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“No matter how cold and distant people may become, on the inside something warm and precious always remains, something that never changes. To me, that’s what family is like.” - Tomoyo Sakagami

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“Do you like this school? I really really like it. But, nothing can remain the same forever.
Even fun things and happy things, nothing. Nothing stays that way forever.
Even so, can you still like this place?”
~ Furukawa Nagisa

“I was a crybaby from the start, but it was my first time crying like that.
I cried and cried until I got tired of crying and slept;
When I woke up, I cried again.”
~ Ichinose Kotomi

“Love is like a fireworks from a day long ago.”
“What do you want to say with that?”
“Means, being all smashed up is beautiful”
“Are you trying to pick a fight?!”
~ Shiima Katsuki and young Misae

“Can I beat you until you cry?”
~ Fujibayashi Kyou

“You wanna say it one more time?
If you can say it, as a reward, I’ll stick my hand down your throat and pull out your vocal chords”
~ Fujibayashi Kyou

“Even you’ve become able to say some funny things. Is that evolution?”
~ Fujibayashi Kyou

“I’ll pull your eyeball out of your nose!”
~ Fujibayashi Kyou

“I’ll strangle you with a piano string and show you a quick shortcut to the window!”
~ Fujibayashi Kyou

“That vaguely feels very disgusting”
~ Ibuki Fuuko

“Vagueness is convenient”
~ Ibuki Fuuko

“Right now Fuuko likes you more than a sea slug”
~ Ibuki Fuuko

Sunohara suppressed his feelings of joy and changed it into bitterness
~ Narration by Okazaki Tomoya

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“A child’s dream is their parents’ dream! So, you can make it come true for us! Our dream is to watch you live out your dream! We didn’t give up our dreams. We just made your dream into ours! That’s what parents are. That’s what family is!” -Akio Furukawa


“I hate this town. It’s too filled with memories I’d rather forget. I go to school every day, hang out with my friends, and then I go home. There’s no place I’d rather not go ever again. I wonder if anything will ever change? Will that day ever come?”
~ Narration by Tomoya Okazaki

“Everyone, listen! Fujibayashi Kyou in class E is bi!” ~ Tomoya Okazaki

“You are the person whose existence itself is weird” - Fuko Ibuki

“On your way to school, you’ll have a romantic meeting with a sweet girl. You’ll forget all about the time, and that’s why you’re going to be late.” - Ryou Fujibayashi

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“French bread.”
“I don’t understand what you’re saying”
“That’s my line.”
~ Nagisa Furukawa and Tomoya Okazaki

I’m disappointed by the lack of quotes .-. CLANNAD had many wonderful quotes in it.

"Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. You made me so happy." ~ Tomoya Okazaki to Nagisa Furukawa

I’m pretty sure it was Nagisa who said that not Tomoya but anyways…

“Would you like me to take you to the place in this city where wishes come true?” ~ Nagisa Furukawa

“If you feel like crying you shouldn’t hold back your tears. You should let it all out while you still can… because when you get bigger sometimes you can’t cry even if you have something to cry about.” ~ Tomoya Okazaki

“Daddy, is it all right not to hold it in anymore? Sanae-san told me the places I can cry are in the bathroom… and in Daddy’s arms.” ~ Ushio Okazaki

“Nagisa, I finally found it. Something only I can protect. And it was right here all this time.” ~ Tomoya Okazaki

and lets finish with a happy note
“LOVE!” ~ Yoshino Yuusuke

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Since you did specifically say so, and there has been a healthy share of serious quotes…

"Hey Okazaki…

Get in"

~ Yoshino Yuusuke, CLANNAD Movie Dub


It’s time for the common route screenshot dump!

–Baseball Route Spoilers–

–Sunohara Ending Spoilers–

–Jet Saito Spoilers–

Next up, Misae Route!




Is Sunohara’s name in Japanese just so it can fit in the box? At least everyone can see how he’s name looks like in Japanese now…

And also a quote (Which I don’t have a screenshoot of)
Yomoya: “She’s good at atheletics. I know that much.”
Sunohara: “Yeah, I will admit that her boobs are big.”


Misae Route Screenshots!

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I guess almost all of the cast knows how to joke about Sunohara XD

I think Tomoyo is on to something really big here. :wink:

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Just got an awesome Yoshino line. This could be the tag line for CLANNAD.
This scene was fucking cool.


F***ing done.

Spoiler for Kappei Route

Minor spoiler for After Story (Questionably NSFW text?)

Some Tomoyo screenshots I grabbed.

A bonus from common:

And some Yukine route screens!

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Okay, time for the Kotomi route screenshots! I grabbed a lot from this route.

Whew, that was a lot. Amazing route.

I forgot to up my screencaps on twitter, so to Kaza they go~

This is definitely a classic

For such a bitchy person, Kyou’s interests are pretty girly


My god what a beautiful bastard.