Rewrite - Lucia Konohana Route & Character Discussion

Discussion topic for Lucia’s arc & character in Rewrite. Feel free to discuss anything from the route, but mark any comparisons to events outside of her arc and the common route with the [spoiler] tag.

Her birthday is the 23rd of December.

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praise lord ryukishi for the glorious route that is Asahi Haruka
anything past that is bad especially kotarou like god DAMN
Btw Shizuru & Lucia fight is the best scene in the VN no contest (Oppai ending excluded)

Lucia’s arc was definitely my favorite arc in Rewrite, and is one of my favorite Key character arcs in general. I loved the little structural similarities to Ryukishi07’s other works, and it also has my favorite applicance of the Rewrite power. Easily. It’s a little big on the dramatic hugs, but it more than makes up for that with its great characterization and interaction.

Taking that from another perspective, if you don’t know about Ryuukishi’s habbit to fake the reader out it comes of as really confusing. I was really wierded out by the reveal in the church, but now that I’m reading Umineko I see that this is something that happens very often.

Yes, Ryukishi’s infamous unreliable narration does come in to play a bit with Lucia’s route :stuck_out_tongue:

Seconded best route. I think. Akane and Moon are high up there for me as well. But I really did enjoy this one. The battle between Shizuru and Lucia was amaaazing!


So sad that they didn’t have any fight scenes anywhere near as cool for the rest of the vn :frowning:

Yeah… I feel the same way. Akane and Terra had plenty of spots for just as, if not more amazing fights, but it never happened. I get that fight scenes weren’t the focus of the story, but still…

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Suprisingly, Lucia’s route was my favorite route in the VN, mainly because of the focus on romance. I didn’t like Lucia at first, and I didn’t enjoy anything else R7 has written, but the route came into it’s own. It made me like the characters involved, and the style of the route was pretty interesting, but there were some glaring problems for me.

Firstly, R7’s famed writing style wasn’t executed very well throughout the route. The biggest example would be the scene where Lucia and Asahi fight. These aren’t events being told by someone… they are the view of an omniscient audience. It didn’t make sense for that scene to exist, and while you can interpret it in ways that make sense (like with a lot of Rewrite’s errors) I have to chalk it up to bad writing. This scene is pointlessly thrown in to confuse the reader, unless one of Lucia’s powers allows her to see through the 4th wall.

My second problem is the ending. I believe that somewhere during the writing process, someone told R7 to drag his route out a bit longer, because Kotarou’s change in character and his sudden stupidity came out of nowhere, and didn’t help the story at all. All it did was drag out the conclusion. It felt like a cheap way to make a half-hour long scene extend to ~1 hour long scene (on auto-mode.)


It is poorly executed, and is only thrown in there to confuse readers. It’s a habit he’s taken from Umineko, where it makes a lot more sense in that context, but feels kinda out of place here. But I guess, I was seasoned enough with his style to not be confused by it when I was reading Lucia’s route. I’m sure the same can’t be said for others, though.

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I remember that when I was reading it, I was starting to be a bit suspicious of Lucia’s behavior, until that scene. Then when it was revealed that they were the same person I was like “But there was a scene totally contradicting this conclusion not long ago!” Put the scene into the Umineko universe and it could work, but this isn’t Umineko.

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Lucia is also my favorite route, and I think it was quite well written. I especially loved the mystery that was happening in the first half. Pretty exciting, and the hints sometimes steer you away from realizing who Asahi Haruka really was. I guess, as pointed out earlier, that is totally Ryukishi’s writing style at work haha. Love it or hate it; I guess I’m pretty neutral towards it.

And then the date. OH DEAR LORD THE DATE. It gave me diabeetus. I loved every second of it. That, everyone, is the right way to make a tsundere. One that will go dere once she is aware of her feelings. All the other crappy tsunderes remain bitchy even after becoming self-aware of their emotions.

And finally, the final part. Really intense psychological abuse on Lucia, the way they got her to do those things after all that has happened. But I loved the final battle scene. All throughout, my mind was screaming “JUST SAY YOU LOVE HER GODDAMNIT KOTAROU!!!” and when he did the tears started pouring out. Man I remember that scene quite vividly as my room was dark (sun was just about to finish setting), I was wrapped in a towel (because I was sick back then) and wiping my tears away with said towel.So yeah, while it was quite obvious what needed to happen, I think that heavy buildup before it happening was what made it have a greater emotional impact on me.

Ending is really sweet too~ Gives them a chance to live a new life. Kind of reminds me of the Akane ending as well


Oh my goodness the date. I’m usually pretty resistant to stuff like that, but I was giggling like a schoolgirl reading that part. He does it so well! I usually hate tsunderes, but this route does the tsundere archetype justice. You’re so right. Made Lucia go from least-liked character to most-liked.


Yeah, I think that’s a good explanation of why I said Lucia was my least favorite during common route, but favorite by the end. I wasn’t expecting a Tsundere that was actually accepting of their feelings, and it explained some of her Tsun-tendencies very well. Common route Lucia and Route Lucia were probably written by different people too, so that might be a contributing factor.

It had the opposite effect on me. Kotarou changes his whole body to accept Lucia (and actually need Lucia to keep living) and then spends an hour not telling her that and asking “WHAT DO I DO? BLAAAARGH.” Annoying…

I loved Lucia’s route as well.
It had everything I could imagine: mystery, romance, action, and all the anti bioethical stuff they practiced on her. I remember during the date when Kotarou said: “Stop, Lucia, my nose is gonna bleed”, and I was like: Shut up! My nose is going to bleed! Lucia is really an awesome character.
Still, at the end she started to behave like a selfish brat, which I hated. And Kotarou was an idiot too; it was like really obvious what she wanted him to say and still he didn’t get it.

I didn’t understand something. When they were at the copy machine and the mysterious letter appeared, first there was a phrase, and then suddenly other phrase appeared, and even Lucia didn’t know what the hell.Why did that happen?

That along with the scene where Haruka speaks to Lucia in her apartment are examples of Ryuukishi’s special style that everyone is talking about, even though the narration is third person it’s unreliable or flat out lying at times.

Would mind elaborating on why you say Lucia is acting selfishly?

A style that doesn’t make sense unless Lucia is aware of the audience. It’s easy to be confused by it.
And yeah, she was acting pretty selfishly at the end. From the whole “I’ll be the Key” stuff through to the shopping center scene.

She didn’t mind killing the whole Kazamatsuri City. How wasn’t that selfish?
I understand she was physically and psychologically abused (and brainwashed), but she knew what she was doing was wrong and still did it. And at the end, she even was willing to kill the love of her life because he wouldn’t tell her how much he loved her. Lucia was being too self-centered.

Yeah, that much is true. But that selfishness, I feel, is what gave her a touch of humanity. All the other characters had their own bouts of selfishness well… except Shizuru

Then again… killing everyone in town did seem like a bit too much -_-

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Kazamatsuri was going to be destroyed no matter what Lucia did so really she just chose to live a few extra hours, then the part about becoming the key is a different issue. Lucia’s personality doesn’t allow her to exist without a purpose, so throughout her life she has played with the cards she was dealt. After the poison triggered her option for a purpose would be “save the world by destroying the key” or “destroy the world as the key” I guess; initially she chose the first one then Kotarou says something that changes her mind, now I’m not very good at this kind of analysis but doesn’t that choice go along with her personality?

Asaki Risa’s performance as Lucia was the one that impressed me the most in Rewrite, of course Saito Chiwa and many others did an awesome job but I expect them to; I had never heard this woman’s voice before but, for lack of a better term, she tears shit up. Hope this link works.She has such a broad range and manages to put so many different emotions into her lines it blows my mind that she has such short résumé.