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General discussion topic for CLANNAD Side Stories: Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de. Let us know what you think of the work as a whole here!

You may discuss the entirety of the original CLANNAD and this release freely, but please mark references to outside works with the [spoiler] tag. You can purchase the title on Steam below.

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Just bought my copy.
A little pricey for side stories. But my money is slapped all over anything with Clannad on it, so I’m not really bothered.

Probably try to get through it next week after my final exam, if not I might sneak some time beforehand to blitz through.

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I just got my copy from Steam and I’ll got the special price for it as soon as it came out. It will probably be awhile before I’ll begin playing it. I got other things on my plate before I can get into it.

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Just finished! I’ll be posting my thoughts on each individual story’s page later, but for now I’ll stick with overall impressions.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I really liked this. I actually feel like it was a pretty decent value for the price tag, especially if you are a fan of the VN (although I have always been more willing to part with my cash than most). It was awkward at first hearing Tomoya voiced but that was easy to get used to, and now I wish he was voiced in the original VN. Most of the stories were lighthearted and heartwarming, but still stayed serious enough to demand respect.

Now I would like to complain about the advancing. I didn’t mind and actually liked how text auto-advanced at its own pace, as the stories took advantage of this to time certain lines with certain parts of songs, which was nice. It was intended to be more like a TV show in this way, and it mostly succeeded at this. Problem is, you can rewind TV shows. I had at least a couple of moments throughout the stories were my mind wandered for a few seconds and I missed a couple of lines, causing me to have to start over at the beginning of the latest chapter so I can see a line that usually ended up being inconsequential. This is just a minor gripe that can’t really negatively impact my view too much though.


I have yet to finish the entirety of the Side Stories, but so far this is bugging me a whole lot. While there are these lines that I wish I could reread or just come back to in order to take a screenshot, the thing I’m hating the most is not being able to set my own reading pace. Sometimes I just want to read a part a bit faster, since maybe the sentence has a few words but the voice acting makes it have huge spaces in between.

Yet, so far, this is the only complaint I have, so I guess it’s being quite a decent title. I’ll probably update this post once I properly finish all the episodes.

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It is a valid one, but I’m not sure the blame rests on Sekai Project. Drama CDs would actually be better since at least you can rewind those.

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