Angel Beats!-1st beat- available for preorder!

Sad, I always want lewd Key girls!!! xD

The Animate bonus! O.O

Or the Sofmap one… two is better than one…

Now that I think about it, there’s one more proxy people is forgetting about…

Sofmap bonus is a total of 4. lol
The Kanade selfsest is a bedsheet.

I got the Getchu one, of course.

Yes Purple, you are slow. That was released along side the one with Otonashi…

Personally, my favorite bonus is the Toranoana Yuri B2~


lmao why do i even try

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AmiAmi is the only one with international shipping?

So far, yes. If there are any other ones, I’ll post in this thread. I’m wondering if cdjapan would sell those sort of stuff


Question about the game–are future Angel Beats! releases going to work kind of like expansion packs? I’m still confused about how they’re releasing it.


Well they have to be a part of the main game or the whole thing would be very confusing (like how would the common route be in the following volumes?). So they will probably do it like this: sell the 6 different parts of the same game as they come out and then they will most likely make a perfect/memorial/whatever edition with the full version of the game.

I have pre-ordered for myself one copy from and I found out that it is actually kind of cheaper than other sites (If they provide bonus). I dont know what is the bonus Amazon provide but I hope it is something usable like a cup or a shirt :)). I also think that this will be available for a long time on Amazon since a few days already passed and we can still pre-ordered it.

Where do you live? I ask because amazon doesn’t ship it outside Japan :frowning:

@Pepe You’re still doing your proxy service?

The reason why other sites cost more is because they charge extra for their preorder bonuses >_< It’s like it’s not even a bonus, but something you actually pay for at this point.

@Hirato Yeah, though it’s kept in the guild because it came to a point where people would join just to use that then never appear again. Send me a PM and I’ll see what I can do

Nah, I’m just offering @DaiVel several options. I already have a reliable proxy myself :slight_smile:
Speaking of which, I remember that several people appeared just to use your proxy service and as you said it, gone forever.

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Oh don’t worry :slight_smile: I already pre-ordered it from AmiAmi, it is so much cheaper but it will not bring any bonus u.u I thought to ask Pepe but it would be more expensive.

But Amazon also provides bonus, so in comparison I think that Amazon has a better deal. I also found out that Rakuten offers the product only with no bonus at the price around 6600 yen.

Sorry for late reply. Yea I’m living in Japan now…However I think that if you have a friend who is living in Japan, you can ship the product to his house and then he send you back by post (or when he come back to your country). That’s is one of the way to get the bonus I think.

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I have no idea how I missed it until just now, but my inner fanboy is screaming to get it. Even if I don’t get a patch for a while, I’ll feel better about myself that I got the VN.

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AHHHH! I want to preorder Angel Beats from Amiami because it’s cheaper but I might not get the First Edition… Plus my dad probably wouldn’t let me anyways D:.