Kazamatsuri Locale - Japan

I have to vent because I’m really excited to go back to Japan now that it’s actually looking like I’ll have a decent amount of money to go over with :slight_smile:

I was planning to visit a friend in Osaka, thinking it wasn’t that far from Tokyo. Maybe it was because I took the shinkansen but wow I didn’t realise how far apart they actually are! (not to mention the expensive trip T_T) I guess it’s just going to depend on how healthy my funds are when it gets to september.

Also, I watched this video recently and it came across as really interesting. It’s a westerner’s experience in Tokyo and while I’m sure it’s a bit put on, it’s interesting to me as when I first travelled there recently I already had at least a base understanding of some parts of the culture whereas the speaker is going in experiencing much greater culture shock. Bonus points if you can spot the 1st Beat advertisement!


@RyuuTamotsu and @Kaze, I was wondering if you guys were still up for meeting on the 24th? :slight_smile:

Yes! My schedule got tighter due to a podcast recording but I should still be able to meet up for something simple.

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@Pepe @Kaze
sure, just decide time and place.

Is there anyone planning on going to this year’s winter comiket? If so a meet up would be wonderful!

I am planning to go! Even moreso if VisualArt’s announces their participation, as they do in most Winter Comiket :wink:

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Ah that’s awesome! Do they have a panel of sorts or do they just sell products?

unfortunately, I’ll be going back to my country till the 17th ._.
but surely I’ll be available for the winter’s comiket

They just sell products, yeah. And the line is loooong ;_;

How long would you say they typically are? And do they sell out?

This was my timeline last comiket:
7:30 - Start lining up
9:30 - Line starts moving
10:30 - Get inside the hall with visual art’s booth
11:00 - Reach the end of the line of the VA booth
14:30 - Finally able to buy stuff

A few of the items sold out while I was waiting in line, both of them were calendars

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a while, I’m really terrible at keeping up with forums… I was just talking with @Kaze about my trip to Tokyo next week and was reminded to mention it here! I’ve been interning at a university in Kanazawa all summer, but my last day is tomorrow so I’ll be heading to Tokyo for a week and a half starting Sunday. If anyone wants to meet up and hang out, I still have a couple unscheduled days, so let me know!


Oh wow it would be great to catch you :o lemme know when you’re free (or if you meet with @Kaze I could join you guys?)

My free days are currently:

Tuesday, July 28,
Saturday, August 1, and
Monday, August 3

I guess that plan is shot; I’m going back home for a while on july 31, and july 28 is really busy for me :frowning: Unless you’d want to grab a quick lunch then?

So there’s a chance I can fly over to Japan for a quick trip. I really want to take advantage of it, b/c I won’t have to pay any money for the flights!!! But I have no knowledge of Japan, and my Japanese can barely scratch NHK Easy News, much less any actual conversation.

In other words: would anyone be free to shepherd me around Tokyo and hang out? I can fly over for as short as 24 hours or as long as…longer. Right now, 2 PM next Thursday (30th) to noon Friday (31st) is a 22-hour window I can fly in on almost for free, if anyone’s around.

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Yeah I’m in a pinch in that case D: I am leaving for the Philippines on the 31st so that means my schedule is mostly shot during that period >_<

Also, BTW, I can barely read NHK easy news either without the help of a dictionary :stuck_out_tongue:

how does one get free flights to japan? :V


Ah, that’s a pity. Well, let me know when you return. Maybe my schedule will line up!

One has family that works for an international airline. For the next few weeks, I can fly free on flights that have empty seats. Which is hard to find for international flights in the summer - hence my windows of opportunity are very small.

Sure, I return on August 30th and will be busy Sep 2-6, but pretty much free after that until my class starts on the 22nd