CLANNAD Quotes & Screenshots



Just some absolutely amazing writing from the Fujibayashi route

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Kyou Route screens!

And Kappei Route!


Sunohara will jerk off to anything.


I wish I could give you 5 likes for that post, Kanon

Now we’re posting screenshots of the screenshot thread? Has science gone too far?


Absolutely amazing line from the basketball game in Nagisa’s route.

I swear this route is a treasure trove of amazing lines


My screenshot game has come downhill a bit, but I got lots of Nagisa screens at least!



Here’s the big one guys! My final screenshot dump: After Story. Don’t look if you haven’t finished yet!

What a journey this was. You can find all of my screenshots in full size on Steam:

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Oh Kyou, how I love your personality. :kyouevil:

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Tomoya loves buns.

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Not 100% sure if this is the correct thread (this could also go under Nagisa’s route), but I’ll try it anyways. In an optional scene in Nagisa’s route where she and Tomoya interact with Mei, THIS odd conversation comes up regarding Sunohara.

Does anyone have a clue as to what Sunohara’s supposed to be doing, because I sure as heck don’t…

Randomly caught in the background :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this person okay?


I’ll try getting some more serious screenshots once I get to encounter one. To toss in another screenshot from the baseball route:

Umm, the arcade?

Hmm… You make a good point. I think what made me doubt that possibility was how indirect they were in discussing it. In the siblings’ route, for instance, they had no qualms about flat-out revealing that Sunohara wanted to take Sanae to the arcade. What also makes it confusing is that later when he returns, he comes back with bags of food, if I remember correctly?

Arcades get a lot of hate in Clannad…

just Yukine and Sunohara at their greatest savagery

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Tomoya/Sunohara (Tomoyo Route)

He presses the playback button

The tape beings to roll

A girl’s hard breathing could be heard through the earphone…

I close my eyes.


Before long…

My horny wings close up at the bottom of my mind…

Tomoya: “Like hell they’ll spread!!”

I throw away the earphone

Sunohara: “What, man?”


Lol it’s not like women are completely incapable of enjoying these sort of stuff. (Word of advice for male gamers in a het relationship, coming from an NBSB woman lol: you can totally try inviting your girlfriend to play arcade games with you. Not all women would entertain the idea, like how people have varying interests, but games aren’t exclusively enjoyed by men. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean Lucia Konohana from Rewrite totes enjoyed gaming.)