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The Hype Train has reached its first major stop. Angel Beats! -1st beat- has released on June 26th, 2015 and is being read across the globe by those able- And some not! Feel free to use this topic for general, spoiler free discussion for the Angel Beats! Visual Novel.

Please refrain from posting spoilers, but if you must do so-


1st beat trial discussion begins from the first reply.
1st beat discussion begins here.

The Angel Beats! -1st beat- Trial was released at Character1 on May 2nd, 2015 and later (updated!) online. Feel free to check it out to help decide on whether to pickup the full game.

For route-specific spoiler-friendly discussion:

We’re just getting started.

Okay so we were breezing around the demo a bit with the help of @Aspirety yesterday, and one thing struck me as pretty strange so far.

When Otonashi meets Kanade, and talks to her for the first time in the demo, he tells her specifically to prove that he is in the afterlife by stabbing him, right in his heart. That totally contradicts the whole point of the anime, where Kanade stabbed him in the heart of her own accord so she could check if Otonashi could possibly be the one who gave her her new heart. Sure, the effect would be the same, that Kanade realizes that Otonashi doesn’t have a heart, but the intent has been totally reversed from the anime to the visual novel

Is this scene altered at all by how you treat Yuri? I know the Noda scene changed a bit depending on my options, but I didn’t look too hard into this one.

I say that because I was pretty trusting of her and I got this scene, which is, of course, quite a different turn of events from the anime.

I’ve gotta double check that. There were only two choices in the game before that happened, IIRC

The biggest change in this VN so far, minus EVERYTHING, has been how incredibly silly Otonashi can be. Two scenes come to mind: The indirect kiss with Masami “I’M GOING IN,” and the 10 minute marathon running away from Kanade right after it where he strikes a victory pose after finding he was successful. “10 minutes! Alright, just gotta run for 10 minutes then! Aha!”. I can only imagine how much sillier things are going to get the more you make these kinds of choices with him. I was in tears even though I was only reading it one bit at a time. I haven’t laughed this hard since Rewrite. o.o


I touched Hinata in the bath. That’s all I needed.

I was using the machine tl and Otonashi was saying “those beautiful curves” and “that exposed ass!”


I played this AngelBeats 1st Beat trail edition.
Wow! The dynamic effect seems looking better than Rewrite!!! Game is evolving indeed!
a new god-like BGM born in #AngelBeats 1st! Singing the lyrics as
“キャッキャウフフでぜ” when Otonashi playing with Hinata in the shower. wwwwww
That’s just the counterpart of Shalala from Little Busters!EX lol


So, I’ll be the first to assume that the Matsushita instances where you make the same choice over and over that does nothing of significance is part of the RPG element wreckage, yes?

Looks like they’re gonna be releasing the trial version to the general public starting May 15. And they’re gonna unlock an extra choice that gets you even deeper into the guild! Looks like those greyed-out choices were due to the demo, after all :stuck_out_tongue:


Bizkitdoh wins again!

So I’m still sifting through the choices and stuff in this VN, and now @Yerian has hopped in too.

This VN is trying to give me an aneurysm. It’s like (Rewrite) looking into the goddamn blueprint.


Has anyone encountered an event where Otonashi tries to grab Yui’s tail?

Nope lol, this is a new one. I figured there were things you can do to alter that scene since it’s so dull.

Can’t say I know what your referring to. I’m just reading the scripts for Yui’s events and in the second one Otonashi said: “I won’t try to touch your tail anymore” There is some really ridiculous stuff in here.

The one Yui instance I’ve managed to see, nothing really spectacular happened. lol

Well there seems to be resources for 4 events though 2 were basically identical; I guess they happen on different days. There is a reaction line to the ただのエロ少年 name, maybe try that.

I haven’t gotten her to show up on any time minus I think Day 2 PM (which by then Otonashi always recalls his name, afaik). I’m still messing with the mapping of everything and it takes a while, especially when you’re tired. I’ll come across everything in time~ I just wrapped up most of the non-instance related choices, so now I’m messing with more in depth things, such as instances that alter choices and vice versa. If names have that big of an effect down the line then fuck me lol

Okay so ver. 1.10 added a lot of things just from my few minutes of looking at it. Lots of new audio and sounds effects and things, animations, and of course choices. Now THIS is exciting.

Among the audio they added- (Angel Beats! VN Spoilers?!) A heartbeat. That plays when you take the plunge to indirectly kiss Masami.

Isn’t that interesting.


Weheheeeell quite interesting indeed

It sounds like the seiyuu for the ‘other men’ in the config menu is Midorikawa Hikaru, who also voiced Natsume Kyousuke in LB. Can anyone confirm this? I could not find any mention of it on the internets, only that he voiced Fish Saitou (the crazy fisherman in episode 7 of the AB anime).

Yes it’s Midorikawa. The “other” characters are characters that are important enough for their own button so why not use Saitou as he’s not story related but long time fans will recognize the joke. It’d be boring if they used like Naoi’s father or the guy with all the computers from episode 12; with The Green River everyone is happy.

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