Overall Music Discussion - Discover new music!

Hey everyone, so I tought this kind of topic was missing here so I decided to make one.
Bascially this topic will serve as your new music discovery that may contain all the genres. You can also talk about what is your favorite genre, band or producer. How did you get to them or just simply why do you love music in general.

  • What is your favorite genre? How did you discover it?
  • Recommend the best music you know!
  • Share the music with others, the happiness you get from it needs to be shared!
  • If you have any tracks, music or covers made by you, feel free to share them.

One of the reasons why Im making this topic is, that Im curious about what kind of music Key fans are listening to. I have my own specific taste and Im also passionate about music. One more reason to get to know you guys and your muscial creativity, and tastes ^_^.


I don’t listen to music very often, but I’ll join in!
My favorite band is Supercell. My favorite singer is Danny from HU (never got out of the Linkin Park/Hollywood Undead phase.) My favorite Youtube singer is Froggie. My favorite Utaite is Touyu, and LoL song covers are pretty amazing too.

Honestly, I can’t figure out the genre of a song without looking it up. They all kinda blur together for me~

Best music I know? Anything by EGOIST, or this amazing instrumental track.

This is the playlist I put on whenever I want music.

I have some covers/remixes of some Key songs and a couple originals on Soundcloud. They were made to play on a GBA though, so don’t expect much x.x


Wow! This is pretty awesome! Your playlist is filled with soundtracks and emotional music, that is pretty nice!
I also love EGOIST and that soundtrack from H20 Footprints is just phenomenal, I always liked it :3.
I think you just made me realise that Supercell is one of my favorite bands too :D. I love the singer, she has such a beautiful voice <3.

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For example this, I just cant stop loving this.

Supercell/EGOIST are really awesome, I need to listen to more of their stuff.


Noragami had a great opening song as well~

They were my second favorite band for some years, but they really stepped up their quality in 2010/11 (and my favorite band broke up…) so now they have the top spot~

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Their Guilty Crown music is so amazing aaahhh

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I really like the stuff they did under the EGOIST name, but not for the GC anime. A lot of it is under-appreciated I think.
Lovestruck or All Alone With You would probably be my favorite.

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In the meantime Ill write my musical activity.

  • My favorite genre now is DnB - Drum n Bass. I like a lot of electronic music, like Dubstep, Electro, House, Hardcore, Garage… etc. Lets just say EDM (Electronic Dance Music).
    But when I was like 15-14 I was in my rebelious phase and used to listen to Metal, Rock, Punk all the time. Now I still like them but changed my style.
  • My favorite producers of all time are Feint, Fox Stevenson, Rameses B and Enigma Dubz.
    I think they kinda changed my life with their music.
  • I also love to listen to Epic music like two steps from hell or anime OSTs like Guilty crown, bleach etc.

If anyone is interested in any of these ill put my playlist of 2014 here, you can find there from the most relaxing and chilly stuff to the really dark Neurofunk.

And here are some of my favorite soundtracks, openings + game soundtracks. Hope youll like any of these :).

Guilty Crown was so amazing I downloaded the whole 5 albums of the composer and the EGOIST albums… just everything that connects with Guilty Crown. And I have to say they did a reallly freakin good job on the music. I think its one of the top notch soundtracsk that fits into the anime and gives it the perfect atmosphere.

I mostly listen to OST. I mean a lot of OST. My favorite composer is Hiroyuki Sawano. He did the OST for Guilty Crown, Kill la Kill, Attack on Titan, etc. I like just about everything he’s done, but here are two of my favorites:

Otherwise, I listen to Twenty One Pilots and Eminem

Oh, and this is probably a great place to remind everyone about our KeyRadio


A lot of music within anime is good. The Tari Tari songs, and Neko’s random little sing song sessions from Gokukoku no Brynhildr were great.

Have you heard Porter Robinson’s new album? :open_mouth:


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Hiroyuki Sawano is a man really, he is just too good for composing music. A genius

Ill dig into that, seems interesting! Thanks for that. The answer is no, but Ill keep an eye on him.

Ah man All Alone With You is SO good. Psycho Pass ED 2. In fact, all of the OP and ED from Psycho Pass were REALLY GOOD. Abnormalize, Namae No Nai Kaibutsu, and Out of Control are the other ones.

Makes me want to watch Psycho Pass, but I can never get invested enough in it to continue watching x.x
The music in that anime was absolutely perfect though.

Namae no Nai Kaibutsu is one of my favorites too! The Music video for it is just… I don’t even know @A@

My favorite composers are actually Jun Maeda of KEY, and Nobou Uematsu who did the OSTs for most of the Final Fantasy games.

Especially his later works are amazing, the ones where he had access to a full orchestra rather than just synthesizers - although this is also the guy who once composed an opera on an SNES…

The Phon Coast from Final Fantasy XII

Main Theme from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Terra’s Theme from Final Fantasy VI


I prefer Ishimoto. Mainly because he composed most of the soundtrack for the only FF game I completed though x.x


I listen mostly to OST. Nobuo Uematsu is my all-time favorite contemporary composer, with the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack being my favorite, second being Final Fantasy VII’s. Although who could ever forget To Zanarkand?

Other than that I don’t really have much of a preference. I just listen to single songs, whatever I feel like listening to. But overall I don’t have much of a spectrum. I have no problem with listening to the same songs/tracks over and over again. I like it.

Edit: For the record, Phon Coast was not composed by Uematsu.


Im Still suprised no one mentioned any vocaloids. For example I personally Like Megurine Luka, not a big fan of miku, and also IA or how is she called.
This is one of the good songs I like from her.