Angel Beats! -1st Beat- Trial Edition Released Online

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I keep launching the trial just to hear the SSS theme on the title screen, haha. My hand keeps itching towards ‘Operation Start’ only to remember I can’t read it yet XD

Pre-ordered it from amazon japan but decided to try the trial. How long is the trial roughly? or I guess how far into the anime would you say it is? (just relative time I know there is so much more to do in the VN that the anime couldn’t fit in.)

Trial goes for the first two days in the game, which is like the first two episodes in the anime (pulus a lot more).

I started the game up and its the song from the showdown! (Let me tell you something about us humans. You See were not big on waiting… If you ask me, We’ve Been Waiting Long Enough!) This game brings back the feels even before playing it! >.<,


Hey is there a program that give me a rough translation in game or do I need to actually work to understand this? Any help is appreciated!

I think most of us are using VNR

Thanks a bunch cant wait to dive into the world of angel beats again! This story really hit me and deserves my number 1 slot I hope the visual novel takes my hopes and love for this series to new levels!


Alright finally got VNR downloaded but now I’m not sure how to get the exe to it everytime I drag the new shortcut from AlphaROMdiE to VNR it opens that program instead of the game any help?

Open VNR. Then open AB using that Alpha Rom thing. VNR should detect the AB VN, but if not you can target it with VNR.

I get VNR to recognize it but the text box only displays the window title it doesnt translate anything from the game

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Do you know if the files have viruses or not?

The VNR files? I’ve never heard of anyone ever having virus problems. Are you referring to the fact that your antivirus software is blocking it? I think several of us have had that happen and just making an exception for it allows it to work just fine.

TL;DR: No, I’ve never heard of anyone having virus problems.

Okay, nvm I got them. How do I add them to the game? I’ve been studying Japanese for three years but there is no way I can understand it totally yet.

Do you mean how do you use VNR with the game? First you start up VNR, the you start up the game using AlphaROM and then click on the magnifying glass icon on VNR, and click “select the window of a running game”

Does VNR create an ICON on my desktop?

I download the VNR but I get no icon and the video for the VNR isn’t much help :confused:

Okay, so I got it up and running which I like but when I go to Spring Board it says that Only for Japan thing again :confused:

At last. The time has come. Lets have fun (and shed new tears). Kudos to Jun Maeda et all for not giving up on Angel Beats, now we’ll know what happened to all the characters in the rushed anime.

Great, allocating bandwidth for download.

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I used the hook for the game and it crashed, anyone have any idea why

Everyone Don’t Forget to Setting your PC Country XD

its could be a Japan XD

I have tried dragging the alpharomdie onto the siglus engine, which has only seemed to create an error
(in japanese) that i cannot copy to translate.
any guidance is appreciated