Anime Expo 2016

Use this topic discuss the soon-to-be Anime Expo 2016 event! I’ll be updating this opening post with a list of everyone here in attendance, so you can use this topic to organise meetups and what-not.

Also, non-attendees, you can use this topic to post requests for merchandise from the VisualArt’s booth! If we get enough requests we might be able to send someone to the Key Fan Party!


@Kaze (Not attending party)
@cloud668 (Attending the Party)
@s0ewhat (Not attending party)

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I was hoping Na-Ga was going to attend, but it looks like anime Central got the bigger showing. From what I read it doesn’t say Itaru is coming again. Only that, “the first few copies of “Rewrite Introduction Note Plus” will include autographs from both Itaru Hinoue and Shinji Orito.” Nice thing is that he’s signing all four days and it isn’t a one time let’s wait at 4am for a ticket thing again. Good on him!

EDIT: I will be going to AX and this party, if I can.

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If anyone else is going we should be sure to meet up! Just let me know and maybe we can meet up somewhere inside of the convention centre before heading over to the restaurant.


Aaaaaaaaaaa, now I really want to go. It’s a shame I most likely can’t…


Same here. I’d love to go, but I don’t think the pricing would work out. But I’ll look into it! It’d be neat to have a strong Kaza presence at that party.

EDIT: just realized I could apply as a volunteer! I’ve volunteered as an EMT for the Red Cross before, so if they have any kind of need for emergency services, I might be able to go! Not getting my hopes up, though, since conferences have been cutting down on the use of clinics and just relying on city EMS. We’ll see, in any case.

Key just announced that Both Itaru Hinoue and Shinji Orito will be attending. Along with that if you buy the special rewrite note plus, it will include autographs from both of them. The bigger news is that they will be holding a fan get together near a restaruant near AX.

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I will be at AX but depending which night the dinner is, I may have conflicting plans. Regardless, I will definitely go if I can. Anyone have any idea how difficult it’ll be to get “tickets”? How did it work last time they did it? Lottery, first come first serve… members get preference? :smiley:


The Kaza presence as this con seems pretty strong for once! I’m excited!

Still, don’t expect they’ll let you into the party easily! I suspect some kind of quiz, or maybe a raffle for people who spend a certain amount of money.

UPDATE: Kakejiku confirmed. Guess this is how you’re gonna get one of those seats…

Sooo… Kazamatsuri Kakejijku fund? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok so we don’t have to buy the $1000 Kakejiku
We might be able to cheat someone in too! Give one person the money to buy the Key merch that everyone wants and they’ll have a ticket!
EDIT: Also are we planning on having a meetup or anything like that at AX?

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Hey that’s a great idea! The question is whether or not there’s enough people wanting stuff from the event to make up $300

Me and my friend together already make up $100 just by buying Dango plushies :smile:
I think getting one person in using this method should be easy. Two might be possible but still kind of pushing it.
Here’s what they’re selling over there for people who don’t know about it yet

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I wouldn’t mind a dango, but they’re a b*tch to get delivered.

Did anyone ever pick up the Rewrite Introduction Note? I haven’t seen the English version before.

Executive Kudokou with Toyoizumi

This confirms that the doll is the real executive!

I’m not sure who MIRIKO and Comako are, anybody heard of them?

Nooooo July 1st is when I’m having a big dinner with a bunch of other friends. The worst part is I was thinking about buying the Rewrite art which would get me a ticket automatically. Key why you do this to me??? :frowning:

Man that’s tough. Guess you’re just gonna have to buy them all tickets to the dinner, eh? :wink:

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Reporting in as an attendee!

Everyone attending should try to remember that Key-holding mascot name, I think his name is “Mint”, it may come in handy :smiley:

He has a name?? I always called him Keropii

It’s the same frog. It’s been following Key for a long time, killing off their mascots, and even his sister… the pink bunny. Now he’s finally taken over!

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Oh thank GOD! $200 isn’t that bad. I was thinking 1000 and almost died inside. I’ll get m dress too! Now I can ask for Nastume After, Shiori figure,Planetarian figures and…oh man so exciting. I can meet up with you guys :smiley: I’ll help someone buy a pass too if need be with our combined loot. I’ll be waiting at day 1 to get in vendor room. So maybe we can meet up then?

This AX is amazing. So many guest and ZUN from touhou, TM Revolution, keeps getting better. I’ll be one busy girl, lol.

Speaking of mascots,from way back 2002-ish these girls were in the corner all the time I always wondered. their names…


I’ll be going to AX however sadly I will not be able to attend the party T^T. I will be paying 300$ in their merch in one sitting so I will be giving away my ticket though I will be unsure how this will be done.