VNDB list sharing!

If you guys want to have a more in depth conversation about non-Key VNs, your welcome to do that here:

Not that going off topic a bad thing. We all do it. All the time. And small bits of it help keep the discussion alive.

But we like to have some kind of order. And more importantly, if other people want to join in such a conversation, they’re probably gonna be looking in the above thread, not here. @Aspirety will probably come along at some point and move the last few posts over there anyway.

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yes! promote my thread more! we need more people to talk about off topic VNs here.

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Sorry bout that got caught up in it. lol

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My list is really short at the moment but it’s growing constantly. I have a lot to catch up on :smiley:

Here is [my list][1], i have barely played anything since i’m still waiting for some vns to be translated.

This is my list. I have too much free time.


A bit late to the party, but here’s mine:

“Stalled” = “I own a legal copy, but haven’t started it yet, or it has yet to arrive”


Guess I’ll throw mine in here too~

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I’ve finally decided to curate my VNs on VNDB!


Oh hey, this is a thing. I made a list just now too, here we go:

Just made a list on VNDB, my backlog is constantly growing;;

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My list, something small.

I’m pretty new to visual novels, so it’s pretty short.

I think I have a couple of VN’s that I forgot to add. I’ll get around to them when I remember, but for now:

here is mine

Finally got around to updating my vndb list after ages.


So I recently made a vndb


I did a thing


Just joined vndb…

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I joined rather recently as well, started playing visual novels a year ago, been loving the genre (currently i’m playing Fruits and am about 80% done with the game).
Anyways, here’s my link:

@Aspirety Yeah, my older name was VitaSalesman on Twitter, but it ended up becoming VNSalesman when I realized a lot of the visual novel titles on Vita would be heavily delayed and such. I branched out to PC afterwards and played a lot of visual novels on that ever since!

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