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the bromance is strong with these ones.

I just can’t get enough of watching Kotarou trolling Yoshino.

any chance of Joujiro x Yusa?

I know this is late, but for the Yui x Hinata ship did have somewhat of a build up. All the times they caught together. In Ichiban no Takaramono, the Yui version, it specifically says for the translated words on a line “If we see each other’s face, we always fight. That’s a good memory too.” Which can relate to them since they always fought and argued over the dumbest things.
Also, my ships
Kotarou x Saya
Kotarou x Misuzu
Kotarou x Rin
Masato x Haruka (LOL, the scene where she got hit in the head by a can from Masato, and the fact that the can was suppose to hit the “girl” of Masato’s dream).
Kengo x Kanata
Kyousuke x Yusa
Yu x Kyou
Harmonia MC x Harmonia girl MC
and my all time favorite !
Hinata x Shizuru :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Misuzu and Fuko would be great friends.
  • Okazaki x Nagisa is my fav canon,
    (but for a long time I thought Tomoyo was the ideal counterpart)
  • Sunohara x Nobody… can’t think of anyone!
  • Kotarou x Kotori, there’s love (although Akane is a good pair too, both intelligents)
  • Ayu x Nayuki (Shiori is OK too, but it seems few likes her ;_:wink:
  • Rin x Aya (yes, I’ve said it)
  • Akio x Sanae (I just love them)
  • Misae x clannad spoiler
  • Ryö x Kappei
  • kyousuke x Nagisa (really)
  • Rie x Sugisaka
  • Botan x Potato :slight_smile:

Regarding the other VN and animes… I’m ok with “canon” couples.

Yeah Kyousuke and Yuri make a perfect team. They would be unstoppable!

nice XD
Kud size x10 = masato, perfect

and about the figure, yeah. Key’s male MCs has no figures at all. couldn’t find any.

What do you mean caused? It’s only ever existed on Kaza, hasn’t it?

Methinks it spread quite a bit because of that april fool’s stint of ours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

oh no i feel even more responsibility… me and link basically haven’t started ._.


Tomoya x Kyou

Absolutely no explanation as to why, but Kyou is what made me enjoy Clannad in the first place. Have yet to play the VN though,

Yuri X Otonashi

Should’ve happened in AB! no excuses.


Riki x Kurugaya because of That post Refrain true route.

Although Riki x Mio is too cute to pass up.

People are mostly talking about romantic and friendship pairings here, but I think there are some more opposing relations that can be talked about. I was thinking about LB with the adversity between Kengo and Kyousuke during Refrain, where Kyousuke is still trying to help Riki grow, but Kengo wants to try to protect them in the dream world forever. They’re both so dedicated to what they think is best for Riki and Rin that their relationship is beautiful, in a twisted sort of way. They both just want Riki and Rin to be happy, and this relationship really builds up to the boy’s farewell.


Having not played the VNs, choosing pairings I like is pretty easy because the anime pick a specific route and go with it.

That said, the only pairing I like from Clannad is Tomoya x Nagisa, and I just can’t bring myself to like or even want to think about any other pairing with Tomoya. This ship is so important to me.

For Kanon I like Yuuichi x Ayu and Yuuichi x Shiori. Mai is my favorite girl but I like her to be just friends with Yuuichi.

For Air, the only pairing I ever really thought made sense was Yukito x Misuzu, but no pairing with Yukito ever really made complete sense to me because Yukito seemed so distant from all the girls in the anime.

For Little Busters!, I don’t have an OTP. I was focusing on the friendship of Little Busters! more than anything else.
However, I did ship Riki x Rin since the beginning of the anime, so I was happy they took that direction, even though I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would.
Kyousuke x Komari is definitely great.

For Angel Beats!, I like Hinata x anybody and Otonashi x Kanade. For some reason, I also entertain thoughts of Noda x Shiida because they are both ridiculous in their own ways and I can’t actually see them together at all.

So, I guess I just like the “canon” ships for the most part.

But… but Tomoyo After ;_;

inb4 (Little Busters spoilers) Riki x Kurugaya is the real canon

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I think I’ve read in some of your other posts that Tomoyo x Tomoya is your favorite, right? If I were to choose any other pairing for Tomoya, it would definitely be Tomoyo, but I don’t think I’d ever play Tomoyo After even if I got the chance.

Hence, “for the most part”; not all the ships I like are canon. Still, in the anime, Rin x Riki is most canon. At least, that’s how it seemed to me.

Yeah it is. No other couple managed to convince me of their love for one another quite as much as the two of them did. (Tomoyo After Spoilers) Tomoyo making Tomoya fall for her all over again in just a week’s time was just beautiful. That was the moment I went, ah yes, they can stand up to Kanako’s doubts of just how ‘eternal’ their love actually is.

Does that really count as canon? I thought that was more of an alternate universe. If it is canon though that would mean Tomoyo’s route has to be canon in Clannad as TA is a sequel. If that’s the case why can’t Kotomi’s or Kyou’s be canon? I just consider any route in a VN to be canon (not bad ends).

I’m like @Rippleshadow though. In Key’s case I prefer the “main heroine” pairing. There are some that aren’t but I guess I’d go:
Yuicihi and Mai
Yukito and Misuzu
Tomoya and Nagisa
Riki and Rin
Otonoshi and Yuri
Kotarou and Kotori

Wasn’t trying to make that point. Personally I’d consider After Story the closest thing to a CLANNAD canon ending that exists, not that it matters much to me.

It was in response to this part in particular:

B-b-but… why??? :frowning:

Why wouldnt it be canon? I dont think it really has anything to do with canon/not canon. Besides, part of the point of Clannad is that all the routes did indeed happen, otherwise the orbs of light part wouldnt work.

My point was why specifically point out Tomoyo After and not just Tomoyo’s route:

I misread his statement though.

It’s hard to explain…
It’s tragic backstory time! (not really tragic)
When I was 14, I watched Angel Beats! for the first time, and I really liked it, but not the way I like it now. It didn’t make me cry or feel particularly emotional or whatever (I used to be extremely stoic). A few months later, I stumbled across Clannad because some people suggested it for people who liked Angel Beats!, tried watching the first episode, and decided it wasn’t for me.
Anyway, the next half a year was probably the worst time of my life (for stupid reasons, but I was really depressed and I had a really bleak outlook on life). That’s when I rewatched AB! and I saw it in a totally different light. I appreciated the emotional aspects of it. So I decided to try watching Clannad again, which was probably the best decision I’ve ever made.
It was spring break, so I binge watched all of Clannad and Clannad Afterstory in a few days. At first I was skeptical, Fuko’s arc didn’t really affect me. However, Kotomi’s arc made me shed tears, and it was probably the first time I shed tears because of anything I’d read or seen. By the end of Afterstory, I was just… I dunno. I loved it so much, I rewatched it all again. And for some reason, the show was just so touching, I suddenly felt happy again. Here are my exact words that I posted on another forum I used to frequent: “Last of all, I’m…depression-free 030
I’ve actually been freed of my depression for a few weeks, but I wanted to wait a while before I said anything :stuck_out_tongue:
On the first day of spring break I had this really sudden urge to watch Clannad. Because I was told it was even sadder than Angel Beats! which I kinda found hard to believe.
Anyways, I watched both seasons in about 3 days. And Clannad Afterstory just inspired me so much and it made me realize that I can still be happy. It’s…difficult to explain.
So yeah. I’m still lazy and stressed, but I’m not weighed down anymore.”

You’re probably wondering what the point of this is. Basically, Clannad Afterstory made me see the world in a different way. To this day, I still haven’t rewatched Clannad, even though it’s been over 2 years. Clannad is this sacred thing in my mind, and Nagisa x Tomoya was essential for me to become who I am today.
So, I can see the value in ships like Tomoyo x Tomoya. I get that other people like diversity, shipping Tomoya with more than just Nagisa. That’s fine, but it’s not something I can ever do. I can’t mess with the Clannad that I knew.


That’s a shame. It’s my favorite Key VN… Although Nagisa is one of my least favorite Key characters.

Well that was one of the big plot points of her route, and it’s the main theme of Tomoyo After.

It can be considered canon depending on how you interpret the ending. It fits with the structure of Clannad, so it’s events can be seen as canon.

They are all canon. That’s how Clannad works.

I don’t think I like any of the main heroines in Key VNs really.

The starting episodes of her arc really surprised a lot of the people watching.