CLANNAD -Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de- Episode 07 Discussion

Discussion topic for CLANNAD -Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de- Episode 07: Variou smells, told by Botan as written by Kai.

Spoilers for the vanilla CLANNAD are permitted, but please tag references to other Side Stories with the [spoiler] tag, providing adequate context in parenthesis.

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Omg, a side story narrated by Botan! Amazing! I’m immediately reminded of (AIR) Sora.. Interestingly, I think the art used for this episode was used in the original VN OP. How peculiar.

Kind of horrifying witnessing Kyou’s animal abuse from a first person perspective, watching him drown by Kyou’s orders, ahaha… Wow, Kyou’s mother actually lets Botan walk off in the middle of the day? She clearly doesn’t care about Botan’s safety, aha. And wow, Botan is capable of picking up on Kyou’s relationship with Tomoya? That’s one observant boar!

I guess there’s a nice message here of Botan being able to pick up on the kindness of the townspeople. Makes it feel very tangible, you know?


Am I forgetting or this this story the first appearance of the Fujibayashi mom?

This was definitely one of the more comedy focused episodes. Most of what happened was stuff we already knew about, just from Botan’s perspective. Although I do wish we got to see Ryou “cooking” him. Botan narrating was really weird, but cute.
Oh, and Botan calling everyone Master was fantastic.

Am I forgetting or this this story the first appearance of the Fujibayashi mom?

At least between CLANNAD and Side Stories, yes. She may have been in some manga or something else that I don’t know about though.

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Well, this was unexpected!

Having Botan narrate everything form a boar’s perspective is original. Appart from that not much can be said from this episode. It was pretty standard. A little story was explained and we got to see a bit more from the characters when they aren’t in front of Tomoya.

I found it pretty weird that Botan would drown just because Kyou told him not to move. I mean, I get that Kyou is her “master” and that he loves her, but I thought animals had a stroger common sense than humans…

Also, Botan understood fast that Kyou was in love with Tomoya, and this makes me think that he is a reincarnation of Akiko from Kanon, since both characters seem to be omniscient about everything around them.


This is the least interesting story of the collection so far.

I don’t hate Botan as a character, and I certainly think some interesting things could be done with him as the focus, but there was absolutely nothing spectacular about this story at all. Much of what transpires in this story is full of stuff that I already know from CLANNAD, and what new stuff is in this story feels trivial at best. I don’t mind the message at the end, but still, I question why a story like this was necessary.

Hopefully the next story’s at least a little better.

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Wow, this is very interesting!

I found myself drifting off and surfing the web while reading this one. While it had nice touches, I overall found it pretty boring. What I liked most was that the majority of the story was set in a scene that was actually in CLANNAD, so you could know how it would play out ahead of time. The Nagisa cameo was pretty nice. Other than that, meh.

I think the novelty of Botan as narrator wears a bit thin quickly but the story is OK if not very inspiring. At least we get to see Kyou and the rest of the characters here through a filter different to Tomoya’s…and Akio is gold as ever. Oh and Sanae’s bread finally gets some appreciation!