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So apparently the hacker who worked on this disappeared, so Sheeta has no way of creating a Memorial Edition patch even if she wanted to. Unfortunate.

I don’t suppose there’s any known method of making this patch work for Memorial Edition version of the game, is there?

We could test out the theory that this method works on the other Reallive ME games. I don’t have any ME copies though ;~;

I just tried it out. It runs and translates images fine it seems, but all of the text displays as “Error: unable to format text” over and over.

Are you using the ME version of Reallive, or the original? o.o You should be using the version of Reallive for Air. You might need to copy over the original’s file too.

Yep, using that version. Copied over the map file too. It’s not working.

How to play Air Memorial Edition in English

Step 1: Install Air Memorial Edition
Step 2: Download the English Patch from HERE and when it finishes downloading, run it.
Step 3: Install the English Patch to a new folder.
You should now have an Air installation folder, and an English patch folder

Step 4: Select everything in the English Patch folder, and drag the files into the Air installation folder. If it asks to replace files, say yes.
Step 5: Run REALLIVE.EXE. It should open up Air. (You may get a few error messages. If you do, download this and extract it to your Air installation folder.) Your game should now run in English!

This method will leave in the text from H-Scenes but not the images from the scenes. To enable the 18+ content, or to remove it entirely, go HERE


Bravo, Takafumi.

That is pretty disappointing, as I was genuinely looking forward to it :frowning:

Actually… The kanon patch that I played effectively did this. The only issue with this (and I assume it will also happen with this strategy) is that when you reach CGs that are not available in ME (i.e. HCGs) you will probably see an error message pop up, which you could simply ignore and read the H-scene text on a black background.

The guy who made the Kanon patch that I played was nice enough to override some SEEN files such that those scenes would be totally skipped, and thus making the game playable with no error message. I wonder if that is something that we could do in the future somehow.

Curious question, but where did you get that file? Did you make it yourself, or did somebody else make it? If so, who made it and where?

Ah, I made that myself. It’s just some missing files from the original Air. I only tested up until after the Opening movie, so there could be more missing files. I could add the missing CGs to it too if need be~
Unfortunately RLDev doesn’t work on my computer so I can’t change the SEEN file, however that was a reeeaally nice feature of the Kanon patch~ It’d be an easy fix I imagine. Just compare the SE and ME SEEN files around the area where the H-Scenes would be, and edit it as needed.

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I’m seriously interested in making this idea into fruition. Any other takers?

I guess things to do:

  1. Get RLDev working and see if editing the SEEN files work
  2. Compare Japanese text of both ME and SE, then figure out which lines to cut, and attempt to translate any additional lines
  3. Testing to make sure it doesn’t blow things up
  4. Of course, request permission to modify Winter Confetti’s translation

Oh wow, you got it working! I think I went about it wrong, just dragging files from the already-translated standard edition into the ME folder. I didn’t realise I could install the patch to a dummy folder, I thought it had to be applied to the game folder to work. My mistake!
Based Takafumi saves the day yet again.

Hey Takafumi thanks so much for this install guide!

Now I know I’m being super paranoid, but when I download the english patch it seems to include the Air Standard Edition. I followed your instructions and replaced all the files in the Memorial Edition with the English Patch ones and when I open the game it says “Air Standard Edition”. Should it still say Memorial Edition? Or will it still have the H-scenes removed even though it says standard edition? Thanks!

You’re essentially converting the game to Standard Edition, so my understanding is that means it’s working.

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It should say Standard Edition after the patch is applied.
The text from the H-scenes stays, but the HCGs are gone.
If you want to completely remove H-scenes, or add the HCGs back into the game, check out A list of all AIR Visual Novel patches and how to install them!

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Oh right I think I’ve already done that, it’s just downloading and adding those .txt files, right?

Yup. It should be fine from there~

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Perfect, thanks so much!

If you’re very particular like me and want to change the title bar to “Memorial Edition,” then you can open the GAMEEXE.INI file and rename it to Memorial Edition. That’d invalidate your other save files, though!

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I’m not overly particular I just want to play the all ages version.

Also, quick question but does anyone know I play full screen? I’ve just got the menu with ‘new game’ ‘load game’ ‘extras’ and some other things but no ‘options’ or fullscreen option anywhere I can see.

Are you telling me I can rename it to “AIR XTREME EDITION”???