIR in general,but I’m a huge KEY fan,so sharing my first experiences with others sounds like a lot of fun.

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Yeah, I mean, they let me be on the podcast, and I can barely form a coherent sentence! Proof that anyone can do it.

@Bowiie We’ve got all sorts of accents around here, so one more won’t hurt anything. It’d be pretty cool to get some southern rep in these podcasts. It’s a great time, so I’d advise you to give it a shot. Welcome, by the way!

@Iotheria Guess you think you can just waltz in and steal lead Yoshino, huh? Just stroll on up and take my spot on the podcast? Well you can, actually. Welcome to the forums, great to see more people repping Yoshino and signing up to be on the new bookclub podcast. Hope you enjoy your time here~