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Do you have a technical problem regarding a Key game? Maybe you can’t get the game running, or you’re having trouble getting a text hooker to work? Ask a question here, and hopefully one of our members may be able to assist you with your issue and help get things working for you!

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Hey what do you know, I do, good luck with this one though.

Tomoyo After hates me.

Audio and OP refuse to play, Audio is mute, OP errors and skips.

It’s not the copy, all Tomoyo After downloads have the same problem. Including one that worked perfectly for Rabla.

Quick post~ I notice that a lot of Reallive stuff tends to bug out upon patching. Some VNs will white screen or just refuse to open your exe if you add an English Patch, and this can strike at any time after patching. Sooooo, keep backups of all your Reallive exes and mess around with re-patching. Tomoyo After, Little Busters, and Clannad tend to get reports of this.
Also, check to see if there is a cracked exe for some games. Key like to make it tricky for foreigners >.>

Does it work before adding an English Patch? You should also check if the OP video plays in a media player or if it is still buggy.

Windows hates debugging in general, but I believe at least some versions of RealLive has an option to enable a debug log. If you can get a look at that, there might be a more meaningful error in there (it might be in Japanese though).

OP plays fine in a media player, although I’ll have to give reinstalling a raw version and seeing if that works a go.

The Tomoyo After English patch is plagued with bugs.
I always stumble into the “delete your saves whenever you open the game” bug. Makes Dungeons and Takafumis very hard to play~

I’ve been trying to get Rewrite to work on my computer, and now I’m trying to unilstall so I can reinstall, and I think I screwed something up along the way. @Aspirety tried to help me out, but it was no use. Please help me.

What’s the issue exactly? It wouldn’t let you uninstall? Or reinstall?

I don’t think I uninstalled it properly, and therefore, I can’t reinstall it.

I’m pretty sure the only Rewrite related files that you would need to delete would be the folder that contains the executable files.

I’ve deleted absolutely everything on my computer involving Rewrite including the patch but excluding the music I got from the Soil CD, and it’s still not working.

What doesn’t work about it? Is there a message displayed or something when you try and install it?

When I search “rewrite” on my computer, the results I get are all involving the music I got from the CD

Seeing that, I’d think that everything that I installed at first was all gone, but when click on the disk in order to reinstall it, the window that comes up looks like nothing was uninstalled in the first place.

That window just looks like the installation window… I’m a bit confused, that’s just the installer window.

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Even if it was the post-installation menu, it would probably provide a method of uninstalling it.

I’m not sure what I did because I can’t read Japanese, but it looks like something worked. Installing disk one as I’m tying this. I’ll keep you posted.

So it’s installed, but when I click the icon on my desk top, I get a “this game is Japan only” window despite having my region set for Japan. So I go to the SiglusEngine in the patch and it opens the window, but it stops working. Why does technology hate me; teases me and then shoots me down again.

Have you installed the English patch? If so, it should work on English computers as long as your locale is set to Japan.
I hear replacing the exe with this version of the Siglus Engine is a fix for the game crashing on launch, but I’m not sure if it’ll work.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but it’s not working.

Have you tried rewriting the files? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Actually, though, your issue is a bit confusing. I think your best bet would be to add one of the awesome tech savvy people here on Skype or some other voice program and just have them walk you through it, because currently I’m really not sure what the problem is.

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