CLANNAD -Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de- Episode 11 Discussion

Discussion topic for CLANNAD -Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de- Episode 11: Predestined four years before, narrated by Kappei Hiiragi and Ryou Fujibayashi, as written by Kai. For general discussion of Kappei’s or Ryou’s characters, please visit their character discussion topics: Kappei, Ryou.

Spoilers for the vanilla CLANNAD are permitted, but please tag references to other Side Stories with the [spoiler] tag, providing adequate context in parenthesis.

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Looks like this one is set at some point during the timeskip of Kappei’s route. Hey, Ryou has Tarot cards in this timeline… Wait, is this a Kyou route sequel?? …maybe I’m looking into this too much, ahaha.

Oh wow, these side story characters are great. Fuyuki best girl! This is actually a really good side story. We get to see a… Deeper side to Kappei’s psyche that we didn’t see that much of in his route. He talks about his old fear of loving others, and how being abandoned by his parents influenced that. This is really interesting writing. Orphans are a topic Key doesn’t write enough about. Not bad at all! 4/5.

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That was…not well translated in places.
For people who don’t want to look it up, Hiiragi is written as 柊, and Fuyuki is written as 冬木. Switching the two kanji in Fuyuki gives 木冬 which is the same as symbols as the single kanji in Hiiragi.

Perhaps it’s because I liked Kappei’s route so much, but this is another one of those ‘better’ side stories for me.

Since writing an after story for Kappei would be too much work, this story focuses on a piece of Kappei’s past instead, from the days when running was his entire life. Apparently he outran a classmate by accident, and she became obsessed with outrunning him that she ended up falling for him. Kappei learns a very important lesson from this experience: that your future isn’t necessarily determined by your past, especially if other people are involved.

From this experience, we as readers understand a little deeper into Kappei’s decision to take up a new reason to live despite his crippled state. What I liked about Kappei’s route was that it portrayed him like a good friend that I could casually talk to every now and then, and this story takes another small step to make his situation even more relatable. So it works as an extension of Kappei’s overarching story, rather than diving into something we already know or don’t care about.

It doesn’t stop me from wanting to see a Kappei after story, though… ._.

I really liked the switching of perspectives in this side story.

Also gave some nice insight into Kappei before meeting Ryou. And Ryou’s right, without Fuyuki, Kappei probably wouldn’t have been able to fall in love with Ryou in the first place. And him wanting to have the rehab done as fast as possible to support Ryou himself is also really sweet.