CLANNAD -Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de- Episode 03 Discussion

Discussion topic for CLANNAD -Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de- Episode 03: Male Friend, told by Kyou Fujibayashi as written by Kai. For general character discussion of Kyou, please visit her character discussion topic.

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We finally get to learn when Kyou first developed feelings for Tomoya in second year! There was a lot of significant character development in this episode, especially with how her relationship with Tomoya and Sunohara began. It’s nice to see things from Kyou’s perspective for once. Also interesting to see how Kyou came to use her dictionary.

I imagine that if Kyou never met Tomoya and Sunohara, she’d probably end up being a perfectly diligent student just like everyone else. Through that relationship and their idiocy, she was able to continue enjoying her life as a student. I’m sure they’re the reason for her violent side; without them she wouldn’t have any reason to be violent towards anyone. Interesting to think how much of an impact they’ve had on her personality.


I loved this episode, though I won’t give it a 5 since it didn’t quite reach After Story or Refrain, soooo…

I really wanted to see more from Kyou in this Side Stories. Her route was great in my opinión, but I still wanted to know how all her feelings began, since in CLANNAD we are just told that she loves Tomoya but wants to leave him to Ryou.

Therefore, seeing not only how she develops her feelings towards Tomoya, but also hearing her thoughts on the Male-Female friendship concept was interesting. This also gave Kyou some carácter development.

I also enjoyed how in this episode Ryou practically out of the picture and what we saw was just Kyou’s actions. Perhaps the fact that the episode was told from her perspective helped achieve this sense of Kyou being a unique character with unique thoughts (even though one might classify them as a bit Tsundere-cliché).

Overall, I really enjoyed it. It was a very pleasant and refresing read.

This episode was pretty good.

It was kinda hilarious that Kyou got Sunohara’s name wrong. The whole time, you’re thinking “Haruhara”? Who’s that?

I liked seeing how the relationship between Tomoya and Kyou began. Actually, if Nagisa didn’t come into the picture, it’s very likely that the two of them would have gotten together. Guess bad luck for Kyou. But, it’s an interesting friendship that they develop and probably the reason why Kyou is able to express her real self.

I found it weird that Ryou would chase Tomoya later on eventhough she knew Kyou already had feelings for him. In fact, Ryou was already doing KyouxTomoya shipping in the *ahem bath scene . So with one inconsistency out of the way, it was a good read.

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My experience reading this episode was kind of spotty. I absolutely admire Goto-P’s artwork in this episode, but I had to skip half the bath scene because it was making me uncomfortable. I shouldn’t have missed enough to impact my opinion on this episode, though.

I feel like half the reason it was hard for me to understand Kyou as a character in CLANNAD was because I didn’t know what things were like in her eyes. For that, I’m grateful that this chapter makes Kyou the focal character, making it much easier to understand where she’s coming from. In this story, Kyou is coming to terms with why she can’t be friends with boys her age. She tries her best to convince herself that she doesn’t like men because they think they have to be lovers with her in order to be together. For that reason, she uses her anger to distance herself from them.

Then she starts developing feelings for Tomoya, and that’s when things start getting complicated for her. To make matters worse, while talking about it with Ryou, Kyou receives a fortune from her saying that someone will confess to a wonderful person the next day. Since Ryou’s fortunes never come true, this obviously never happens, but Kyou still holds on to the hope that it could happen. For the moment, however, she intends to play things safe until the right moment, staying friends until the day someone wonderful does confess to her.

I thought this route worked well as a supplementary for Kyou’s route, something to help justify her behavior in CLANNAD’s common and her route. Unlike the previous chapter, though, it’s interesting and enjoyable to read, which is a nice bonus. If I could expect this from the rest of these short stories, it’d make the whole experience pretty nice. We’ll just have to wait and see… :slight_smile:

Another story that was mostly integrated into the CLANNAD anime. This was a pretty fun one. It’s pretty tropey tsundere stuff, but it makes sense, and it really helps understand Kyou better, especially in the common route.

I felt so bad for her when Sunohara pranked her. He’s way too good at picking up on stuff when you really don’t want him to :smile:


This was enjoyable. I preferred the way the anime went about this same story, but like @Aspirety said, it was interesting seeing a story told from Kyou’s perspective. Discovering that she had a bad experience with love in her first year helps elaborate why she’s so hesitant to come forward to Tomoya in their third year. It’s also interesting to see Ryou totally at ease in her conversation with Kyou in the bath. I liked the dynamic that scene presented.

It’s interesting, though. Ultimately, Kyou resolves to take things slow with Tomoya, but when she decides to set Ryou and Tomoya up, she rushes through the important step of getting to know each other in an attempt to hide her own feelings on the subject. Quite the irony there…

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I absolutely loved this episode! Kai really knows how to get you to empathize with the characters that he writes. Seeing everything from Kyou’s perspective just opens your eyes to her personality. That cheerful, albeit a bit shy; strong-willed, but scared to lose side of her that we never really got to see in the VN nor in the anime. And we even got a little bit of character development! I felt it would have been better if the final monologue pointing out that development wasn’t there, but it didn’t ruin it or anything.

One little nuance I picked up is that the intro really connected why Kyou was being, well, so hesitant in her route. She experienced, first-hand, what taking the first step into a romantic relationship can do to friendships; and she didn’t want to risk losing her own friendship with Tomoya. But she still has a hard time denying her own feelings. Kind of fun to see, but at the same time, quite sad… But yeah, I think knowing this info will make me appreciate her route even more, the next time I decide to read it.


Or ‘When Kyou met Tomoya’ or “Men and women can’t be friends”.

I enjoyed this, it’s a good revelation to hear things from Kyou’s POV going back in the past. I could imagine it being inserted into the main Clannad Kyou route as a background flashback ]as it gives more insight and context into her feelings towards the end of that route as her true feelings are revealed.

The artwork has a neat slightly dreamy soft focus effect almost as a counterpoint to the aggressive side of Kyou that we see much more of in the main story. The bath scene, thankfully fairly tastefully done does show how comfortable the twins are with each other.

And yes, the way she talks about the infamous dictionary as projectile does make me think that Haruhara, sorry Sunohara’s prank may have been the catalyst for her aggression.

I really like this episode, one of the reasons probably is because Kyou is my favorite heroine in Clannad, so this story made me love and appreciate her more.

It was fun to read in Kyou’s perspective and I was able to get to know her character more and it’s great to see a different side of her personality before she got closer to Tomoya and Haruhara. It gave me more idea to her actions, reasons and struggles towards her relationship with Tomoya, which I was able to empathize with. It’s nice, because I already understand her actions on her route, and this episode expands it more which I really love.

It was kind of exhausting to read the part when Haruhara prank her, it’s because I really feel sorry for her, knowing that this is a bad joke. Even though she knows Ryou’s fortune telling is not always accurate, she still has this anticipation. Reading her thoughts and seeing her wait for nothing makes me sad. And that’s how the tale of throwing dictionary was born.

Overall, I really like how Kai was able to write Kyou in a way that I can connect with. Kyou’s thoughts and actions felt natural for me. And very nice to see how the Kyou, Tomoya and Haruhara relationship was develop. This episode satisfies me as a Kyou fan.

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