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We all love Key music right? Let’s talk about it! Share some of our favourites.

A lot of KSL albums have been popping up on itunes for purchase lately, in particular the Little Busters albums. I still can’t get enough of the original soundtrack. Been finally getting into the Ecstasy tracks after having played Saya’s route. Saya’s song is amazing ;_;


Wait you mean Saya no Uta by Saya’s song or Kakeru.
Because I love them both, especially Kakeru, that wrestles with Day Game for my favorite LB track.

Speaking of, how many of you gents have KSL-0019: Love Song? How’d I get here from that? Well Kakeru is a remix of track 4 from that so it made me think of it. I’ve never seen anyone discuss it, good as topic as any to start off on.
It’s a really nice album, a fair chunk of it has been sampled for remixes in later VN’s actually.

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For music resource, I look forward to sharing many resources that I currently own for Kagikko in this forum. It’s the whole KSLA from 0001 to 0094, in MP3 320k format with booklets (almost CD). But I don’t know how the forum’s policy about this :droplet:

I was uploaded all of them on my forum (, and it’s easy to share to all Kagikko : -)

The Little Busters! sound track is one of my favorites~ Rewrite, Kanon, and Air soundtracks are beautiful too.

Personally, I love TAMusic’s Key Arrange Album. The Little Busters medley is amazing.

@minatahatsune We’re still working out our policies regarding distribution of illegal downloads. I appreciate you not posting it right now. I’ll allow you to offer it to people outside of the forum, but please don’t link directly from here. We’re still working out how to deal with this kind of thing… I hope you understand!

Sorry to get off topic a bit.

@Aspirety: That’s OK, I totally understand XD That’s why I put a question here XD

I did mean Saya no Uta, but Kakeru is great too. I just listened to the track from Love Song, but I think I prefer Little Busters’ version. I’m interested to check out the rest of that album, though…

Oh I do prefer Kakeru, but yes, check out the rest of that album, it’s pretty much entirely good songs, I’m also quite a fan of track 11.
Apparently it’s got a loose story over all the songs but I’m not aware of any translation, perhaps that could be the first thing for that translations thread.

Translating a whole album of music is a pretty tall order though… Hmm.

On second thoughts, I’d say go for it. It can’t hurt, maybe someone will see it and be interested~

On the topic of Key music, is anyone else a fan of the OTSU albums? I’m a bit of a trance fan, so I love a lot of the tracks. I was really happy with how they sampled the Boys Don’t Cry daydream remix for the Little Busters Refrain anime.

Air OST is one of my favorites. Among the non vocal tracks, Sousei (Altair and Vega?), Yumegatari and Natsukage are among my favorites. And Tori no Uta is national anthem!

As for LB!, Thin Chronicle still gives me the shivers.

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I recently listened to Tomoyo After’s OST and I really love it. The OST is both melodic and energetic which is probably the best aspect of Key’s music. Some of my favorite tracks from that OST include “Dear Old Home”, “Harmony With Sorrow” and “Life is Like A Melody”. I especially love the synthesizer portion of “Life is Like A Melody” and maybe that’s because I’ve been listening to a lot of 80s New Wave/Synthpop nowadays.

I haven’t listened to Rewrite’s OST but I’ll get to it soon. Right now, I’m listening to Little Busters OST, and I’m really enjoying it.

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Here’s some news for you to steal credit for, @Aspirety

Sounds like a new KSL Album is out tomorrow, KSL-95-96, and is simply an album of many Vocal Tracks from Little Busters. Although it looks like there is one new Remix, at least, I’m not aware of any Boys Be Smile Remix that exists right now.


  1. ‘Little Busters!’
  2. ‘Rin no Hisoka na Koi no Uta’
  3. ‘Pickles o Oishikusuru Tsukurikata’
  4. ‘Saya no Nemureru Requiem’
  5. ‘Jupinyā’
  6. ‘Haruka Kanata’
  7. ‘Raison’
  8. ‘Mission:Love sniper’
  9. ‘Neko to Garasu to Marui Tsuki’
  10. ‘Amenochi Hare’
  11. ‘Song for friends’
  12. ‘Alicemagic (Rockstar ver.)’


  1. ‘Little Busters! (TV animation ver.)’
  2. ‘Alicemagic (TV animation ver.)’
  3. ‘Hanabi’
  4. ‘Bokura no Tabi’
  5. ‘Little Busters! Synth-Magnetic Megamix’
  6. ‘Boys be Smile’
  7. ‘Mezameta Asa ni wa Kimi ga Tonari ni’
  8. ‘Saya’s Song’
  9. ‘Namidairo no Tsubasa’
  10. ‘Kimi to no Nakushi Mono’
  11. ‘Boys be Smile (Remix)’

Not too interesting, but the Remix should be fun, also I don’t rightly reckonise that 5th track on the second disc either.

Isn’t Hanabi new as well? The version used inthe Anime is slightly rearranged from the original, so I assume that’s what we’re getting.

Do you wanna try writing an article, or should I just credit you as the informant?

I’ve just listened to the Rewrite OST (took me more than a year after playing the VN lol) and I really love it. It has that jazzy feel that is absent from other Key OSTs (which are usually more pop-y)

Hanabi is super old, even the version used in the Anime pre-dates it by a good bit.

I can’t write worth diddly squat, work harder.

Give me a source for the info~

Was it the one that was sung by Lia? I listened to the song a while back man is it an emotionally beautiful song. The usage of the piano along with Lia’s vocals really made the song amazing.

Found it on Wikipedia while I was checking something about a different KSL wwwwwwwwwwwwwww

But here’s more proof it’s a thing.

And I stole THAT from Twitter.


I am a HUGE Key music fan. I’ve sunk hundreds of dollars and tons of hours into my Key Music collection, and at this point I think I’ll have Key music playing at my wedding and funeral if I can manage it.

Here’s a question, though, where do you find remixes of Key music? I have a big pile that came in a long dead torrent, mostly Clannad remixes, but I’m always interested in expanding my collection. Since a lot of fanworks are released gratis, I hope this doesn’t conflict with any rules.

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