Angel Beats! - Visual Novel Details & Ongoing Speculation

It was also thought that Kanade was an Angel, and that there was a God in control. Really the only thing we know about how it works over there is that imagination is powerful and NPCs are NPC-like unless they turn back into normal people…

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fair enough

TL;DR “Key Magic”.

TBH I am most excited for Matsushita route. We already know more or less the backstories of both Yui and Iwasawa from the anime, and while it would be pretty sweet, I think Matsushita, who we know next to nothing about, is more interesting

As far as what a story entails- We don’t really have much for any of them. In terms of scale and character development, all of them are going to grow immensely. Masami has the added bonus of getting some personality and development through the manga series- But there’s no doubt that there’s even more that’s already foreseeable in what we’ve gotten so far. I mean, she got like… 7 minutes of screen time in the anime that actually pertained to her, most of which was a driving force for other overarching things.

Yui- Again, we have something- But it was used as a means to an end. The viewer can now actually bond with these characters. It’s pretty significant.

Yeah. Gotta admit, that whole thing with Hinata confessing his love and the whole ‘This is a baw moment’ didn’t hit me because it came out of goddamn nowhere, and I really didn’t care for Yui that much outside of being the cute punk girl.

Neither did I. I actually thought she was kind of annoying in the beggining of the show. But when the show focused on her backstory I did feel a bit more sympathetic.

Not to get into character discussion- But Yui is simply too much genki, not enough ‘fun’. She also never stops until near the end, really. The interesting aspects of her character fall into two things- Her dreams (basically what we have an idea of already), and her pretty obvious seclusion from both the SSS and the Diversion team. Whether this is because she’s just plain annoying, or something else entirely- Who knows. How clear it is that she’s used as a stepping stone for Hinata’s development and Otonashi’s test dummy for obliteration is pretty lame.

I think learning about her fascination with GDM is something of note, as well as the fact that she is one of the characters that we have no info on in regards to her entering the afterlife.

I did consider that, but seeing her back story and how it effected her as well as how defensive she was made me think that she actually did, but doesn’t want to admit it. I think that she did take her own life because of what happened to her siblings and how she wasn’t able to save them, but she still wasn’t able to rest in peace because of it.
In all honesty, I cannot take full credit for that theory because I didn’t come up with it on my own. I watched the first few eps of Angel Beats! with my cousin, and he was the one to really bring up that possibility.

Music already confirmed to be taken from the anime- However Maeda expressed interest in writing new GDM tracks.

I sort of hope this isn’t the case… I’d like for them to stick to their one group of writers and play it smart, going each route on at a time with Maeda editing to make sure there are no inconsistencies with the overall mood.

I’d completely forgotten about NaGa making new characters~ Added it.
Pretty weird that they won’t be in the first iteration of Common.

Also added specifics on the writers.



(is romance prevalent in every route?)

It’s not. They stated that, ‘not every route will be romantic, exactly’, which could be taken a few ways I suppose.

While I’d actually support a legitimate male romance route, it’s implied that it won’t happen. The same could be said for girls, however. The one interviewer had said, ‘nobody would want to see a Yui x Otonashi relationship, right?’.

That isn’t exactly how I took it, though. Personally, I find that multiple route ends or branches could please everyone- Such as if there was a romantic Yui route, but also a true end that included Yui and Hinata being paired. We’ll have to see, but to answer the question, again, no. Not every route will contain what you would normally consider ‘romance’. IE, Otonashi presses hard for a Yuri romance, but she denies him- Or the route never heads in that direction to begin with and it’s merely a ‘Yuri Nakamura scenario’, similar to some Clannad scenarios.

Putting the discussion into a separate direction though: Would the VN reveal the secrets to the afterlife? If so, will it be in a certain character’s route (most likely Kanade or Yuri)? Or would it be better fitted for a “conclusion” route like in Clannad, LB and Rewrite?

Could go a few different ways, I think. Personally, I think a unique conclusion type route would be best. At the very least, many pieces of the world should come together in routes, as we will be provided with perspective switches. Perspective switches aren’t proof or anything, but I just think it opens the opportunity to both live the lives of those who died through their eyes, as well as witness their journey into the afterlife and see as much of it as possible. Add to this the chance of seeing the full extent of what happens post obliteration or with any other weird aspect of the world, and we could possibly make something out of it.

Or just be shown and have our minds blown via a totally new viewpoint. xP

But, it’s really all about an overarching plot piece that just escapes the viewers grasp, so I think there’s a chance. There are weird things amiss, that’s for sure.

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But that would imply that different characters have some sort of idea (or at least, would be revealed to them later on) about that secret. And honestly, I find it hard to believe that even small parts of the secret would be made known to them

Not sure what “the secret” your talking about is… but I do know that things can easily be revealed through a first person perspective without the actual character realizing it - especially when the reader is able to see things beyond that single perspective of that single route. An example being in Rewite where in various routes they would mention a “druid girl” had been found in the forest. Kotarou doesn’t know what that really means, but the reader does.
Say for example (this is all hypothetical) we discover Yuri jumped. Then we discover Naoi just gave up one day and died, that Noda played an MMO 24/7 and neglected the necessities of life, or that C7 committed Seppuku. That Otonashi gave up his life for others. The reader could piece together that the Afterlife is actually a place for people who committed suicide, without any of the aforementioned characters realizing it.

Anyway, it’s already been implied that quite a few characters know more about the afterlife than they let on, so they could still go full exposition mode very easily.

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Pretty much right on point, there. That’s what I mean by ‘secret’. Something that is actually connecting the characters that isn’t readily apparent that /may/ be the purpose of the world, and I don’t think that idea is off base. I always viewed it as, not just suicide exactly, but a world for people who actually threw their lives away. Dealt a bad hand or not, they chose to not play it, if that makes sense.

I just thought it was interesting because it counters the ‘blame god’ view with the ‘deal with it’ view to an extent. It’s more of a, don’t be selfish, bad things happen, make due with what you have. I think that’s a good message, even it it’d be hard to swallow. It just doesn’t really fit because Otonashi/Kanade, really. Then again, glitches exist. They’re peculiar cases.

Like I said to Taka, it wouldn’t be known to them, it’s just something that they refuse to share with one another because it seems irrelevant but it actually ties them together. Or maybe it’s something they don’t remember at all. It isn’t an idea that they have, but an idea that is formed when you understand what everyone has seen or been through. A linking… Something.

I don’t buy it. We’ve seen Hinata and Otonashi’s cause of death wasn’t suicide, kinda debunks the theory.