CLANNAD -Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de- Episode 10 Discussion

Discussion topic for CLANNAD -Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de- Episode 10: The spell’s secret, narrated by Yukine Miyazawa as written by Jun Maeda. For general discussion of Yukine’s character, please visit her character discussion topic.

Spoilers for the vanilla CLANNAD are permitted, but please tag references to other Side Stories with the [spoiler] tag, providing adequate context in parenthesis.

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Looks like this one is set during Yukine’s route, before they started going out. At least this one is kinda cute and funny. We get to see Yukine finally get put through the spells she’s been dealing out to everyone, with some interesting results. As Tomoya comments, “They’re scary because they always come true.” Nothing can stop the power of her spells!

Whoa, this took a sudden dramatic turn. This is actually kind of beautiful… Feels like a story that would’ve felt right at place in the middle of her route, but they thought of it too late. I really dig this one. A bit of supernatural flavour, complimented well by our introduction to Kazuto in an earlier chapter. I wish we could’ve seen more of this guy. Not even an illustration? Shame.

But yeah, this is definitely one of the better side stories. 4/5.

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Man, I want a Yukine fandisc. ;;

This episode has the same feel as Yukine’s practically perfect route in CLANNAD, with a small twist. Since we got to see what Yukine’s spellbook does in her route, it’s natural to want to see her do some of those tricks. The results we get are interesting and hilarious, plus they make a lot of sense given the context of her route.

I like the idea that Kazuto still hangs around Yukine every once in a while as sort of a lingering presence. I did get the feeling that Tomoya was supposed to act as a replacement Kazuto of sorts, and this story seems to hint that Kazuto pretty much accepts that. Still, like any onii-chan, he’s pretty protective of her, which made that ending scene pretty funny and heartwarming.

Overall, it’s one of the better stories of this compilation, and given that it’s about Yukine, I’m not surprised.

#YukineAfterWhen ._.


It’s my headcanon that Kazuto gathered a few light orbs in his lifetime and used one of them to have Yukine find someone she can rely on. That would explain the magic spells being effective at first and becoming less effective when she gets closer to Tomoya. And given Kazuto’s backstory I wouldn’t be surprised if he did get a light orb or two.

Either way, really nice story.


Why Yukine gotta go be best character and side story like that though?

But err… Yeah… I think this side story, and Akio’s are my 2 favourites so far. Not a huge fan of the rest.

I’ve always been a huge Yukine fan, and from the bookclub her route was one of my favourites. This side story was another one that I really enjoyed. But the thing is I really enjoy the side stories that provide a little extra substance towards the characters we’ve come to know from the VN as opposed to the side stories that exist simply as extra fluff and fanservice just as a bit of fun.

I could read about Reference Room shenanigans all day and never get bored, and it was nice to see a bit of flavour added to her attachment issues to Kazuto since the original route was short lived and bittersweet.

My favourite part of this side story was when Yukine was crying in the sports shed room, and the sad tone is quickly subverted by using Sunohara’s cries of big knocked down by Kyou’s dictionary some distance away, as a parallel to Yukine crying as Tomoya embraces her.

Encapsulates the chemistry between the three of them by staying true to character even during some of the darker moments that they face together. Illustrating that whilst sad, Maeda doesnt always need to have doom and gloom to write a climactic scenario ending.

Basically I’ve come to the conclusion that anything with Yukine in it is automatically 10/10.

Its taken me months to get through these but I’m getting there gradually.


This is my favorite side story so far. It is really touching and beautiful. Yukine is one of my favorite characters.

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This side story as mentioned has all the credentials to have fitted right in with Yukine’s route in the main story. There’s nothing drastically different or new (Sunohara still being a dick and paying for it) but it’s a really compelling little story featuring an adorable character whose route is too often apparently and wrongly considered as a adjunct to the main story. This is one of the few side stories that makes the bundle worthwhile.

Oh for a Yukine spin off series…