Kazamatsuri Locale - Japan

Since there are already a good number of people who are coming to and/or staying in Japan, I guess we can have a topic of our own here.

What this topic is for:

  • Organizing offline meet-ups inside Japan between members of the Kazamatsuri community
  • Informing other members whether you live in or are planning to visit Japan
  • General questions about staying in Japan, so that people who have had more experience can help out
  • Posting pictures and information of any planned meet-ups

So yeah, to get started, I am currently staying in Japan until 2016, and have already met quite a few people over here like @Clow, @MiyazawaLulu, @Kami_chan and @Kaze, and plan to meet-up with @RyuuTamotsu sometime soon. If you ever come to Japan, specifically the greater Tokyo area, let me know, and I’ll be glad to meet up with you and show you around, I guess! :wink:


perfect, thanks man.

I really would like to meet the kaza family here and of course welcome people coming to Japan.
I’ll be in Japan till 2019-2020 so will meet anyone coming to japan during these 4-5 years :slight_smile:

Great idea!

I’ll be back on September the 4th staying until at least the 20th (that’s when the next Keypoints is on right?). As much as I want to explore more of Japan I really have some people I want to hang out with again in Tokyo (including your good self @Pepe!) so I doubt I’ll be able to bring myself to explore much outside of Tokyo.

I do have one question, can anyone recommend some decent, cost-effective accommodation in Western Tokyo. Ie. near Shibuya, Harajuku? It doesn’t have to be right in the heart of things, it’s just last time I was staying in a more Eastern location and found myself spending most of my time in Western Tokyo.

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well, that side of tokyo is expensive as well, but you might want to check Okubo. it’s one station before shinjuku and it’s cheaper I guess. (I live 1 station after Okubo o.o)
Tokyo in general is expensive but you can get some cheap places if you searched well. I see that you are staying for like 2-3 weeks in September (2 months from now) so I might be able to help you find somewhere before that time comes.

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Yeah that’d be great, thanks!

I didn’t have much choice last time as I left it too late and everything seemed booked really quickly >_< but I stayed at a backpackers that was only ¥14000 a week with free wifi. I was out most of the day anyway so all I really needed was a place to sleep, shower and keep my things.

I’m not sure what it’s like in Okubo but I doubt I’ll be finding any places as cheap as that! Though just because of the location I don’t think I’d stay there again.

Lol, that’s nearly impossible for stations around shibuya, but you can still get a 20k - 30k per week
airbnb is a good site if you ask me, try it

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I’ll be in Japan soon, it would be great to meet you guys. Good idea!

And talk about how much we all love Clannad: The Movie.

…kidding (I’ve read somewhere that even Key’s staff weren’t quite “happy” with it)


The dub was amazingly funny though :>

But yeah, since you’ll be coming over, just post over here what your plan is and maybe we could meet up :smiley:


Clannad the movie was perfect, I liked the artwork more than the original you know :smiley:

that aside, Japan’s kaza family is waiting for you, (me at least) let’s hangout once you come here.
and if you need any help just tell us (or me at least) :wink:

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I have always wanted to attend comiket and this year I would finally have the time and money to go! I have plans to visit Tokyo for C89 in December, but still trying to get confirmation if a friend of mine is coming along or not. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will most likely be attending Comiket 89 as well. Hope to see you there~
(I’m skipping on C88 tho D: )

So I met up with @RyuuTamotsu today! It was really fun hanging out with you and talking about Key all night haha


@Pepe it was a nice meeting, enjoyed it a lot.
we should hangout again sometime before the 25th

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Okay, I see how it is. Secret Kaza meetings in Japan without me. Thanks guys. (I was busy yesterday anyway but that’s besides the point :P)

I’m sorry ;_; I did remember you saying last time we met that you’d be really busy with your thesis so I thought it wouldn’t be right to bother you :frowning:

But yeah, in that case, we should definitely plan another meetup before the month ends (since I’ll be going back for a month). Perhaps you’d be free sometime? :smiley:

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No it’s fine, I am really busy with my thesis, which is due at the end of the month, so that’s bad timing. We can try though…are you leaving the 25th? (I guess from the above statement)

Yeah I’ll be leaving at the 25th
but I have finals right before that so technically last day for me is the 22th lol
I can hangout at the 24th evening too btw (when I finish the last exam

Hmm the 24th evening might work. I’m out of town next weekend, so yeah, not many options D:

Sounds like a plan, yeah :slight_smile: Looks like I’ll be free as well!

Probably second-hand stores in Akihabara like Mulan, Mandarake, or the Liberty shops. Nakano broadway in Nakano is also a really good choice, as it’s a building with a whole bunch of Mandarake shops in it :slight_smile:

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