VNDB list sharing!

We have topics for social media and anime, but not VNs? Let’s fix that!

Post your VNDB account’s list here and let’s all compare, discuss and find excuses to keep the VN discussion post alive!

List of accounts:

3 Likes Here’s mine.

Looking at it, I quickly realize just how few VNs I’ve actually read ^^;

Oooh, never heard of Time Hollow before. I’ll have to check that out~

I think Time Hollow is the first real visual novel I ever played. It’s not groundbreaking, but it was a nice little distraction for a while~
It was also very interesting to find an english-translated visual novel on DS. Quite an anomaly itself. I applaud the localisers for taking the risk, though since nobody ever talks about it, I can’t imagine it was that successful.

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It looks like the type of game I’d imagine seeing on the DS, so I think it was in the right place. It’s just that there were so many games for the DS that it was hard to keep up with~

Here’s mine. Also haven’t read a lot of visual novels yet, but I’m working on it.

Wow. You and Aspi’s lists are quite similar~

My list
I hurriedly made an account just so I could post it here. This damn peer pressure…

Hahahaha… I’m not sure why you guys really want to see this pitiful list, but here have it anyway:

I don’t really have any specific fav genre so I just read whatever.

My list is here. I use the blank status for the VNs I plan to play in the future. Not sure why they don’t have a proper ‘plan to read’ status.

Yeah, that’s annoying. I just mark my plan to reads as ‘playing’ and note that I don’t have a copy of the game yet.

I’m too optimistic about everything and haven’t read much haha

Isn’t that what the wishlist are for ?

Here’s my dinky-ass list for anyone interested. Haven’t read anything in like forever so I should get on that.

I wish VNDB added a feature where you could show how many times you’ve replayed a visual novel (maybe it has this?).

@Purple Holy mother of 9’s

@Takafumi I dig your realistic approach to the 10 point scale. Also, man that’s a lot of visual novels.

Here’s mine desu

What exactly do you define as “finished” Taka? because that seems like a lot of reading if you’re counting getting 100% CG completion…

@Rincchi has a lot too… are most of those short or do you guys just read a TON?

Anyway, it’s not always up to date and I should probably change a bunch of the ratings, but here’s my list

The wishlist is on a whole other page, and on a computer as slow as mine, the time it takes to load the page is enough time to make me forget about it and start doing something else.

It’s so hard to not give everything 8s and 9s. I go back over it every now and then and adjust it with some retrospective. Like… when I finished Rewrite I was like “that was AMAAAAZING.” Then I had some time to think about it and remember that some routes were really boring or disappointing to me, so it wasn’t 10/10. I then compared it to everything else on the list and put it where it felt right. Everything 6 or above is something that I wouldn’t hesitate to read again.
Also, Zak has a crazy amount. 3x what I’ve read. Not the types I’d enjoy reading though. Lots of big 18+ titles that I’ve been wary of getting. I didn’t even realize BlazBlue and Melty Blood were on VNDB o.o

First up, I almost never 100% CGs. Waste of time. The only VNs that require extra work to get the CGs of that I have 100%ed are Tomoyo After, Kanon, F/SN, Kara no Shoujo, and Finished means to get to the end of a story. The only exceptions to this are the exceptionally bad VNs I stumble across, that I dislike so much that I can say I am no less than finished with it. Those 4 VNs are as followed: I did all of the character routes of Cross Channel, but gave up on it while it was coming to a close. Ever17 I stopped after finishing one route and getting mid-way through 3 others. Grisaia I stopped after going through 2 routes, mid-way through one, and up to the start of one. Hoshizora I remember all of the main routes apart from Kosame’s, which means I didn’t get the secret routes. I got a good 5/7s through I’d guess.

All the other VNs I’ve read have been read up until every good end/true end obtainable has been achieved. (Bad-ends are also a waste of time in Takaland.)

A lot of the VNs I’ve read are short or have no choices, or I’ve just read through with friends as a time waster… so they don’t take up much time usually~ I speed-read everything too. (Litbus took me from December 18th '11 till December 20th '11 to complete, weaving it in-between school work, Yogscast Livestreams, and family festivities. I’d say about 25-30 hours from what I remember of my save page at the time…)

I also spent pretty much all of my free time from late '09 till summer 2011 playing CoD, watching anime and reading VNs, because there was nothing better to do >.> Lazy Taka~

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there’s a loooooot of weird shit that you can come across just by clicking the random button

:frowning: …no maybe thats not right,… :scream:

I think I’m on month four by now… not that I’m proud of that…

I guess I’ve been pretty busy over that time, and I really only sit down and read when I know I’m really in the mood and can take a big chunck out of it.