Introduce Yourself!

Welcome @Takafumi! Also @Red and @Aki.

We definitely need a thread or two for Key music discussion.

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Yooo, you usually find a Keyfag nattering on about Clannad or LB, I’m pretty sure you’re the first one I’ve met who comes in talking about Kanon @Takafumi, I’m quite interested in hearing about this history you have with it.
To no surprise, I loooooove Kanon too(The VN of course).

@Takafumi: that profile… It seems like we’ve known each other before xD

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Ahaha, it became part of my personality~ Kanon had a lot of impact with it, and I think it’s unfortunate that Clannad and LB overshadow it…

I stumbled across an un-subbed scene of Kanon '02 in 2003… I was young and had no idea what it was about, so I totally forgot about it. Then 3 years later, I notice an image of a character I recognize. I google around and discover it is a character called ‘Mai Kawasumi’ from a currently airing anime. I had no interest in intentionally watching anime at the time, but the nostalgia got me, and I watched it.

My heart was stolen, and it came back with ‘Shōjo no Ori’ engraved on it XD (I cry everytime ;~; ) and after that I watched it over and over. I also had a bit of a crush on Mai at the time >.>

That, and I was an EFZ fan a few years ago.

Neat. I don’t have quite such a dramatic backstory with it as that, I merely met it, the 2006 adaptation, as I hopped across toons back when I was fairly new to the stuff, it was love at first watch, completely shock up my world, I mean hey, I took to calling myself by it’s name ever since out of respect.

Shoujo no Ori best Kanon theme, such oomph.

Ahaha I played a bit of EFZ quite a while back, Ayu main, I haven’t touched it since my old computer went down and took it with it mind you.

Hello everyone! I’m a fan from Italy and among all Key works my absolute favorite is Little Busters <3 I’m also very fond of Clannad and I’m currently reading Rewrite. Nice to meet you all~


Welcome! It’s a pleasure to meet you~

I’d like to hear what you think of Rewrite when you’ve finished! I think Little Busters is a little bit better because of the characters~


I’m Suryce, a fan from France. The Key works I especially liked in their original forms are Little Busters and Rewrite. The former for its characters and themes, and the latter for its plot-oriented story and the things it dared to do (like going for an actual bittersweet ending for example). Even though my appreciation of the Key games has been so far inversely proportional to Jun Maeda involvement, I’m eager to see what Angel Beats can do in a visual novel format. Strangely, sometimes it feels like I’m the only person in the French fandom who has hopes for this game, and even here the Angel Beats thread seems a bit deserted, is everyone already bored with Angel Beats? xD

Key-related or not, I have done various things related to VNs: creating, translating… but right now, I’m a writer for [Projet Saya][1], a French news website about VNs. I basically write reviews of various games when I feel like it. Currently, I’m working on a review of Dysfunctional Systems, episode 1, and I have a big article planned on the Little Busters anime, but this one isn’t a priority right now. I provide English translations for some of my articles (from various sources, so not just about VNs) [here][2].

I look forward to discussing with you all. /o/


Oh! Oh! I’m not! \o
I’d actually been waiting for it after the anime lol
Also, welcome! ^^

Big fan from Finland.

Little Busters are forever!

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Yeah, I’ve been waiting for all the rumours of a VN to be confirmed for soooo long now! I think most Key VN fans wanted an adaptation when the anime finished. I talked about my ideas of Angel Beats so much while waiting for an official announcement, that I don’t have much else to say anymore… Auu… It’s probably like that for a few people~ ><

The only problem is that there isn’t much new stuff to talk about… When we get more information the Angel Beats thread will be flooded.

Ritoru Busters! Wafu~

Nice to meet you! I hope you have fun here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure most of the things I’m going to be bringing up have already been brought up… But I’ll do it anyways. :c The thing is directed a lot towards the naysayers stating that they aren’t interested because they saw the anime… Which I think is crazy- But maybe it’ll start some talking again~

I’m excited for people who are excited coming here though. ^^ Angel Beats is certainly… A thing!

I’ll join in the discussions that start when you finish your article~ It’ll be a good reminder. I forgot a lot of names @.@
Without thinking deeply about it, I remember Otonashi, Yusa, Kanade, Iwasawa, Hisako, Yui, Yuri, Naoi, TK, and Shiina… Which sounds like a lot of the characters, but isn’t ;~; Oh, and Hinata! He always slips my mind for some reason…

Welcome to the community everyone!

To those unaware, Phlebas is notable for having worked on the Little Busters English Translation in Team Fluffy! Awesome to have you join us :slight_smile:

Heyo~ For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kluck. I’m a huge Rewrite fan, I like it more (way more) than I should. Yes, I do feel ashamed of myself. I was going to write more introductory stuff, but it got boring. Enjoy! Oh, and I’m also a huge Toku fan.

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Hi, I’m Kaisos, and I’ve probably badmouthed some people here more than a few times in other places. This might be a little awkward as a result.
Also the formatting used here is… weird. Very modern! I don’t hate it.

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Welcome @kaisoserranon~ Nice to meet you!
Ahaha, everything should be fine as long as everyone is talking about Key :stuck_out_tongue:

You people all knowing each other~! @ A @ I somehow missed all the English Key fandom.

Yo, I’m Arren, huge Key fan, my favorite VN is LB and my Favorite, put emphasis on the F, anime is clannad. Pretty new to the whole forms thing, but I look forward to talking about Key and their works!

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Welcome to Kazamatsuri Arren~! Make sure to join in on the Clannad and LB discussions here~
( )
I hope you have fun here~

Yaha! Was always a big fan of Angel Beats and Clannad, however recently got hooked on Little Busters! First VN I’ve played in a while. I have a review channel on Youtube I started up and am vlogging about my experiences playing LB.

Uh, I hail from Australia and Aspirety told me about this place~ Really loving the format. Very modern~

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