Introduce Yourself!

Hi there! I’m Olivia, I live in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan
I’m completely fresh to the Key series - I’ve heard about all of them for so long, but never really decided to get into them - until now! That being said, I did watch the entirely of the Angel Beats! anime with friends, so that’s mostly the extent of my true exposure. I hope to get into the Little Busters bookclub coming up though.
I found Kazamatsuri first through the sister site, Rokkenjima! I’m actually a big WTC /07th Expansion series fan !
Outside of Key, of course WTC, my other favourite series are Rozen Maiden, Touhou Project, Madoka Magica, Kakegurui, and so on…
An interesting tidbit I think: I work as an ordained Shinto priestess as my career. But actually I wanted to mention, since my schedule can become sporadic and I may not be on for a while, or be able to post ;;, but I am reading topics and checking the site! :smile:
Nice to meet you all!


Welcome Bernkastelle! It’s nice to see you here from Rokken, I hope you get to know and enjoy Key’s works. :happy:


Welcome to the community @Bernkastelle and @SSparks31! I hope to see you at the Little Busters! Book club and hope to get along well with you!

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Welcome @RickyNg1994! I hope you’re enjoying our community so far, even if things are a little quiet right now!

Hey @amenenee, really glad you could make it here! I really hope you come to enjoy the atmosphere here.

@ArthurClaus, welcome to the Kazoku Collective! I’m really glad that we have someone new to Little Busters to join us for the Bookclub!

@Bernkastelle I’m glad you’re finally getting into Key! I don’t think you could ask for a better introduction than getting to read Little Busters with these fine folks here.

@SSparks31 Ahh, another face I recognise! Welcome to the community Sparks, I’m really glad you’re taking more of an interest in Key.

Things are admittedly quiet around here right now, but with the upcoming Little Busters Bookclub, we have a lot to look forward to! Our goal is to unite everyone to read through Little Busters together, exchange impressions and opinions here on the forum, celebrate with fanworks, record podcasts for each route, and award heaps of prizes! I’d be very happy if each of you decided to take part in this event, we’re hoping for it to become the biggest event in Kazamatsuri’s history, and we need your help to make that a reality! We’re also hosting a giveaway for a free copy that will be ending soon, so if you haven’t entered that, please do so!

In the meantime, feel free to browse the forum, go hunting for old discussions to jump into (bumping encouraged!) and have fun! Once you have the Dango rank you’ll be able to join our Discord server and get to know everyone on a more personal level. We hope to see you there! :ai:


Goals for you:

  1. Watch Love Live.
  2. Watch Love Live season 2.
  3. Listen to Snow Halation.
  4. Listen to Snow Halation a lot.
  5. Learn the lyrics to Snow Halation.
  6. Sing Snow Halation with your friends.
  7. Sing Snow Halation with your friends in public.
  8. Become a school idol.
  9. Save your school.
  10. Watch Love Live Sunshine.
  11. Watch Love Live Sunshine season 2.
  12. ???
  13. Profit.
  14. Nico nico nii!

Alternatively, you could just read Planetarian.
But anyways, welcome to the forum!

Also sorry to all the people that I haven’t welcomed in like two years…


Oooh, interesting to see more people from Japan! If you’re ever into meeting up people from Kaza in Japan, you can check out Kazamatsuri Locale - Japan topic :wink:

Since you are new to the series, I’d also recommend CLANNAD as a good starter to the series (and Ryukishi himself admits he wrote Higurashi because CLANNAD was delayed lol)

Hmm, we don’t get much redditors on here, from what I can tell (I personally don’t frequent the site). But hey glad to see you on here and hope we can get you to read more Key VNs :ai:

I will not judge you for being weird but I will heavily judge you for dancing a dance from a trash character


Hi, all. I’m kesseki, from Ohio. I’ve dabbled in Key series, although there’s still a lot I haven’t played/watched. I’d say my favorite Key anime is Angel Beats, but the only Key VNs I’ve played so far are Planetarian and Harmonia so I’m saving my judgement until I’ve got more titles under my belt but I cried playing both so I’m looking forward to many feels.

In addition to VNs I like pretending to learn Japanese, watching bad horror movies, sleeping, reading (just about anything, although I do love various flavors of fantasy most of all), playing videogames (lots of rpgs, HOGs, action/adventure, and point and click games) and drawing.


Welcome @kesseki! I hope you find Kazamatsuri a welcoming environment. Our Little Busters book club is coming up and the novel is being released on November 1st on Steam, if you’d like to join.


Planetarian and Harmonia are definitely a very good introduction to the medium. I highly recommend checking out the podcasts and discussion topics for both. And as for not experiencing many key works, that’s fine! As @Zosonte mentioned Little Busters! book club is coming up soon and we’d love to have you join. We especially want people who haven’t experienced LB to read along with us.


Pretty good entry points, I must say. My first VN over 10 years ago was actually planetarian and look where I am now :yahaha:

But hey, perfect timing for the Little Busters bookclub; if you’re up for it, feel free to join in once its out on steam :slight_smile:


Welcome @kesseki ! I look forward to getting along with you

Welcome @kesseki, I hope that you’ll like it here. Like Pepe said, the VNs you’ve read are probably the best ones to get into KEY. We have a couple of people who are experienced in Japanese so that might help you progress through by asking them questions from time to time.

You’re perfectly prepared for the LB bookclub though: you’ve read two KEY works, you are new to LB and you cried over both Planetarian and Harmonia. I’m sure reading LB will be a great experience, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing you around the forum when the time comes.

Hey there! I’m Breege.

I’m relatively new to Key’s visual novels, I suppose. I’ve read Little Busters (you can find my livetweets and images of me crying hideous mascara tears over Refrain on twitter) and I’m 4 routes into Rewrite :+1:

I’ve been a bit hesitant to join for a while as I find big communities a little overwhelming. You all seem like lovely folks though.

See you around, I guess! :blush:


Be sure to post a summary of your thoughts on either of those VNs; It’s always fun to see which parts of a VN people did and didn’t like.

I’m not one for communities in general, but Kazamatsuri is pretty good. The way I (and probably a bunch of people) go about it is by lurking around until something relevant comes along. You get stretches of time where there’s nothing to say, but it’s chill. Eventually someone will bring up Little Busters or Snufkin and then you have something to chat about.


Hi hi! New member here. Live in the Netherlands. Favorite key work: Angel Beats! because it was my first anime and it really made an impact on me. I also really like Little Busters! (anime) but loved Refrain. It was just so good. Didnt really like the anime of Rewrite but currently reading the visual novel and it is amazing!


Nice to meet you! Yeah, I watched Angel Beats! maybe 4 or 5 years back. My mind’s throwing a bit of a blank on some of the details, but I did enjoy it! Loved the music, for sure.

I guess we’re both cycling through Rewrite for the first time! It’d be cool if we both got a chance to share our thoughts once we’re done! :laughing:

The Refrain route in Little Busters made me lose my tear ducts. Was absolutely OVERWHELMED. You oughta check out the VN when you can! Which reminds me, I need to watch the anime adaptation myself soon…


Yeah was some time back I watched Angel Beats as well. Yeah am reading Rewrite and finished Kotori, Chihaya, Lucia and Shizuru but will take some time before I finish the rest of novel. Am very busy with school and stuff.
Actually I am reading LB finished Rin1 and Komari after that I found Rewrite and stopped LB. didnt continue cause of school as well. I am in my exam year and still dont know what I want to study so have to figure that out first hehe.
Nice to meet you as wel :wink:

Also I watched the anime of LB and it was so emotional. Dont even want to imagine what the VN will be like


Hello @Brigadoon and @SacredPotato! Welcome to Kazamatsuri, I hope you both enjoy it here. Even if you’ve both experienced Little Busters, I hope you can join us for our bookclub beginning November 1st, when the English Edition is released on Steam.

I’d also personally love to hear your thoughts on the parts of Rewrite you’ve both read, if you’d like to share them. Don’t be afraid to dig up older topics, we appreciate any and all discussion. Thank you for joining our little community.

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@Brigadoon Very glad to see you here finally. Really looking forwards to your posts and future livetweets! Hopefully you find your way to the discord sometime too.


Welcome to Kaza @Brigadoon! Don’t worry, we aren’t nearly as big as a lot of other communities. Are you going to reread LB with us during the bookclub?

Welcome @SacredPotato! I hope you can find time to join us for LB bookclub. Also I recommend just generally checking out the rewrite route topics since you’ve already read some of them. They’re pretty interesting.

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