Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the member ranks, Shadowhammers! Make yourself at home! :slight_smile:

Welcome! Angel Beats! saikou~ :smile:

Yo welcome ;D! Hope you will love it here :3. About the self-studying, you have my full support! fightoo desuyoo~

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~Welcome, gypsy, to my secret forum~


Hey, what’s up. Lol. Nice to have you- Thanks for the introduction. ^^
So I heard you’re interested in Angel Beats!, huh? * 3 *


Bruh, Angel Beats! is what I live and die for. The only music I ever listen to is GDM, I have a AB wallet and AB stickers on my AB wallet and cellphone. I can’t get much more cause i’m in the states and some products have no use. I’m guessing you’re favorite character is Iwasawa.

Might I direct you to the Heaven’s Door thread or the Visual Novel thread or the Fanart thread? c:
Of course, assuming you’ve read Heaven’s Door. Spoilers most likely exist in all of those at this point.

Hi everyone, I am new here.
Finally I see a forum that mainly discuss on Key’s VN.
Nice to meet you all. :smiley:

My favourite Key’s VN is Rewrite and now looking forwards to Angel Beats.





Aww yiss, more train pieces for the Angel Beats! VN hype train!

Makes me glad to know that a few of my projects were able to bring in some more members! :smiley:

So hey, welcome to you and to @Beginner as well. Hope you guys enjoy here~

Yo and welcome! Nice to have you here ;d!

Also @Pepe you had the honor to be the 420 blaze it post. Pepe weed confirmed

Too bad I don’t smoke (anything in general) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m open to trying it in food, though!

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Neither I smoke or do drugs. Just tought the 420 reference would fit there hue.

I’m Essy, otherwise known as ‘Breadcat.’
Miscellaneous information: I am a student of Computer Science, a Kendo practitioner, a mathematician(as a side effect of the Computer Science…), and I’m a huge huge huge Keyfag.
Kanon was my gateway drug, which led into Air, which lead into Clannad, which lead into a storm of VNs tracing back lineages to ONE. Then spiraling out of control to today. My only regret so far is that I still have to finish Rewrite which has destroyed two of my computers already… But I wont give up!



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Kinniku, kinniku!

(welcome <3)

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I have heard about your, uh, great feats of mathematic contribution surrounding, uh, boxes.
If you know what I mean. :wink:

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Welcome Essy! Hope you enjoy your stay!

Just a reminder to all the new members to take a brief moment to check out the FAQ. As long as you keep it in mind when posting, everything will be fabulous!

Hello fellow computer scientist!

Really fun name you got there, breadcat :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, welcome!