CLANNAD -Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de- Episode 12 Discussion

Discussion topic for CLANNAD -Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de- Episode 12: The memory between the two of us, narrated by Misae Sagara as written by Jun Maeda. For general discussion of Misae’s character, please visit her character discussion topic.

Spoilers for the vanilla CLANNAD are permitted, but please tag references to other Side Stories with the [spoiler] tag, providing adequate context in parenthesis.

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We finally get to see the history between Misae and Yoshino! What a great topic for a side story, I’d always wondered about their past interactions Looks like this is after Misae already became student council president. Ahh Yoshino, still awesome as ever. Definitely more of a rebel in his youth; already a rockstar in training.

Aw man, this was a cute one. It’s great to see Yoshino had terrible tact when he was younger, but in the end he was even able to deeply touch Misae through his song. It’s great to see more of Misae’s coping with her loss, this really fit what I was after. A good mix of funny moments and emotional moments.

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I actually played this route before the baseball route, so when I went through that to prep for episodes 14 and 15 I was really able to enjoy their shock at each other’s presence knowing their relationship.

Something that we were told about but never really got to see first hand until now; Yoshino was kind of an asshole. Like we already knew that his music was all he really cared about until he met Ibuki but I guess that didn’t completely register for me. Well in true Yoshino fashion he comes through in the end.

I enjoyed this Side Story a lot.

While really out of the ordinary happens, we get to see Misae and Yoshino’s more or less daily school life, which is interesting enough. Yoshino is depicted as a wild and free rockstar that just loves singing whatever, but he ultimately comprehends the meaning behind all the songs and tries to convey some kind of feeling into his audience.

The fact that Yoshino was a bit tactless reminds me of Tomoya, which makes me think that he saw himself reflected on Tomoya when he met him and when they worked together and that is what allowed them to get along so well.

Keyphrase: kind of. Yoshino definitely showed that he cared about other people, even if the final song was organised by Misae’s friends, Yoshino tried to cheer her up with that rock song before the festival. Even if he didn’t even get close to conforting her, I bet he did it with his best intentions, which is what counts.

Anyway, great Side Story, though not good enough to get a 5 from me.

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I already knew Yusuke Yoshino was amazing, but I didn’t think he was this amazing in his youth.

The focus of this episode is on Misae’s younger self after Shima disappears from her life. She’s become a hardened but responsible student council president in the aftermath of that strange but sad incident. Her target this time around: the brash, attractive and popular delinquent rocker Yusuke Yoshino. Apparently the Founder’s Festival is coming up, and she’s set to ensure Yoshino abides by the festival’s rules.

In finding him a club to attend and forcing him to abide by the rules, her emotions start to get the better of her at times. Apparently she hasn’t gotten over Shima’s disappearance, and while she admits Yoshino isn’t a good replacement for him, she can’t help but wonder how he knew about it all. Perhaps the best thing about this story is how silly Yoshino’s antics are, and also how considerate he can be sometimes. Even though he didn’t consider himself a good person in hindsight, it’s surprising to see how much his past self reflected into the person we see in CLANNAD. That seems to be a common theme of Misae’s story in general: even though people think back on themselves as more or less innocent than they are now, on the exterior it’s hard to see much difference. People change in small but significant ways that aren’t immediately apparent to others, and that same sort of theme seems to resonate with this story a bit.

Too bad Yoshino had to fall in love with Kouko… ._.

And daaaaaarlin’, daaarlin’, stand by me, oh now now stand by me
Stand by me, stand by me :love: :love: :love:

Good side story, wish there was a bit more though… Doesn’t really resonate too much with me.

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Oh yes, I like this one a lot, another that could easily have been slotted into the main story and would help to fill out Misae’s route with more depth. Yoshino really was pretty exasperating in his school days, but at the same time just has a very idiosyncratic way of only showing what he is really feeling through music - a true artist!

And the biggest feels of any side story yet as we see Misae’s reaction to “Stand by Me”.

This is definitely one of my favorite side stories. It’s been a while so I don’t remember much, but the CG of Yoshino singing with Misae’s buddies in the background is just great. Makes me wish that scene was animated

Yes, this is definitely a nice side story.

I don’t have much to say but, it’s interesting to see Yoshino in his youth and his dynamic with Misae. There’s not much noteworthy with their interactions, but I still laugh for the most part, it didn’t fail to entertain me at least.

And of course, that part with Yoshino’s song definitely made me emotional, and Yuki and Saki being the awesomest background characters as always.

For me, this is such a bittersweet side story. It’s nice to see how Misae deals with the disappearance of Shima and the effects to her.

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