Help Needed! Creating Key Information Pages

I’m looking for information on where to buy digital versions of Key’s games.

I know that @Bonecuss has the memorial editions of all the VNs, but he hasn’t been able to get any of them in English because they run in a different engine to the originals.

No longer need any LB screens, Bizkitdoh sorted that out for me!
Still looking for: Kanon, Air, Clannad and Tomoyo After.

For a progress report:
Kanon: 75% done, need screenshots.
Air: 15% done, need someone to help me write it, and screenshots/quotes.
Clannad: 75% done, need screenshots.
Tomoyo After: 0% done. I don’t know anything about it!
Little Busters!: 99% done. Don’t wanna say 100% in case I change something later.
Kud Wafter: 0%. Same as TA.
Angel Beats!: 99%.
Rewrite: 99%.
Harvest Festa: -5%. I haven’t even asked for any help with this yet, but I guess I should. It needs it’s own page.

Wasn’t exactly sure what to screenshot, but here’s some Kanon.

Slightly off-topic, but every time I see screenshots from Kanon I’m so weirded out by the faces… I mean, my mouth is about half-way between my nose and chin, what even is this

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Believe me, Kanon is beautiful compared to some earlier stuff.

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Poke me if you want a Wiki set up for this or something. MediaWiki would be fairly easy to throw onto the same runtime stuff the front page uses.

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Reading through Air. Should hopefully be done by late tomorrow, then I’ll nab screens and some quotes.

Went and used your Kanon screenshots. Thanks for that @Takafumi!
I’m still looking for Clannad, Air and Tomoyo After screenshots, the latter two especially. I might be able to round up some Clannad screens on my own, but I don’t have all the content unlocked so if anyone can help I won’t turn it down.

And also, still haven’t had any offers on people to help educate me about the games I haven’t played. I’m kinda stuck without that, so any help there is really appreciated.

Air common / routes completed. Took lots of notes and already have a few images ready to crop up and some others to go back and get. Will gather and send them come sunrise. Hope people like them~

Also have a ton of quotes, but I’ll pick some of the best and throw them in the quote thread too for possible header quote thingies. I think there are two really good ones. There -may- be a better one within the end game routes though.

Ah right. Here’s the Tomoyo After ones by the way

Avoiding spoilers is sooo hard ;~; Most of the non-spoilery good quotes are split up into two or more lines. Lucky I remember the correct route through the VN, so I wasn’t stuck for hours like the first time I read it!
Oh, oh! I figured out why Esperanza is my favorite track from the Key 15th album thing thanks to this~ It’s a cover of the TA title music! I realized that I had forgotten one of the Saitos as well~
Also, what’s with the quote on the Tomoyo After page? Set it to “Let’s go look for the treasure of life!” or something!

Thank you so much guys! This really helps a lot.

It’s a placeholder silly! I’m still waiting on people to post some good quotes in the quote thre-
Wait, I never made one? That’s odd…

Tomoyo After Quotes & Screenshots Here! You have a new mission :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay guys, we’re on the home stretch now! This is all I need.

* A good screenshot from each of Hiiragi and Koumura’s routes in Clannad. [Under revision.]

And I think that’s more or less it. I should be able to manage the rest on my own. Help me make this last push to completing these pages!

Here’s some of Hiiragi’s route, you can choose which one you like:

Ahh… We’ve encountered a problem. I didn’t think this far ahead. I can’t use those screenshots because they don’t match up with the rest of the screenshots I’ve used. It’d look out of place with a different version of the game’s screens suddenly thrown in. For reference, here’s what mine looks like:

Now I’m starting to think I should just buckle down and read the routes myself, taking screens as I do… Do you mind me asking, are the Hiiragi and Koumura routes long? I get the impression they’re shortish.

Also, I still need help with the rest of the tasks! We can’t move forward without your contributions, so please help me out guys! I need:

Hiiragi’s is pretty short yeah. It is really repetitive and kinda boring in the beginning though so it feels a lot longer than it should

So we’re very close to completion now. I have decent quotes for every page, but there’s one or two that I think we might be able to improve on, so I’m going to continue directing people to a couple of the quote threads to share any quotes they think might fit the bill for the leading quote:

Clannad Quote Thread
Planetarian Quote Thread

Once again, what I’m looking for is a quote that’s not necessarily a tagline, not necessarily one everyone remembers, but tells some kind of powerful message, and introduces the story in a nice way.

Apart from that, I just need to do some revising and touching up, and adding all the screenshots to the pages. Once I think we’re ready, we’ll bring the blog down for a few hours to a day, and then we’ll be ready to reveal the shiny new blog! Please look forward to it. Don’t forget to share any cool quotes you have :smile:

Mission complete guys! I’ll be keeping an eye on the quotes threads to see if you can come up with even better quotes than the ones I decided on.

Thanks for all your hard work, everyone.

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