Introduce Yourself!

First time posting here! People just call me “Mind” I guess. It’s just stuck with me for years now. I’ve been registered for a while but completely forgot about here, and with Angel Beats First Beats out I’ll come by more to look up more on it and Charlotte anime coming next anime season.

I’ve pretty much seen every Key anime except for Air, I think. I don’t I really have a favorite in the animes but I know for sure Rewrite is my favorite Key VN.

I play a good number of JRPGs. I play almost every genre of game but I don’t really prefer one over others because I view games in a more open sense.


Aloha @Edes des and @Mind83, nice to have you!

[quote=“Edes, post:1191, topic:49”]
I actually read the Angel Beats trial
[/quote]If I ever reach that level I’ll be very happy^^

And may I mention that I like how you 2 have Sekine and Irie as avatars? Not sure if coincidence… time to get the tinfoil hat

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Hi everyone~
I’m from Vietnam Key FanClub :3
Nice to meet you all~
Is anyone playing Angel Beats 1st beat? I’d like to discuss choices map in this game :frowning: It’s making me so confused right now :frowning:


Hey @Sakakino_Konomi! I’m not reading it right now but there’s a discussion topic for it around here somewhere, you should take a look at that^^

Hello @Sakakino_Konomi. Glad to have you here. I think there are some people who are already playing it; some have already played the trial…

Welcome! Feel free to discuss stuff about Angel Beats 1st beat over here: Angel Beats! - Visual Novel General Discussion

Welcome @Edes, @Mind83 and @Sakakino_Konomi! So many new members lately!

Sakakino, I’m sure @Bizkitdoh would be able to chat with you about the choice map, haha. Head over to the discussion topic~

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Hey, guys. A fan from Malaysia here~! My first Key works was Angel Beats and my favorite is Rewrite. Umm, I’ve actually been following the news here for a while and really like this community. Aside from Key, I’m also fond of Ryukishi07 works and Yuuki Yuuna series.

Please take your time to meet me~


Hoi @Suzuki! The amount of Ryukishi-fans here is increasing, very good^^

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@Suzuki Welcome Suzuki! Glad you found yourself comfortable enough to introduce yourself here!

We are sorry for the late introduction–the name’s Balzac, visual novel peruser and Key fan. The latter’s mostly because of the sterling comedy and music, though I can also appreciate the occasional straight balls to the face from our dear writers.

Is concurrently a poster over at the animesuki forums, where I started when I finished Rewrite back in '11. My first ever VN was Kanon, way back in '01, my favorite ever is unfortunately not a Key work, and I while my days pelting my students with chalk.


Welcome @Balzac-sensei!
What is your favorite VN then? Is it Umineko? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome! I noticed you’ve already done some quick progress on 1st beat! If you don’t mind me asking, how’s your Japanese skill?

Hi guys, I’m Eagle.

I live in France and I found when I search news for the Angel Beats! VN and for Charlotte anime.

My first Key works was Clannad and my favorite VN is Little Busters! I seen all Key anime, except Air, and I like all the stories and the characters. My favorite anime is Kanon 2006. Outside of Key i’ve played a lot of VNs, like Katawa Shoujo and I currently trying to find a heart-touching VN to read.

I hope to have a nice time here !


Welcome @Balzac! Please enjoy your stay.

@Eagle Welcome! Another French member! Will you be attending Japan Expo?

I can’t, I’m very busy with my exams, so I can’t go to Paris this week.

Hey @Eagle! Good luck with your exams^^

Thanks @Skyzzed ^^

Hello everyone.
FINALLY, I found my home!!! cries
I’m a foreign who lives in Japan, Tokyo.
I played Rewrite, clannad and currently playing Little Busters. (I have almost all key’s works’ game boxes) not to mention the special edition of angel beats with a poster signed by the staff TT_TT
I watched clannad, Kanon, Angel beats (rewatching it in Bluray).
my first is clannad, my favorite is Rewrite (I am replaying it on PS VITA now)
how did I find Kazamatsuri?
Yesterday I was searching for some rewrite pictures. and I saw a site called Kazamatsuri, the city where my favorite work took a place, so I thought “why not take a look” and I wasn’t disappointed.

other interests:
Anime/manga/VN of course, Writing novels (stopped for a while), music, collecting stuff, and robot making.

My friends call me “Key occupied his mind”.
My daily meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Drama, dinner, drama snacks.
and key is my best supply of drama, key is a drama farm sobs
let’s be friends my Key brothers and sisters, (if you live in Japan, let me have the pleasure of meeting you)
you can call me Tamotsu or Tamo


The Kanon bluray is so pretty ~ I loved it.

Oooh, fighting bots or actually useful stuff?

Tamo is a cute name~ Drop the tsu nod nod