A list of all AIR Visual Novel patches and how to install them!

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Note: There are two different english translations. If you want to learn the differences between the two, you can go to our page about Air.

Standard Edition English patch + Voice Patch - By Winter Confetti
How to install Winter Confetti’s English patch on Air Memorial Edition - By Takafumi
18+ patch for Air Memorial Edition
All Ages patch for Winter Confetti’s English translation - By Takafumi
Standard Edition English patch - By Gao Gao Translations.

If you find any errors with any of my patches, post them here! If you have problems with the patches by Winter Confetti or Gao Gao Translations, reporting it to their respective websites would probably be more helpful than reporting it here.


Big thanks for this, Taka! :smiley:

Thanks Taka. :smile:

It was fun to do~
Hopefully this makes it easier for all those who got the Memorial Box and want to participate in the Air Bookclub!

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Wow, big thanks for this. I don’t plan on playing Air soon since I’m kinda busy now, but I’m sure this is going to be useful :slight_smile:

Ahh, the elusive Air book club. When it eventually happens I’ll build a shrine in honor of your noble efforts.

Thanks a lot for doing this, though. Seriously, you the best.


Trying to install this now on memorial edition and I can’'t seem to download the files hosted on google drive ;_;

Try these:
All Ages Patch:

18+ Patch:

It’s odd Google wouldn’t let me download the files either, but it would let me use cloud convert on them, to convert them and then download the files

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Really? Huh, that’s kind of silly…
Thanks for the Mega mirrors though!

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Alright thanks guys :smiley: Anyway just applied the patches to my memorial edition and works just fine~ Will let you know if I encounter any bugs or the like as I play.

Thanks @Takafumi and @timmy112!


I’m curious how this all-ages patch for the Winter Confetti translation is meant to work. All I have is SEEN.TXT, but your patch includes a bunch of numbered SEENs (SEEN0190.TXT, etc). They’re not replacing any pre-existing files. Are you sure it will work?

Reallive prioritizes files named seenxxxx.txt.
It’ll follow the main seen.txt’s script until a scene ends and seen.txt says “go to seen0200” it’ll first look for a seen0200.txt, and if one doesn’t exist it’ll look inside the seen.txt file for that seen.

So just throw them in the same folder as reallive.exe and seen.txt, and it’ll work perfectly. If you ever want the H-scenes back you can just remove the numbered seen.txt files.

Just make sure you don’t save during the night-time activities in Kano’s route, or when Yukito pretends to be a cat.

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@Takafumi, the links for “18+ patch for Air Memorial Edition” and “All Ages patch for Winter Confetti’s English translation” are currently down. Would it be possible to re-upload them? Thanks in advance!

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Huh, wonder why they got taken down…
I replaced the links with some Google Drive ones. They usually survive~ Sorry for the inconvenience!

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@Takafumi Thanks again! I could download the all ages patch, but it says “You need permission” to access the 18+ patch for Air Memorial Edition, even when I’ve logged in to my Gmail account. You might need to change permission access I think.

Oh, whoops. Must’a forgotten to share it.