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I have an idea for some topics that I’d like to run by you guys first. I have this ambition to make more multi-lingual. Ways we can do this might be installing a translation plugin for discourse, but I also thought about making language-specific chat topics, to try and bring in members from countries who don’t speak English. I don’t know how practical this would be, so I thought I’d run it by you guys first. What do you think? And if we did do it, what languages would you like to see us focus on first?

Speaking as someone from a non-English speaking country: language-specific topics/subforums/alternative pages is a terrible idea.

I’ve seen people attempt this before, and in every instance of it, it has resulted in either community fragmentation, everyone ignoring the secondary languages, or people getting alienated.

Auto-translation is nice, because it lets people read a topic they may not fully understand otherwise, but to contribute meaningfully to a discussion, there’s really no way around learning English.

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I agree with @uppfinnarn. I have a hunch it’ll lead to “language X only exclusivity”. English isn’t my main language either, but since this is an international community, it’s a common sense to use international language here.

Auto-translation sounds like disaster to me. Why didn’t Sekai use BakaTsuki’s CLANNAD translation? Because they found that some lines were translated with machine translation. Anyway, THAT is a bad idea.

I wouldn’t really support language-specific topics but one common way to do it is to implement community topics. They don’t necessarily have to cater to a specific language, rather, a specific location or community, such as an Australia topic, or a Texas topic or an Indonesia topic. People can discuss their local community events and organize meet-ups and whatnot, or if a person decides to vacation to that location, they can post in that community topic and let the others from that community know so they can potentially meet up.

As such, if one makes an Indonesia topic, it would naturally follow that people can sometimes use Indonesian there aside from the usual English. Of course, it would only be limited to that topic.

Also, community topics would and should only be used for community-related discussion. Any Key-related discussion should be discussed in its appropriate topic, and in English


I’d be down for that. Discuss upcoming events/conventions/possible meetups, or talk about what they miss from that country if they moved away and want to catch up.

I’d join in on that Indonesian one~ :stuck_out_tongue: They have a really big anime community. Almost as busy as the traffic in Jakarta.

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I like the idea but it would cause some shenanigans. Perhaps down the line…? I know we do have multilingual members, so it’s a start… Hmmmmmm

Yeah, you’ve made some good points. I’d still like to get that translation plugin installed sometime, @uppfinnarn~

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I believe we should have a thread for these unused rough designs and plans! I really like those Kud’s early designs.
[/quote] Second this topic idea! I’d be very interested in a ‘Key’s scrapped ideas’ topic, if someone feels up to the task. I don’t have a lot of knowledge on the subject personally.

Nah, who cares if the thread starter has a lot of knowledge or not. We’re fools together.

There are a lot of initial designs and sketches from Perfect Visual Books and rough notes. I’ll post some when the thread is ready. (I’m waiting)

Hirato, you really seem like you have something to share about this, you should post the topic yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in my office right now! My stash of porn images is in ma house!


this is largely directed at @Kanon and @yerian98 since they were the inspiration for the idea, but I need a few more opinions before I decide to do it or not.

I was thinking of making a “non Key Visual Novel Review Thread”(name subject to change), which would Ideally include reviews of VNs that some key fans might be interested in made by other Key fans who have read them. the topic slightly crosses over with the General Visual Novel Thread, but a separate thread would allow for a much more organized OP with links to each VN review in the thread. What do you guys think? should I make it or not?

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Well I’m a bit contused by the objective of the topic. Do you want people to post reviews they found interesting, or post their own reviews? Are we talking blogs or industry reviewers? Why would people want to post reviews in the first place?

definitely their own reviews. if you want I could define a structure for the reviews to keep them all similar, but the main objective would be so that people could potentially find Key like VNs that they might be interested in all in one place. If you don’t want a thread for it then no big deal, I’ll just do the one review in the General Visual Novel Topic, but I thought it might be an interesting idea to pass by you guys and see if anyone is interested.

Personally I think we don’t have to provide them a place to write visual novel reviews here. There are, like, infinite numbers of visual novels. I’d be glad to read visual novel reviews, but I honestly don’t think this is the place for it. When I’m interested in a certain VN, I google the reviews and I can find numerous blog posts providing what I’m looking for. But here? Mmh, IMHO, I don’t think so.

Just my 2 cents though.

Alright, no big deal. I just thought I would run it past you guys. Thanks for the input

Nah, don’t take it to heart, dude. It’s just my opinion. We have yet seen what others think about this. And I’m pretty sure you’re free to create a new topic without consulting here.

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I personally think that just the General VN topic should be fine. We don’t get a ton of activity over there anyway, and a new separate review topic would probably get very little use at all.

Mm, that’s what I’m thinking too.

I was thinking that it might be fun to have a photography thread where we take landscape pictures that might look well as VN backgrounds.



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