Ideas for a possible Angel Beats! remake

I think we all can agree that Angel Beats! has its issues and needs a remake. So, I think it’s time to discuss some things we’d like to see in an Angel Beats! remake.

Here are some of the things I was thinking about:

  1. Longer run time (24 eps or so would be great)
  2. Take out or overhaul the Harmonics and/or Shadow arcs
  3. Better focus and development of the characters: Hinata, TK, Shiina, etc.
  4. Wait until after the visual novel is released and adapt that into the remake in question
  5. A possible sequel similar to Clannad After Story or Little Busters! Refrain (might be a bit of a stretch there)
  6. A prequel set before Otonashi shows up adapted from Heaven’s Door (I personally haven’t read Heaven’s Door by the time I posted this, but from what I’ve heard about it, it would be great to see).
  7. Keep the music
  8. Have it being produced by either PA Works or Kyoto Ani (Toei might have improved since their attempt with Kanon, I’m not sure, but I don’t trust them, and while JC Staff is at their best with drama I wasn’t too keen on the animation for Little Busters!)

One thing I don’t agree with is the idea that it needs a ‘sequel’. This is a bit misinformed. Clannad After Story and Little Busters Refrain aren’t ‘sequels’, they’re conclusions. The original works featured these stories as the climax, the end of the story. It’s not something that was added as an afterthought. The Angel Beats Anime already reached it’s conclusion, and it was a pretty closed one, so a sequel is unwarranted.

Basically, if you want an Angel Beats remake, just wait for the VN; it should deliver everything you’re hoping for and more. If you want to learn more about it, check out @Bizkitdoh’s thread: Angel Beats! - Visual Novel Details & Ongoing Speculation

I see what you mean, and I myself said it would be a stretch. I wasn’t thinking of it being a sequel to the original because that would have ruined it, but for the remake.

Definitely a stretch, but hey I won’t stop you from imagining things.

If, by some magic, Angel Beats gets the anime treatment once again, then…

I would simply hope that it would be adequately paced and presented on a far larger scale. If this is met, then I see no issue with it properly showing the entirety of what makes Angel Beats in an acceptable way, which is what the first iteration failed to do. It only gave me a premise. It felt like a large trailer, to me.

Even something like this I feel is something that the VN will do differently. I really don’t think anything is concrete enough. Even if the same idea is presented, the presentation itself may completely alter our views of the ‘end’ of Angel Beats.

I’m not sure if Angel Beats will ever get a remake. But if it does I agree with 1), 3), 6), 7), and 8).

You can technically read it online but if you want to read a physical copy of the manga I understand.

I actually do plan to read it soon, but I’m currently busy with some of my projects, not to mention working on the Elfen Lied manga. Once the next couple of videos are out and I finish the manga I’m reading now, I’ll read Heaven’s Door.

You know, this is gonna be probably an unpopular opinion but…

I honestly think that Angel Beats anime is perfect as it is. I don’t think that it needs a “remake” at all. The anime is all about Otonashi’s story, what happens to him while in the afterlife, how he handles what he learns, and the big reveal between his story and Kanade’s.

If we wanted a background on the characters, then what we need is an animated version of Heaven’s Door/Track Zero :stuck_out_tongue: But there are two things that were in the anime but not fully resolved simply because they weren’t part of Otonashi’s story.

A) What resolutions caused all the rest of the SSS members to disappear? We know what happened to Yui, Hinata, Yuri, Naoi, and Iwasawa, but all the rest went unexplained. This will most likely be resolved by the VN more than anything, because multiple routes.
B) What exactly is that world that they live in? They never really figured out, did they? But that wasn’t the point of the anime after all. I’m thinking a conclusion (as @Aspirety pointed out) might go well for this?

I too loved Angel Beats! as it is, it’s my second favorite anime for good reason, but as much as my inner fanboy doesn’t want to admit, it could have done some things better. What Key does best is the extended focus on the rest of the cast, something the original adaptation of Kanon failed horribly at. Each of the characters that got any focus other than Otonashi only got one ep in the spot light when they should have gotten more time dedicated to them; again, I point to Kanon 02.
Don’t take this as me bashing your thoughts. In fact, I love hearing apposing opinions and truly respect them, but I just simply disagree.

Well the difference in Kanon is that Yuuichi actually interacts with the main heroines, whereas, with Angel Beats, Otonashi doesn’t really interact much with TK, Takamatsu, and the other more minor characters, and had nothing to do with their story. And, like I said, since AB anime is Otonashi’s story, that essentially makes them have no bearing towards it anymore.

Then again, that whole “fact” might be changed once the VN comes out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna assume it will. They’ve promised routes for all main characters, so it only makes sense that he’d be interacting with all of them and involving himself in their stories.

Shamless article plug

If the anime was to be redone, and the ‘ending’ was to be altered in any way, I picture something similar to this, so… Basically what I would want. It goes hand in hand with the 3 missing days. It is also impossible for them to remove the Angel Player / Shadow Program if this is to be a thing. It’s very possible that it isn’t a combination of routes, but the actual end game to Angel Beats.

“As mentioned in an interview with Jun Maeda, these three days are filled with many emotional moments as each and every SSS member moves on. In the anime, Naoi, Hinata, Otonashi and Tachibana stay with Nakamura and move on together after everyone else. How this will work out in the VN is unsure, but it’ll probably change some. Anyways, these three days are the reader’s final moments seeing the characters before they accept their lives, and more importantly, their deaths. Otonashi must go to each of them, and maybe or maybe not after some convincing, say goodbye, with an insanely minimal chance of ever seeing them again. None of this is seen in the anime, but in just that one statement from Maeda, even if it was just what he thought (I mean he wrote it, come on), we know it all happens, and we’re going to have to see it or something similar. I think that’s going to be pretty heavy, personally… We’ll see!”

Now, that is -only- for those three days. I don’t consider that to be the ‘ending’, exactly. As we know, the ending is graduation and supposed reincarnation. I think that the chance for even that to be a wildly different experience is possible. As always, we will see. This is why I just stick to, and maybe it’s just me being hopeful, that what Angel Beats is isn’t really set in stone with the anime. Thus, ‘remake’ doesn’t make much sense. More along the lines of ‘re-adaptation’ from the VN, and forgetting the first anime. /shrug

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