Introduce Yourself!

Hello, everyone. I’m Naoki-Saten. Some people may know me from MAL or as a member of a certain group…
I love discussions a lot, so I’m really happy I found this site.

My favorite VN is Little Busters!, closely followed by Rewrite. I’ve spent a lot of time discussing both and I hope I can continue doing so here :slight_smile:

Let’s get along ^^

A very warm welcome to @Kluck, @kaisoserranon, @rpgcaster and @Naoki_Saten! I hope you all enjoy the community!

We still <3 you. No worries. On a more serious note, glad to see you here.

Oh, there’s this topic. Uh, hi. My name is somewhat left at what it is, especially since my real life name is a bit too common. Is shortened to Wickle for when not wanting to type it out/say the full thing.

Won’t bother talking about favorites when it comes to Key works, as they might shift repeatedly… except for Shizuru best girl.

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Gnashes here!

So, I’m just your normal, anime-loving auditor… Alright, maybe that’s not so normal.

Regardless, glad to be here!

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What’s an auditor? Can I eat it?

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Welcome, brethren! (I know this guy!)

Hello there. My name is Vijayagopal Krishnan but I go by the name VJ or Inuconandoyle. I’m just a normal 18/19 year old college going boy who likes anime, pop music, movies, video games and of course Key. My experience with Key’s works is not from the Visual Novels but rather from the Anime Adaptations (I plan to check out the Visual Novels someday). My first experience with Key was in late 2012 with the Anime adaptation of Clannad and I really loved it. Later in the Winter of 2013-2014 I did a short Key marathon were I watched Kanon 06 and Angel Beats. I have not watched Air and Little Busters yet but I will soon. It’s very nice meeting you all and I hope we can all be friends. =D

Welcome~ I’ve seen your name on Twitter! AnoHana avatar~

Yup that’s me. It’s very nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

Greetings to all the forum members and fellow Key fans!

Currently in the process of reading all Key’s (And Tactics’) translated VNs. Only Air and Rewrite left! It has been quite a hell of a ride! :smiley:

Coming from the land of the Tacos! >:D I hope to contribute to this site by meaningful posts and general shenanigans.

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I hope you have enjoyed all the VNs~ It must be emotional sitting through them all! Ahaha~
I’d go for Rewrite next. A fully translated and quality checked Air translation is coming out soon~

Welcome… Glad you can make it. :slight_smile:

Hello Fellow Key Lovers, I’m Eonex, I’m 22, and I attend college (Yawn)

My first experience with Key related works was when a friend of mine introduced me to Clannad around 2010-2011, this also ended up being the first anime I’d ever watched.
Shortly after, I had found about the anime adaptions of Air and Kanon, and the original work Angel Beats. After watching these I was curious about Key, so I did some research and found out that they made something called visual novels.
Of course at the time I knew nothing about VN’s, but this got me started reading them. The first VN I read was Clannad, and all other translated VN’s by Key followed except for Air.

Nice to meet you all!


Wooow, introduced to Anime AND Visual Novels by Clannad~ That’s amazing~! Key’s works are good introductions to both scenes. They set reasonable expectations, and they encourage you to be more flexible with your genres.

Hello everyone!
I’ve been a big fan of Key for a while and I’ve looked for a nice forum a few times and just stumbled across this one today, it looks like all I’ve ever wanted from one :smiley:
Found this place through @Kanon and funnily so thanks!
Writing introductory stuff is hard ;_;
You all seem nice, I’m glad to be here.


Welcome fellow Loli Hunter! I’m glad you decided to check out Kazamatsuri~
We aren’t as fun as Loli-Lolihunters, but we will be one day, so I hope you stick with us until then!

I’ve been a fan of Key since watching Clannad a couple of years ago after Katawa Shoujo introduced me to romance animes/VNs. After watching it Clannad three more times, I then watched Kanon, Air and Angel Beats, and recently I finished the Little Busters visual novel. It’s so good. ;_;

I’m currently eating green beans, potatoes, chicken and broccoli smothered in gravy. Nice to meet you!

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Loli-LoliHunters grabs it’s second recruit, proving it was a good idea all along.

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Katawa Shoujo really got out there! It’s strange that a 4chan VN about romancing disabled girls became something that brought wider VN acceptance. It suddenly got a crazy amount of publicity too!
~2010 was when I was the most active in VN communities, and I didn’t even know Katawa Shoujo was a thing until Mike Inel got involved later on.

Have you read the Clannad, Kanon and Air VNs? Air just came out so a hype train should form sometime soon.

Thanks for sharing your meal! Key always believed that the defining moment of a character’s personality is when you discover what food they enjoy~