Kazamatsuri Website Updates

So, uh… there seems to be a bug in Discouse that basically breaks @Kanon’s avatar and nothing else. Looks like they got Sunohara’s luck along with that title…

We’re trying to fix it, but it’ll be a bit longer still!

(Also please don’t change avatar, that might fix it, but it’d be hard to figure out what happened and keep it from happening again ^^)


Removed the Key Project Promotion category as I decided it’s pretty unnecessary. All existing threads were moved to the Key Fanworks category instead.

We’re on Google+ and Youtube now!

Since it was getting no topics, I’ve decided to remove the Translation Corner category for now. The Translation Request Board has been moved to the Key Fanworks category.

I’ve given the welcome thread a bit of an overhaul. I’d like to ask all members to re-familiarise themselves with the rules and guidelines. You can now also view them in the FAQ found in the dropdown menu at the top right of the forum. Also, let me know if I made any typos or errors :wink:

And also, @Bizkitdoh has been promoted to moderator! He’s been an active and involved member of the community since it’s creation, so I only saw it fitting to employ him as our first moderator. He’ll be hopefully taking care of things while I’m absent (which is a few hours a day thanks to time zones.) Please show him your respect, and give him your support!

ITT: Aspirety and Uppfinnarn get off their butts and do some work on the site!

Front page: Fixed tags, changed capitalisation, added Charlotte tag.
Changed Menu (HOME is now NEWS, KEY GAMES is now SERIES INFO, links to CHARLOTTE page and tag added)
Stopped the menu bar from jumping when scrolling down.
Made it a little more compact.

Figured out how to get polls working (not really a change, more a discovery).
Fixed line width, back to normal again.
Guild Category added, viewable only to members of Trust Level 2 or higher.

And that’s about it for now. Stay tuned for more updates in the hopefully not too distant future!


Thanks for the guild category. I guess you have figured out a good set of topics to put into it (mostly ones involving our own personal info, at least)

So apparently Kazamatsuri Forum Chrome Desktop Notifications are a thing now…

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I should remember to enable desktop notifs on chrome, heh


Thanks to the help of @Karifean, I’ve managed to act out some updates to the forum theme that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time!

First off, BIG AVATARS! They’re so pretty! And they even have rounded edges, wow!!
And also! WE HAVE A NAVBAR! You can finally click to the frontpage and have it not look like shit! It’s still a work in progress, but I’m super happy to finally see it there! :kgoha:

Oh yeah! I added some custom emoji! I dunno if I’m gonna keep them on, but we can try them out for now. :komue:

I also added a badge for everyone who’s shared a photo of their Key 10th Memorial Box, and a user field people can fill out for their public profiles, displaying their favourite Key series! It’s completely optional, so don’t feel pressured to decide on one because of it, but I thought some of our members would appreciate it.

So yeah, big update! Let me know what you think! :masgrin:


sounds good and looks nice, but it’d be nice to know how we can use these emojis or are you still working further on them before fully implementing them?

Also for the big avatars, it might just be me, but they look pixely to me. Hard to describe with my knowledge of the english language, so I made a comparison pic with the pic that pops up, when you click on an icon

The right one looks way more clear to me, or am I the only one seeing this?

Now that IS interesting… Why would your image be blurry?

Try clearing your cache maybe?

it’s not just mine, it’s like that for everyones avatar, so they appear clear on your end?

edit: ok, clearing the cache worked. thanks

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For emoji, use these words surrounded by colons:


Don’t be alarmed by all the new and old topics getting bumped to the top, guys! Me and the team just had a massive working bee, going through and tidying up topics and adding rating polls to every route discussion topic! We also have lots of new topics new, filling in some of the gaps that were left behind in our discussion. Get rating discussing and rating! :masgrin:

EDIT: Oh and special thanks to Bonecuss for helping us out.


Oh yeah, if you can’t remember how to type an emoji: hover over one! :kgoha:

Also, typing : in a reply box will open a menu that will auto-complete them, so even remembering kind of how to type one is usually okay.


New emoji!



They’re all broken!

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Oh god why, hold on here…

EDIT: It’s a Discourse bug. Irie got the new emoji, Sekine never did D:

EDIT: And… copied them over myself, until this bug is fixed :komue: