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In 2014, Visual Arts (Key) will release 『Angel Beats! 1st beat』 for PC.

『Angel Beats! 1st beat』 is based on Jun Maeda’s original-screenplay of the anime 『Angel Beats!』 which was broadcast in 2010. 1st beat is the first volume announced for the Angel Beats! franchise. Over six volumes, the series will follow 19 members of ‘The Afterlife Battlefront’ as they adventure through the school-themed afterlife. Where the adventure leads, is up to you.

In the 5 CGs recently released, we can see the appearance of Yuri, Iwasawa, Otonashi, Hinata, and Naoi.

  • Featuring scenes not seen in the TV Anime! Here are the 5 new CGs!

Yui and Otonashi

Yui has been doing special training of some kind. It’s purpose is a secret, but Otonashi’s single-minded attitude struck, and he decides to take care of her. In this CG we see Otonashi carrying an exhausted Yui back to the Dormitory. It is not present in the anime, but expands on the developing trust between Yui and Otonashi from latter Angel Beats episodes.



† Situation †

Until now, it was believed that Iwasawa only has an interest in music. Here we see Iwasawa at the flowerbeds, chasing a butterfly with an innocent child-like face. She has opened her heart to Otonashi and allows him to see this side of her.


The middle of the Guild Descent Operation. After falling into trap after trap, only Otonashi and Yuri remain. At that time, Yuri questions her leadership, and talks about her past to Otonashi. So much life was lost in a few minutes, and that is why Yuri fights against God.

Otonashi and Hinata

After Angel was removed from her position as Student Council President, Naoi rose to take over the role. The student council attacks the Battlefront members, and locks Otonashi in a prison along with Angel. Otonashi escapes the prison, and rushes to his fellow Battlefront members… but when he arrives, his teammates are collapsed on the floor, staring up at the Sun.

Yuri and Naoi

Yuri is stuck and beaten up after the fight with the Student Council. Naoi forces Yuri to look into his eyes, and says “I’ll show you a good dream that will release you of your life’s regrets…” With Yuri down and out, she has no way to escape Naoi’s hypnotic eyes.

Roughly translated from: http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/811/811059/

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