Poll: We Can Post Polls Now!

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So it turns out we’ve had this feature for a while! It came with one of the recent Discourse updates, it’s just that there was no clear documentation on how to use it!

To make a poll is very simple. All you have to do is start the topic title with “Poll:” as seen above. Then just enter a bulleted list for each item in the poll, and fill out the rest of the post as normal! The topic will use the first list in the post as the poll list.

Now, just because this feature exists, I don’t want you to start wildly spamming polls everywhere! Keep the forum ettiquete in mind at all times, and if you’re unsure if your topic is worth posting, ask in the request topic. At the very least, some ‘which is your favourite X’ topics are bound to be a lot more popular now that this feature exists.

Happy posting!


There’s only one answer to this… KINNIKU WASSHOI!


Time to make the poll worth making a poll about :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay yaaaaaaay!

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Closing this topic before something terrible happens.

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