VisualArt's Summer Sale 2015 - Information and Goods

I’ll be in Japan in time for… the very last day :wink: So I’ll be going for sure :smiley:

question is though, are those new goods limited and will they still be available by then?

I believe they usually keep a reserve so they have full stock each day for most items…?

That sounds like tons of fun, too bad I won’t be there until late September

If only they had any Air goods T_T

From my experience yes, as last year’s summer sale had pretty much all of the summer goods still in-stock by the last days.

Here’s hoping they extend the sale, like they did last year XD

Yeah, the AIR section was pretty disappointing, unfortunately T^T


It would be a good chance to get that Rindou artbook once and for all

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good, guess I’ll be able to let you get me a Yusa and a Yui one then. Tell me whenever and how much I need to put over to you for that then.

I really like the Yui one :slight_smile:

but maybe it’s good I don’t live in Japan I would spend way to much money

Gladly, I will catch up starting from 19/8 till the end of the month

Wow the underboob.

WOW the short shorts.

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It’s a pity. AIR is such a masterpiece. I guess AIR collectibles are becoming more and more hard to find valuable items :confused:

It’s generally hard to find old anime stuff in Japan, even in Akihabara. The only exceptions are the super popular ones like evangelion (which isn’t old anymore thanks to the movies) and cardcaptor sakura

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They had the absolutely amazing wall scroll of misuzu, which was also luckily sold at AX, it’s a shame they didn’t do something like that again this year

Also @Pepe where would you say is the best place in Japan to get older or even rare anime items? More goods announced!

Looks like we got a Bath Towel, Clear Poster Set, and Tapestries. Interesting that they put Yui and Yusa in one tapestry

this makes my wallet cry for 5000 more yen. I need Yusa Yui tapestry and that thing with Saya and Yuri


So I figured how that Clear Poster Set works. 2k yen for 2 clear posters, and you can get a set of either the holy breaker girls, yui and yusa, or the collaboration art with yuri.

I’m definitely getting those collab posters

Pepe, if you are only interested in the Nao/Yuri one, then I’d gladly give you the one that comes with mine, since I am only really interested in the Saya/Yuri one

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Hey, thanks! :smiley: Just let me know which ones you decide on getting :wink:

for the clear posters I just need the Saya/Yuri one, as I said you can keep the Nao/Yuri one from that set then. Other than that except for those things we already had arranged, I’d also want the Yui/Yusa tapestry. Just let me know how much I need to give you after that and I’ll get it to you sometime in august.