Angel Beats!-1st beat- available for preorder!

Earlier today, the 30th of January 2015, preorders have opened for Angel Beats!-1st beat-! The game is scheduled to launch on the 29th of May, 2015. The game will be releasing both as a first release edition and a regular edition, with the former of the two containing a copy of the unreleased Girls Dead Monster single: Million Star! A bunch different retailers in Japan are also offering pre-order bonuses; mostly ecchi character goods. You can find a list of all the preorder bonuses on Key's website here. (NSFW SKETCHES WITHIN)

Since most of our readership live outside of Japan, you may be interested to know that amiami are also accepting preorders. amiami will happily ship anywhere in the world, but the only catch is that they are yet unable to guaruntee whether you will receive the first edition or regular edition release. They will be allocating first edition copies either based on a random draw, or a first-come first-serve basis, so you'll want to be quick.

If you prefer the certainty of knowing you're getting the first release edition, then you may want to consider ordering from Japan via a proxy. More and more preorder listings for the game are appearing online as I'm writing this post, so I encourage the community to share whatever offers for the game they can find in the discussion below. Hopefully this will help readers decide where they should order the game from. But please make sure you follow the forum guidelines and refrain from posting NSFW images in the topic; I'd like to keep this page clean.

Let us know below whether you've ordered a copy for yourself or not!

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Literally better than Christmas.

i am probably slow but

guess it was just a variation after all. huh


Matsushita best girl

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What proxy services would you guys recommend? I used to use yokatta, service was great and prices were low, but they are under maintenance right now, quite a shame. Looking for alternatives :slight_smile:

Official Key Twitter just tweeted a bunch of the REALLY LEWD preorder bonuses.


Preordered on using proxy server. I wonder what bonus does Amazon have because Key doesn’t show us what it is. And if you want to preorder directly, good news is provides preorder! But special bonus is uncertain. It’s not guaranteed.

I am pretty pissed that Sofmap was the first preorder bonus announced but I just came from the Sofmap Akiba main store and could not find the preorders at all.

I guess I didn’t look hard enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, as expected, most of them are lewd. Much like the case was for Rewrite and Harvest Festa haha

If the Rewrite and Harvest Festa preorder trends are to be followed, Amazon will be the only one that isn’t lewd :stuck_out_tongue: Hahaha

6,540 yen (roughly $55.60) is too much for my budget. I can’t order something that expensive yet. Heck, it was a hassle to find a cheap enough copy of Little Busters! anyways. I’m not even sure if I need actual yen to buy from AmiAmi. I’ve never ordered anything from import sites before, so I’m not sure how all this works. I think I’ll just wait until there are copies available from Amazon, however long that may be. Well they finally updated the official site. Took them long enough :stuck_out_tongue: Also contains links to online preorder

They might charge your credit card with yen, but your bank will take care of that :wink:


Sad, I always want lewd Key girls!!! xD

The Animate bonus! O.O

Or the Sofmap one… two is better than one…

Now that I think about it, there’s one more proxy people is forgetting about…

Sofmap bonus is a total of 4. lol
The Kanade selfsest is a bedsheet.

I got the Getchu one, of course.

Yes Purple, you are slow. That was released along side the one with Otonashi…

Personally, my favorite bonus is the Toranoana Yuri B2~


lmao why do i even try

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AmiAmi is the only one with international shipping?

So far, yes. If there are any other ones, I’ll post in this thread. I’m wondering if cdjapan would sell those sort of stuff


Question about the game–are future Angel Beats! releases going to work kind of like expansion packs? I’m still confused about how they’re releasing it.


Well they have to be a part of the main game or the whole thing would be very confusing (like how would the common route be in the following volumes?). So they will probably do it like this: sell the 6 different parts of the same game as they come out and then they will most likely make a perfect/memorial/whatever edition with the full version of the game.

I have pre-ordered for myself one copy from and I found out that it is actually kind of cheaper than other sites (If they provide bonus). I dont know what is the bonus Amazon provide but I hope it is something usable like a cup or a shirt :)). I also think that this will be available for a long time on Amazon since a few days already passed and we can still pre-ordered it.