Kazamatsuri Website Updates

I’ll be using this topic to detail the updates we make to the website as they happen over the coming days and weeks. Since we’re just starting out, there’s bound to be plenty of updates; too many for individual threads.

Just now I’ve implemented the logo and favicon which were designed by the talented @thonglinh90. Do you like it? I made sure that when you scroll down a thread it’s just the K, but if you scroll up to the top it extends into the full logo. Definitely looking a bit less beta now!

I’ve also set it up so images upload to Amazon storage, so you don’t have to worry about image uploads clogging up the server. We have terabytes* of space now!

So what’s next? We’re looking into setting up a custom theme for the forum, so it looks less default. But we’re still planning what we’re gonna do with the front page. A blog, or something else? I’ll keep you updated as we decide what direction to take.

Where is this favicon you speak of…? Because it’s not where it’s supposed to be, I can see that much.

Hmm, it seems to be elusive. Sometimes I’ll open the website the favicon displays in the tab, other times like now it’s invisible. Guess we better look into this.

Well, the favicon is supposed to be in a very specific location to be reliably applied, and I haven’t gotten anything to put there. Where can I get the file?


Heh heh heh.


Yahaha~ You caught me out.

Now the favicon should be working, and a placeholder front page is up: http://kazamatsuri.org/

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Changed the default forum view to category view. If you want to use the previous default view, just click ‘latest’. There’s a few other options for displaying threads there as well. Let me know what you think of the change.

And I’ve changed it back to latest for the moment.

Now that people have had a chance to try both, I’d like to know what people think.

I’m aware that most forum users are used to the category view, and so the latest view is different and weird. But give it a chance, I think it does a great job of highlighting everything going on in the forum at a glance with minimal clicking to get to the content. And from an admin perspective, it gives me more power over displaying things to users by pinning important threads at the top.

And you know, if you really like the category view, it’s still there. You can bookmark it if you prefer~

Installed the user directory, but it doesn’t seem to be displaying properly. Don’t mind the [en.filters.directory.title] button, we’re looking into it~

I think I’m just gonna leave it disabled until after the Docker migration, otherwise I’ll just have to do it over afterwards anyways.

I’ve been using latest tab most of the time~ It’s a lot more manageable when you can see everything happening at the top of the page~

So I just realised the Skype URI wasn’t letting people connect! It seems to be fixed now, so get joining :stuck_out_tongue:

Discourse updated to

Got a changelog?

Sorry there hasn’t been many updates, but me and the staff have been working each day to try and get the frontpage ready. It’s going to be a wordpress blog which integrates into the forums for discussion. Please be patient while we get that ready~

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Just backend changes and minor tweaks. Nicer look in some parts of the UI, better performance, etc. The only real new feature is that you can now implement Single Sign On if you like, so you can use one login to all parts of the website. We only have one part that requires a login though…

Added a new sub-category for promotion of Key-related projects and websites. Hopefully people will be able to get some use out of it. We want to support the efforts of Key fans around the world~
EDIT: Oh and updated the logo. It was a lot more frustrating to do than it looks ^^;
Thanks to @thonglinh90 and his as of yet anonymous friend for the logo. I’ll be sure to credit you somewhere more visible when the site is done.

Updated the welcome message with the contents of the welcome thread. I also made some changes which you can review in that thread (now listed in the meta category). The biggest addition is that we don’t allow direct linking to illegal downloads. (That said, if you want to offer them to someone and link them in a private message, we won’t stop you, but we won’t take responsibility either…) Hopefully this will be deemed satisfactory.

At the moment I’m doing some work on the blog, as you can see with the test thread. (Post in that btw! Need to test comments) And I’m trying to customise the layout of the forum, without much luck yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I might end up adding a separate category for blog discussions, we’ll see how we go.

And Kazamatsuri.org is now officially out of beta! Feel free to invite your friends! But don’t feel obligated to promote it everywhere either; we’d rather have a quality community over quantity.

Expect many more members to start popping up now :slight_smile: