Angel Beats! - Visual Novel Details & Ongoing Speculation


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“The hype is increasing for Key’s upcoming Visual Novel, the adaptation of Angel Beats! It’s Key’s first time adapting an Anime into a Visual Novel. Do you have high hopes? Please share any details you have about the game, and feel free to speculate on how you think the game will turn out to be! Also be sure to tag spoilers from the Anime with [spoiler].”

Well said, right?

So, seeing as this is both a details and a speculation type of thread, under a ‘discussion’ category… I suppose we should cover all of our bases, no?

First off- The details. What do we know about the Angel Beats! Visual Novel? Let’s sum up what we have so far! If you want to stay in the dark, turn away now. Some spoilery goodness ahead! Hey, it’s how they’re marketing it, not me!

Angel Beats! is being released in an episodic format, with -1st beat-, the first volume, being released June 26th, 2015. Originally they were to release 2 volumes a year, but after a year long delay, that may be changed. Details on future volume releases is more or less unknown aside from this.

First Press Editions of AB1st come with the following:

  • Angel Beats! -1st beat-
  • Million Star, the new Girls Dead Monster single.
  • A Na-Ga special illustration of Kanade.
  • Angel Beats! Piano Arrange Album.
  • Angel Beats! SSS Radio Special Version.
  • SSS Rubber Coaster.
  • Weiβ Schwarz and Chaos TCG Promo Cards.
  • 3 cards for Angel Beats! Operation Wars.
  • SSS Activity Log booklet.

You can view the PV of -1st beat- on the VisualArt’s YouTube here.

Here’s the full OP from the official VisualArt’s YouTube- You can view it with English subtitles here.

Here’s a quick and simple list of things we know are present in the VN and its volumes, or what we’ve been promised. As always, take things with a grain of salt due to this all being translated from Japanese news.


  • It is being written by Jun Maeda, Kai (Clannad), and Leo Kashida (Mio in LB, Tomoyo After), and for the first time, Jun Maeda has full editing control.
  • Otonashi is the protagonist.
  • Otonashi’s personality is said to change depending on the choices the reader makes, altering the script in many ways.
  • The setting and areas are identical to the anime.
  • Routes for every single SSS member. That comes out to 19.
  • New supporting characters are being made by NaGa- They will not, however, be present in the first volume.
  • It appears that the reader will be given 2 choices per day in common.
  • Readers will choose what area they go to and who they speak with via a ‘world map’ of sorts.
  • Each choice the reader makes will cause significant branching. No meaningless decisions.
  • Perspective switches!
  • A route does not always end with obliteration.
  • When you complete a route, you cannot do it again.
  • When a character is obliterated at the end of the route- They will not be present your next playthrough.
  • The Shadow Program can initiate in any route, seeing as it does in the Iwasawa route.


  • New OP, “Heartily Song”, sung by Lia and written and composed by Jun Maeda.
  • New ED, “Subete no owari no hajimari” or roughly, “The Beginning of the End of Everything”, sung by Suzuyu and written by Jun Maeda, composed by Tomohiro Takeshita.
  • The VN will feature a new ED, with “Brave Song” as Yuri’s ED.
  • The VN will be all ages.
  • Otonashi will be voiced ONLY during the aforementioned perspective switches
  • Routes will not all be romance, but it has been hinted that a male romance may be possible.
  • Heaven’s Door content, in some regard, is confirmed (Non-SSS Uniform CGs).


All confirmed routes and their authors (as we know them) are as follows:

-1st beat-: Common (Maeda), Iwasawa (N/A), Yui (N/A), Matsushita (N/A).

Future unknown volumes: Sekine (Maeda), Yuri (Maeda).

Multiple CGs have been released. Information regarding a few of these scenes has been translated. TLs can be found here and here, currently. Looking into getting more.

The CGs themselves are gathered below for your convenience in the best quality I could find.
(Note: Imgur albums may not appear for you- If so, make sure your browser isn’t blocking the script.)

All released character design images can be seen here and below.

A few images have been revealed that beautifully present the Afterlife School setting. They can be seen here and below.

So… What’s left? Ah, yes. Speculation and discussion… So, have at it!
As news rolls in, I will be updating this post.

Various sources of the above information:
Official Site, Dengeki 1, Dengeki 2, Dengeki 3, Dengeki 4, Siliconera, Nonsense TLs, 4Gamer.

If you would like something more along the lines of information across the anime and written works or speculation on what it means for the VN, you can read my (VERY OUTDATED) goliath of an article here.


I am really looking forward to this. Granted I’ve not read any of the Key VNs, or any VNs in general other than an amateur VN called “Yandere-can” (and it’s exactly what it sounds like), but I will buy this in a heart beat (no pun attended).
One of the things I was disappointed with in the anime is how little development most of the characters got. I want to see some back story for Shiina and especially TK; I thought that the “no one knows a thing about his past” idea was great potential for development, but we got none.

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Angel Beats! anime in a nutshell right there. I wrote an enormous article a little ways back covering all of the loose ends and missing pieces of Angel Beats! a little ways back. You may find it interesting. There’s a lot of theory crafting involved. Inexplicable things and stuff.

This sounds like fun. I have my own theories about Angel Beats!, including how I think that Yuri may have committed suicide despite being VERY defensive when the subject came up.

I touch on that a bit as well. ^^ I’m fairly confident in that being the case.

I think one of the most promising things about the Angel Beats! Visual Novel is the amplification of the friendship seen in Little Busters.

Some of the lead characters are part of a group, and will almost always be seen together, while other characters will spend a lot of time alone or in the background. A contrast like that opens up a lot of opportunities. The manga briefly touched on what this could be like.


Angel Beats is without a doubt in the same vein as Little Busters for a few reasons, but I’ll leave that aside for now.

You’ve got a group of people with more or less similar circumstances in how they wound up where they are. It brings them together once they understand that. There’s something more, though, that really screams potential for story telling in general- And that’s the fact that not only do you have this huge group of people, but they also each have their own histories and friendships that we’ve barely seen. The scale is enormous, seeing that you can add Otonashi to the mix to make 3 whole separate relationships for the reader to experience per character.

A few examples of this would be Otonashi and Igarashi (this one was done very well), or Yuri and her family. The anime just lightly touched on these things.

As ‘that guy’, I’ll be the first here to say that I don’t believe this project can live up to the scale it’s promised; the delay is evident of that.

19 routes? Story changing decisions every day? That’s monstrous. I think they need to back the hell up there. Maybe if most of those routes were small, it might be possible… But, 18 or 19 does fit if they plan to do 6 episodes. But even that I find questionable.

Even if they did go through with it, it’d take them nearly a decade to finish! That worries me a lot, because I don’t want to be stuck playing Angel Beats for the next 8 years - I want something new from Key.

Well, what we’ve heard is definitely reason to get hyped, but I just wanted to mention my concern over the scale of the project.


At least it seems that they are releasing it in bits and pieces. Isn’t First Beats supposed to be about Yui, Iwasawa, and Matsushida (or at least confirmed for them)?

Yes? What about it?

I’m not too sure because I am unfamiliar with visual novels, but there might be a few parts that get released some time after the other, each one having a focus on different characters. Once again, I have just about zero experience with visual novels, so I could be dead wrong.

Well that’s more or less already confirmed; each of the six episodes will cover about 3 characters each, unless they change their plans.

Honestly, it could work very well.
The music would take a normal amount of time to finish, the voice acting can largely be done focusing on current chapter main characters, CGs are a lot quicker to make with modern anime styles, and the writing can be done by a bunch of people.
Once the first chapter is out the rest should be quicker to create… If Key are smart anyway…

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I’ve already said before that, while I have my expectations, I personally won’t be hurt at all if they aren’t met. All I want is a completed story. The enormous aspirations are a bonus. If anything happens, we will get our routes and a full story. That, I have no doubt in my mind about.

At any rate, don’t mind my cynicism :stuck_out_tongue:

I really appreciate you taking the time to post this @Bizkitdoh, I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate it. I might do a blog post about it~

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Well, I’m definitely looking forward to it.

What worries me, however, is that it seems like huge VNs aren’t exactly popular nowadays and that cheap, short VNs sell much better. I wouldn’t mind Key taking their time to make AB their greatest masterpiece to date (Since the story and setting are both very unique and have an enormous potential). However, I wouldn’t want them to go bankrupt over it…

Seriously, I don’t want Key to die before I do >_<

One of the things for me is that, while 19 routes is large- They also can be respectably shorter. With a nice amount of common specific situations leading into a route, a short and sweet route such as the Misae scenario wouldn’t be too bad across half of the cast. I don’t really want that to be the case- I want it to be a monster, personally- but it would make a lot of sense.

It being such a beast, however, also allows them a pretty good amount of wiggle room to make the routes as large as they want. Why? The episodic releases. No matter how you cut it- If each volume leaves the reader off hungry for more, and I’m sure they will, people will be starved for that next volume when the time comes.

Edit: At least- I think that may be the idea of it.

Once I read the two characters I have an interest in (C7/TK) I will probably lose most of my interest in the VN. I’ll try and finish it all… but I won’t be as invested in the story.

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That’s why the common route and the overarching story bits have to be stepped up to get you back. :wink:

Sorry to jump back a bit but I have a question.

I thought it was an established Rule that ‘You can not enter the Underworld by Suicide’